CV Examples for 2022


Crafting a strong, customized curriculum vitae (CV) is the first step toward getting hired. Use LiveCareer’s CV examples and professionally designed CV templates to create a document that gets you noticed.

Studying a strong curriculum vitae example can help you land your next role. Since CVs aren’t cookie-cutter documents but rather highly-customized application materials with a lot of potential for variety, studying CV samples for your industry or job title can help you learn how to craft a CV that will get you noticed.

Learn more about these application documents and use our examples of CVs as a guide for learning how to write and format your CV to land the job you want.

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Popular CV examples by industry


Whether you are a long-time educator or just starting your career, studying our Education CVs will help you learn how to highlight your field expertise and subject-matter knowledge to land your next role.


Care for your career the same way you do for patients by studying our Medical CVs. Use our examples of CVs to learn how to best highlight your medical knowledge, research skills and experience providing compassionate care.


A persuasive Legal CV should reflect your education and experience and show that you have the attention to detail to get the job done. Our sample CVs will show you how to demonstrate these abilities on the page.


Demonstrate your technical skills, ability to communicate clearly and showcase your published works using these Research CV examples to highlight your scientific acumen.


Whether you want to be behind the scenes, writing the scenes, or in front of a camera, our Entertainment CV examples can help you highlight the right skills to get you noticed.

What is a CV, and how is it
different from a resume?

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a document job seekers use to apply for jobs. A well-written CV provides potential employers with a detailed summary of your education and experience.

Used in a handful of industries, including academia, medical, research and the sciences, a CV provides many details about your experience. This might include information about the degrees and awards you’ve earned, the research you’ve conducted, your published works, teaching experience, and more.

CVs can vary in length; an entry-level candidate may have a two- or three-page CV, while a more experienced candidate could have a longer document. Some very experienced job seekers could have a CV up to 10-pages long. By contrast, resumes are seldom longer than two pages.

Many job seekers are unclear whether they should be using a CV or a resume when applying for a new role. The confusion is understandable as the documents do have some similarities. 

CVs and resumes are used as application documents to provide key information about your skills, experiences, education and relevant personal qualities. The goal of both is to show hiring managers that you are the ideal candidate.

However, the differences between a resume and a CV are pretty extensive. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the differences between a CV and a resume:


  • Emphasizes academic accomplishments
  • Used primarily when applying for positions in academia
  • Vary in length; how long a CV is depends on your experience
  • Should include a list of your publications, posters and presentations


  • Emphasize skills and work experience
  • Should be 1-2 pages maximum
  • Used by applicants seeking positions in the private and public sectors
  • Have a variety of formats, which should be chosen depending on your level of work experience

CV examples by job title

Hiring managers often have to make quick decisions about which candidates to bring in for an interview. To stand out, it’s important to have an airtight CV to show recruiters at a glance that you are the right candidate for the role. Studying our job-specific CV samples can help you craft a high-quality document that will get the attention of a potential employer. Just find a CV example for your job title and get started.


If you have the regulatory knowledge and arithmetic skills needed for these roles, our accounting CV examples will add up to opportunities for you quickly by helping you craft a document that features the skills employers want.


Administrative roles require both strong soft skills and a variety of tech skills. Use these administrative CV examples to help showcase your organization skills, computer acumen and problem-solving abilities to show employers that you are right for the job.

Billing Collections

If you’re gifted with numbers and excel at balancing budgets, you are a fit for a role in billing. Study our sample CVs to learn how to write a document that demonstrates your eye for detail and head for organization.

Business Operations

If you’re a professional multitasker with strong organization and planning skills, business operations is the field for you. Our business operations CV examples show you how to present your myriad skills in a way that will get you noticed.

Computer Hardware

From Fortune 500 companies to SMBs, nearly every modern business needs expert computer support. Learn to showcase your technological savvy and creativity by studying our great example CVs and land the job you’ve always wanted.


If you’ve got the skills to build everything but a solid CV, LiveCareer can help. Study our construction CV samples to learn how to emphasize your safety training, equipment operation expertise and more.


LiveCareer’s copywriting CV examples can help you write a strong CV. Study them to learn how to showcase your creativity and technical skills to land the copywriting role you want.


Study our sample CVs to learn how to highlight your skills and special training. Whether you are a food runner, a sous chef or a line cook, our examples will help you cook up the career you desire.

Customer Service

Customer service is a nuanced field that requires a mix of strong interpersonal skills, the ability to troubleshoot and, often, strong technical skills. Study our customer service CVs to learn how to package your skills and special training.

Data Systems Administration

Data systems administration is a role that requires tight technical skills, attention to detail and a lot of discretion. Study LiveCareer’s data and systems administration example CVs to learn how to craft a strong document that will help you land an interview.


Want a career you can really sink your teeth into? LiveCareer’s dentistry CV examples show you how to showcase the technical, hard and soft skills required to get noticed in this competitive field.


Put your career in the fast lane with a strong CV. LiveCareer’s driving sample CVs show you how to highlight your training and the skills employers look for, like road safety, OSHA training, organization and offloading management.


Put the spark back into your career with a standout CV. Our electrical CV examples shine a light on how to showcase your special training, skills and work experience in residential and construction-based electrical work.


Engineers have rewarding careers working with cutting-edge technology. To stay ahead of the curve, use our top-notch CV examples to showcase the project management, technological, adaptable range of skills you possess.


If you have an eye for analytics and a flair for efficiency, finance is your field. Studying our finance CV samples will show you how to craft a document that showcases your educational background and impressive achievements.

Food Service

To land the food service job you want, you’ll need to serve up a strong CV. Studying our CV examples will show you how to highlight your training and skills to show hiring managers that you are the right person for the role.

Healthcare Support

Does your career need a shot of adrenaline? Use our health care sample CV to learn how to showcase your medical training, outstanding patient care and top notch soft skills.

Human Resources

Human resources is a field that requires stellar people skills, strong critical thinking and technical skills to boot. Study our HR CV examples to learn how to package your unique skill set and get noticed.


To turn up the heat on your job search, you’ll need strong application materials. Get the job you want by studying LiveCareer’s HVAC CV examples to learn how to best showcase your system maintenance skills and great attention to detail.

Information Technology

Nearly every modern business needs technical support at some level. Learn to put a spotlight on your training. certifications and skills, like technological savvy and collaboration, by studying our example CVs.


Janitorial teams keep businesses up and running. Learn how to show potential employers the special training and certification you have acquired and the cleaning and sanitizing skills you possess by studying our janitorial CV examples.


For a legal role, it’s critical that your CV offers a detailed history of your education credentials. Legal support staff should also highlight training certifications specific to the field of law. Study our law CV examples to learn how.

Law Enforcement

To get noticed in law enforcement, focus on highlighting your skills and special training, such as homeland security certifications or jail evacuations training. These, along with metrics that show the impact of your work, will make you stand out. LiveCareer’s law enforcement sample CVs will show you how.


Whether you are a manager or a maintenance technician, your CV must showcase your special training, as well as your skills, like plumbing or carpentry, to get noticed. Study our maintenance CV samples to learn how.


A great marketing CV is your personal branding opportunity. Study LiveCareer’s marketing CV samples to learn how to promote your skills, like social media, analytics and search engine optimization to land the job you want.


A strong mechanics CV must show off more than your ability to troubleshoot and diagnose trouble with machinery. You must also highlight your special training and certifications to get noticed. Study our mechanics CV samples to learn how.


Put your finger on the pulse of the job market when you study LiveCareer’s nursing CVs. Our sample CVs show you how to highlight your critical training and special skills, as well as your stellar bedside manner.


Precision, customer service and a strong educational background are critical for success in the pharmaceutical industry. Study our pharmaceutical CV examples to learn how to write a CV that helps you improve the health of your career.


A career in production requires an array of skills and special training. To be a top candidate, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate that you have what it takes to get the job done. Study our production CV samples to learn how to articulate your credentials.

Quality Control

In addition to highlighting your skills, such as laboratory analysis, materials specification and ISO certification, to land the role you want you’ll need to demonstrate your education and special training. Study our quality control CV samples to learn how.

Real Estate

To land a real estate position, it’s critical to focus on both your hard and technical skills and your strong customer service experience. Our real estate CV samples show you how to highlight those plus your education and training.


Study our sample CVs to learn how to highlight your skills and training to land the retail job you want. Focus on a solid mix of hard and soft skills and be sure to include metrics whenever possible to show the impact of your work.

Safety Security

Protect your career by studying our safety and security CV samples. Use them as a guide as you learn how to best articulate your skills, special training and experience.


Sell yourself as well as you sell products and services by studying LiveCareer’s sales CV examples. Our CV samples will show you how to showcase your unique mix of customer service skills, training and work experience.

Social Services

For a role in social services, you need a CV that highlights their education and training, plus the unique set of hard and soft skills required to do the job well. Study our social services CV examples to learn how to put your best foot forward.


When applying for a statistics role, it’s critical to highlight your education and training, as well as your expertise using certain types of software. Study LiveCareer’s CV samples to learn how.

Web Development

In addition to showing potential employers the details of your training and skills, to land a job in web development, you’ll need to show off the impact of your work. Study LiveCareer’s CV examples to learn how.