15 popular CV examples
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Education CV examples

Whether you are a long-time educator or just starting your career, studying our education CVs will show you how to highlight your field expertise and subject-matter knowledge to land your next role.

Medical CV examples

Care for your career the same way you do for patients by studying our Medical CVs. Use our CV examples to learn how to best highlight your medical knowledge, research skills and experience providing compassionate care.

Legal CV examples

A persuasive legal CV should reflect your education and experience and show that you have the attention to detail to get the job done. Review our sample CVs and see how to prove these abilities.

Research CV examples

Demonstrate your technical skills and ability to communicate clearly and showcase your published works using these research CV examples to highlight your scientific understanding.

Entertainment CV examples

Whether you want to be behind the scenes, writing the scenes, or in front of a camera, our Entertainment CV examples can help you frame the right skills to get you noticed.

What is a CV, and how is it
different from a resume?

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a document some job seekers use to apply for jobs. In Europe, CVs are the standard hiring document.

In the U.S., only specific industries prefer CVs to resumes, including: academia, medicine, research and the sciences. For most other industries, resumes are the standard.

A CV is similar to a resume but includes more sections and details about you. This might include information about the degrees and awards you’ve earned, the research you’ve conducted, your published works, teaching experience and more.

CVs can vary in length. Some very experienced job seekers could have a CV of up to 10 pages long.

By contrast, resumes are at most two pages.

Often, an employer will request a CV. See below for the differences between a CV and a resume and which document is right for you.



  • Emphasizes academic accomplishments
  • Used primarily when applying for positions in academia
  • Vary in length; how long a CV is depends on your experience
  • Should include a list of your publications, posters and presentations


  • Emphasize skills and work experience
  • Should be 1-2 pages maximum
  • Used by applicants seeking positions in the private and public sectors
  • Have a variety of formats, which should be chosen depending on your level of work experience

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CV examples by job title

Hiring managers often decide within seconds of scanning a CV which candidates to bring in for an interview. It’s crucial to stand out with an airtight CV to show recruiters that you are the right candidate for the role.

Studying our job-specific CV samples can help you craft a high-quality document that will get the attention of a potential employer. Just find a CV example for your job title and get started.


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