Law Resume Examples

It takes a standout resume to find a great job in the legal field. The resume examples chosen below can help attorneys legal assistants court reporters forensic scientists and other professionals in law-related fields create their resumes and get hired. Use these samples to help you build an interview-ready resume.

Attorney: Resume Example  

An attorney is a type of lawyer who represents a client in court. The attorney helps the client either plead or defend a case. Attorneys’ clients may be individuals, businesses, general organizations, or government agencies.

If you want to craft an attorney resume that gets noticed, you must plan your layout carefully so that your most impressive facet is prominently displayed. This means that if you attended a top law school, your education goes on top. On the other hand, place your work experience above your education if you worked for a prestigious firm or organization.

Take it a step further. Detail your negotiation skills in your work history. Explain how your negotiation has benefitted your past clients. If you are a recent law school graduate, you can also share your undergrad mock trial experience in your education section.

Lawyer: Resume Example 

Lawyers recommend and represent clients facing legal issues. Their clients may be individuals, businesses, government agencies, and general organizations. The workplace environment differs. Some lawyers work for local, state, or federal governments. Others work in corporate or private offices.

A strong lawyer resume is strategic in its layout. Ask yourself if your education or work history is more impressive. If your law school is highly ranked, place your education prominently at the top of your resume. However, if your places of employment (or internships) are more impressive, then you should situate your education below your work history.

You also must ensure that your area of expertise is obvious. Write key words such as “litigated,” “researched,” “monitored,” or “analyzed” to paint a clear picture for HR.

Legal Assistant: Resume Example 

Legal assistants offer aid to lawyers. While they may maintain and organize legal files, they primarily conduct legal research and draft important documents. They strive to complete excellent prep work to help lawyers succeed.

To create a legal assistant resume that gets noticed, you must focus on your research talents. Make it clear that you’re thorough and can isolates details and big picture issues.

Additionally, you should note your organizational skills. In your work history section, share accomplishments related to your supreme organization. Don’t forget to mention it in your professional summary as well so that hiring managers will see it quickly.

Legal Billing Clerk: Resume Example 

The legal billing clerk is responsible for documenting the time clients spend with the lawyer. After documenting, the legal billing clerk tallies the hours and submits an invoice to the client. Lawyers charge by the hour, so a legal billing clerk helps them track everything.

An outstanding legal billing clerk resume should focus on your high attention to detail and organizational skills. Since you’ll need to track multiple clients at once, you need to prove to hiring managers that you have the talents to verify important information quickly and accurately.

Also, you should add any client relations experience that you have (or customer service). Since you will interact with clients, it’s important that you make them feel valued. Billing clients isn’t always a peaceful transaction, so it helps if you have strong people skills.

Legal Secretary: Resume Example 

Legal secretaries offer support to lawyers. Unlike paralegals, a legal secretary’s job is more administrative. They schedule meetings, take important messages from clients, collect necessary information, and prepare documents for review.

An outstanding legal secretary resume displays strong administrative skills. You want hiring managers to know that you can be trusted with highly sensitive materials.

Don’t stop there! Also mention your superb communication skills. Prove that you listen well, take excellent notes, and can relay important information with the subtlety that it requires.

Paralegal: Resume Example 

Paralegals support lawyers. Their responsibilities include maintaining and organizing legal files, conducting legal research, and drafting important documents. Overall, paralegals do a significant amount of prep work to ensure a lawyer's’ success.

If you want to create an excellent paralegal resume, you should emphasize your strong researching skills. Let employers know that you are a happy mix of detail oriented and big picture oriented, so nothing gets past you.
It’s also smart to showcase your organizational skills. Mention it in your skills section, but don’t forget to add accomplishments in your work history section that relate to your organizational talents.

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