3 steps to make a cover letter

Pick a template and follow the prompts

Pick a template and follow the prompts.

Our builder will tailor your letter to the desired role once we know your details.

Choose customized text

Choose customized text that fits your story.

The builder features professionally written content and keywords that you can select.

Download and send to employers

Download and send to employers.

Save and send as a PDF, Word DOC or any other file format the employer wants.

Pick from our 30+ cover letter
template designs

Professional graphic designers created cover letter templates to ensure your document will be easy to read and have a cutting-edge design. Once you pick one, you can edit the text in our builder!

To ensure your application will pass through an applicant tracking system (ATS) and into the hands of a recruiter, all of our resume templates are tested and verified as ATS-friendly.

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6 benefits of our Cover Letter Builder

Features modern cover letter designs.

Our professionally designed cover letter templates take care of the design and allow you to change the look of your document in a single click!

Features modern cover letter designs

Catches mistakes in your letter.

Our builder checks your document for spelling and grammar errors you might otherwise miss.

Catches mistakes in your letter

Matches your cover letter to the job.

If you’re applying to multiple openings, our builder will make your life easier as it tailors a unique cover letter to each job you want.

Matches your cover letter to the job

Provides suggested text.

Writer’s block, begone! Resume-writing professionals filled our database with best-use phrases, keywords and job descriptions you can use in your letter!

Provides suggested text

Comes loaded with customizable features.

From design to color scheme to font, you’re in complete control of all your cover letter details! That helps ensure you’ll produce a letter you love.

Comes loaded with customizable features

It also generates resumes!

In addition to crafting top-notch cover letters, our builder can help you fine-tune or produce as many fresh resumes as your job hunt requires!

It also generates resumes

Thousands of job seekers have successfully won their dream jobs using LiveCareer’s Cover Letter Builder. Don’t miss out on yours!

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We’re so confident you’ll love our Cover Letter Builder that it’s free to try! With full access, you can build and download as many cover letters and resumes as you need.

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“Guidelines for creating a resume were extremely helpful. Suggestions for input were tailored made for the specific job, resulting in a polished and professional resume. Good Job Livecareer.”



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Find cover letter examples for inspiration

Writing a great cover letter without looking at some examples first is like putting together a puzzle without looking at the box photo.

Search LiveCareer’s massive database of builder-generated cover letter examples for your desired job!

We also have cover letter examples for unique situations like promotions, career changes, employment gaps and first-time job seekers. Take a look at those here:


Cover letter generator FAQ

What is a cover letter builder?

A cover letter builder is a tool that helps write and design your document, making it easier for you to get noticed by employers!

It helps you by streamlining the cover letter writing process into a series of easy-to-follow prompts, providing stylish design options and suggesting pre-written content you can use!

Our Cover Letter Generator is like having a career expert guide you through each step of the writing process. That way, you can apply faster and with more confidence!

Should I use an online cover letter builder?

If you’re serious about the role and don’t want the hassle of crafting a cover letter from scratch, the answer is 100% yes.

Our online Cover Letter Builder is a sophisticated, modern tool that will help you write a professional cover letter in minutes. Thousands of people have benefitted from using our builder, and you can too!

What is the best cover letter generator?

Our career experts put a lot of time and thought into creating the best Cover Letter Generator on the market.

What sets our builder apart is the research that went into helping users target a specific job title.

We feature a database of job-specific terms and descriptions written by our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) that you can use in your cover letter.

That means you’re getting professional-level quality without the price tag or hassle of hiring an expert yourself!

Do I need a different cover letter for every job application?

Yes, every job application needs a fresh cover letter specifically targeted to it.

Submitting the same cover letter to multiple roles may save you time, but it will not help you land a job!

You will stand a much greater chance of connecting with an employer and landing an interview if you use your letter to show that you paid attention to what they’re seeking in the job post or ad. Treat your letter like a call and response to their unique needs.

Even if you’re using a letter you sent off previously to a different job as a starting point, take it in a more focused direction! Make careful tweaks and adjustments to your letter to target it to the new role, or re-think your letter’s approach altogether!

Can I make more than one cover letter with your cover letter maker?

Yes, with our Cover Letter Builder, you can make unlimited cover letters and resumes to meet your job hunt needs!

According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a job seeker that applies to 10 jobs only wins two interviews on average. So chances are, you’ll have to produce a few crafty cover letters to earn your interview(s).

Check out our Cover Letter Builder to make life easier. It’ll save you time over writing many documents, especially if you’re applying to different jobs.

Send as many documents as you need by using our builder!

Is your cover letter generator ATS-friendly?

Companies use applicant tracking systems or ATS for keyword scans on resumes and cover letters. We designed our Cover Letter Generator to be ATS-friendly.

We know the main tricks: use readable fonts, classic design principles and a standard cover letter format. All these features are built-in to every cover letter template featured in our builder!

What should a good cover letter include?

A strong, well-written cover letter comprises five key sections:

  1. Header: The header of your cover letter contains your contact information. Include your telephone number, professional email address and links to your LinkedIn profile, personal website or online portfolio, if applicable.
  2. Greeting: Research to find out the hiring manager’s name and address your cover letter to that person. If it isn’t listed in the job ad, research LinkedIn or the company website to identify the right person. In a pinch, find the name of someone in the recruiting department and address your letter to that person. Avoid generic greetings, such as “To Whom It May Concern.”
  3. Opening paragraph: The opening paragraph of your letter should mention the name of the company and the job title to which you are applying. It should also briefly mention why you are applying for the job.
  4. Body paragraph(s): The body of your cover letter is the longest section. Expand on the most relevant parts of your experience or education in one to two paragraphs. If you have work experience, use data and metrics in this section to show recruiters the impact your work has had and what you will bring to the table if hired.
  5. Closing paragraph: Your closing paragraph should briefly summarize the contents of your letter and reiterate your enthusiasm for the role.

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