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When it comes to making a great first impression, how a cover letter looks matters just as much as the words on the page. Our library of professionally designed cover letter templates includes options for job seekers looking for work across industries. Whether you want a creative design or a traditional feel, our cover letter designs will make your application stand out.

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4 reasons to use a cover letter template

Here are four things to consider when you choose the right cover letter template:

Saves Time

Saves you time.

Our cover letters take the guesswork out of the writing process. Just write your cover letter using one of our templates, and we will do the work for you. You can send off your application in a matter of minutes with confidence that your font, spacing and margins are perfect every time.

Shows your interest.

If you are interested in a particular position or company, displaying that in a cover letter sets you apart from other candidates. When crafting a cover letter or resume, it is important to learn about your audience. Having a deep understanding of the company, its goals and values can help your letter seem more relevant, and having a suitable template can reflect that directly through its design. By reviewing a company’s mission statement, social media, recent press releases and other company news, you can see the style and writing this company uses and model your cover letter template based on that information. Picking a cover letter style that matches the company culture is important for convincing recruiters that you understand the role at hand.

Shows Interest
Appropriate Designs

Job-appropriate designs.

Hiring managers reviewing applications for a role at a law firm will have different expectations than those hiring for roles at beauty salons, tech companies or restaurants. Choosing a resume template that reflects the industry’s culture is important, so making a unique cover letter and resume for each application is a must. If you are applying for the same role across multiple industries — say, an executive assistant role at an ad agency and a real estate office — you’d likely want to change the design of your cover letter for each position to reflect the different companies’ cultures. Our cover letter templates simplify switching designs and editing your text to personalize each letter to each role at no additional cost. Our cover letter examples provide a good base for creating relevant industry documents.

Optimized for ATS software.

Our cover letter templates boast attractive, professional designs free of clutter or unusual images that could trip up applicant tracking systems. Not every ATS scans cover letters the same way they do resumes, but if they do, each of our templates will pass through without issue.

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Our most popular cover letter templates

Free Modern cover letter templates

Modern: The clean and tasteful designs work across industries but are especially effective for those applying for jobs in forward-thinking fields, like tech or advertising.

Premium Modern cover letter templates

Free Creative cover letter templates

Creative: Perfect for applicants who have a nontraditional work experience background or those who want their personality to shine through on their resume.

Premium Creative cover letter templates

Free Traditional cover letter templates

Traditional: Well-suited for job seekers who seek a design that won’t make waves and who are in highly professional fields such as medicine, finance or banking.

Premium Traditional cover letter templates

Free Professional cover letter templates

Professional: When looking for work in a casual office, like tech, or a more old-school work environment, like accounting, our professional templates are a solid choice for every job seeker.

Premium Professional cover letter templates

Free Simple cover letter templates

Simple: These templates skip elaborate design elements to spotlight your skills, experience and education, making them a perfect fit for all job types.

Premium Simple cover letter templates

Free Basic cover letter templates

Basic: If you prefer a streamlined cover letter, these templates are a great fit as they are perfect for any industry or job title, thanks to their clean distraction-free designs.

Premium Basic cover letter templates

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Choose a resume template to
complement your cover letter

A successful job search requires more than just an attractive cover letter. To get noticed, you’ll also need an impressive resume. LiveCareer can help you design and write a resume that will set you apart from the competition. You can find award-winning resume templates and industry-relevant examples that will help you make your document stand out and pair nicely with your cover letter.

With the ability to modify colors and fonts, it’s easy to create a resume that will complement your new cover letter. Here are some design pairings to consider:

Free matching resume and cover letter templates

Modern – Insightful

Being consistent is key in both resume and cover letter construction and the intent behind matching your documents shows that extra thought and care went into creating your documents. A modern set like the ones below can be utilized across multiple industries. Thanks to the easy readability and proper formatting featured in both documents, it fits with semi-traditional tech roles and a more creative approach, like a social media manager.

Traditional – Deluxe

This traditional combination is clean, minimalistic and efficient with its use of text, making it a good fit for industries like banking and law.

Creative – Artistic

Crisp and creative with a bold block look and sans serif fonts, this is a good option for more creative or digital fields as the document pairing is eye-catching and legible.

Professional – Centered

A minimalistic style and light color are great ways to make your documents stand out but not distract the reader. This design combination is perfect for those looking for jobs ranging from teaching to administrative work, where a professional tone can be enhanced with a pop of color.

Basic – Remarkable

Striving to make consistent design choices throughout the creation of both your documents is the best way to project a professional image. Using a more Basic design and the same font and margin pattern makes your documents easy to read while keeping focus on what’s important.

Simple – Bold

Both elegant and effective, simple designs are one of the best ways to make your information prominent while not detracting from the core information in your documents.

Premium matching resume and cover letter templates

Traditional: Professional

Cover letter template resources

Cover letter template FAQ

Do I need a different cover letter for every job?

Yes! You need to write a different cover letter for every application for the best odds of getting hired. There will be similarities between each letter, but how you frame and describe your qualifications should be tailored precisely to the role you’re hoping to fill to highlight the most relevant qualifications. This rule also applies to the design of your cover letter, so the cover letter template you pick should visually reflect the culture of each company.

How do I write a cover letter for an online application?

There are many different ways hiring managers request cover letters for online applications. Some will request you send it as an attachment, along with your resume. Others may ask you to write a cover letter in a text box within an online application form. Occasionally, hiring managers will ask you to send your resume via email and have the email’s body text serve as your cover letter. No matter which situation you encounter, remember that the fundamentals of how to write a cover letter will remain the same.

Do cover letters go through ATS?

Keyword assessment by ATS systems is done on both resumes and cover letters. While it is important to include the correct industry terms, keywords should be used sparingly and fit in with the context of your letter. Recruiters will notice formulaic language and if popular terms are thrown in without consideration.

How do you layout and format a cover letter?

The main components of a cover letter are your contact information and the company contact information, an opener, body paragraphs and a closer that solidifies your interest in the position. The standard format type is a business-style letter, double-spaced in Time New Roman, with a font size between 10 and 12 points and one-inch margins all the way around. Cover letters are most commonly submitted as PDFs, but hiring managers may request Word documents, plain text, or whichever format is most convenient for them. This is why LiveCareer’s Cover Letter Builder lets you customize each section of your document and choose to download your document as any of the three file types mentioned above.