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Teacher resume example

What this teacher resume gets right:

  • Opens with a solid professional summary that shares key qualifications such as years of experience, subject expertise and academic recognition at local and state levels.
  • Showcases the candidate’s experience in teaching styles like Montessori, e-learning and public school education.
  • Strengthens the work experience section by sharing unique career achievements instead of job responsibilities.

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Nurse resume example

What this nurse resume gets right:

  • Shares the nurse’s extensive work history in various hospitals and clinics, showing a diverse skill set and expertise.
  • Gives a detailed account of the candidate’s unique achievements, refraining from sharing generic duties that any other nurse could’ve done.
  • Lists the job seeker’s licenses and certifications, which add value to their candidacy.

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Student resume example

What this student resume gets right:

  • Opens with a confident summary statement that showcases the job seeker’s maturity and professionalism, and mentions key skills like leadership and commitment.
  • Includes a summary of qualifications where the candidate can connect their skills to the job requirements without the need of a formal work experience section.
  • Elaborates on their job-relevant experience on an extended skills section by focusing on crucial knowledge for the role such as group tutoring and collaboration.

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Server resume example

What this server resume gets right:

  • Shows the candidate’s career progression from Starbucks shift leader to server at an upscale restaurant.
  • Complements a long work history with highly-relevant professional skills, demonstrating they’re a well-rounded candidate.
  • Provides added value as a professional by mentioning the candidate’s relevant degree, certifications and language proficiencies.

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Manager resume example

What this manager resume gets right:

  • Opts for a combination format that equally highlights skills and experience, both crucial when applying for management positions.
  • Mentions specialized management skills such as team-building and project management.
  • Showcases additional achievements in custom sections such as “Awards.”

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Cashier resume example

What this cashier resume gets right:

  • Shares a wide range of skills highly relevant to the cashier role and for the various consumer-centered job responsibilities this role entails.
  • Includes a summary of qualifications that targets the most critical hard and soft skills necessary for the specific cashier position, i.e., cash management, communication and computer skills.
  • Substitutes the traditional work experience for a detailed skills section that centers the job seeker’s professional experience as it relates to each skill — a great strategy when applying for an entry-level position.

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Entry-level resume example

What this entry-level resume gets right:

  • Captures recruiters’ attention with a resume objective that clearly states the job seeker’s aspirations and key qualifications.
  • Compiles accomplishments from different experiences and displays them in the skills section, showing employers they’re more than capable of excelling at the job.
  • Keeps the work experience section minimal but compensates with a more developed education section.

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General resume example

What this general resume gets right:

  • Provides the recruiter with all the must-have information to be considered for the role in a well-written resume summary.
  • Shares a detailed yet highly relevant work experience section with unique accomplishments and quantifiable achievements.
  • Showcases a curated selection of resume skills that are crucial to the desired role.

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