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Since it’s a goal- and results-oriented line of work, being a sales manager is a chance to have a significant impact on a company’s success. In addition to an average salary nearing six figures, sales managers receive an annual average of $31,387 in additional cash compensation such as bonuses and performance incentives. LiveCareer can help you land this lucrative job. On this page, find detailed sales manager resume examples along with guidance on how our resources can increase your odds of getting hired.


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What is a Sales Manager?

Sales managers plan and oversee the sales operations of a business. This includes establishing territories, quotas, goals and training for the sales team. They may analyze sales data, evaluate inventory requirements and monitor customer expectations. Many sales managers also determine pricing schedules and set discount rates. Earning a median salary of $156,060, finance and insurance sales managers are the best compensated in the industry. Those working in professional, scientific and technical services follow at a close second.

What Makes This a Great
Sales Manager Resume Example?

Finding the right sales manager position is an important step in enjoying a fulfilling career in sales. To get the job, you’ll need a persuasive resume. LiveCareer can help you create one with sales manager resume examples, which can assist you in a number of ways:

  • Professionally-written sales content: It is easier to write a great resume with inspiration. Use our sales manager resume examples to craft more compelling language on your own page. In this example, our expert resume writers included terms like “Strategic planner,” and “advanced Salesforce user” which should grab any recruiter’s attention.
  • Resume format options: The right resume format should prioritize your most noteworthy qualifications. Our example job seeker chose a chronological format, emphasizing their work history by putting it front and center with dates. Those with less years of experience might opt for the more skills-centric functional or combination formats.
  • Resume template recommendations: Look for a resume template that matches the culture of the organization to which you’re applying. This example job seeker chose a sleek but conventional template. The basic layout incorporates accents to be an eye-catching, great choice for sales managers.

3 Sales Manager Professional Summary Examples

Research suggests that most hiring managers only spend about six seconds on a first look at a resume. To earn an interview for a sales manager position, your professional summary should be engaging and persuasive. LiveCareer can provide sales manager resume examples for inspiration, or you can use our resume builder to generate a personalized summary. These are some examples of what our builder may suggest:

  1. Multi-talented sales manager who led territory expansion and new account development for $100-million brand. Proven abilities in sales team leadership. Hard-working team member focused on customer satisfaction and long-term sales relationships.
  2. Results-driven sales manager with five years of experience contributing to record-setting sales growth in a startup environment. Enthusiastic about bringing skills and insight to a new industry vertical. Strong understanding of consumer needs and motivations.
  3. Recognized expert in enterprise product sales. Veteran sales manager with over 12 years of experience leading high-achieving teams. Resourceful in addressing customer needs and setting aggressive but attainable sales goals.

3 Sales Manager Work Experience Examples

As a sales manager candidate, your prior achievements need to make your application stand out. For example, if you increased sales in a previous position, that is a quantifiable and valuable qualification. We’ll help you identify and write about notable successes using our sales manager resume examples as inspiration, and with our resume builder. Whether you use our content as-is or personalize it with metrics, examples like these give your work experience extra punch:

  1. Managed team of 10 salespeople generating $20 million in revenue annually.
  2. Analyzed sales trends to establish realistic projections for coming years.
  3. Achieved or exceeded sales goals in every quarter while serving as sales manager.

Top Skills for Your Sales Manager Resume

Employers are looking for sales manager applicants with relevant and sought-after skills. Using LiveCareer’s resume examples and resume builder, you can identify which industry-specific skills you already have. If you come up with more on your own, add them via the builder too. We may offer you usable sales manager skills like these:

Hard Skills

  • SAS
  • Tableau
  • LinkedIn
  • Geographic information system

Soft Skills

  • Negotiation
  • Persuasive communication
  • Team leadership
  • Customer research

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Sales Manager FAQs

What are the duties and responsibilities of a sales manager?

Sales managers direct and coordinate sales activities for products, services, real estate and other items. They lead sales teams and set goals, expectations and procedures for other salespeople. Additionally, sales managers work with dealers and distributors to set policies and operating practices for the brand’s distribution network. They also determine the price schedules and discount rates for products and services.

What qualities make a good sales manager?

Effective sales managers are strong active listeners who are capable of understanding the needs of customers. They are also clear and persuasive communicators both orally and in writing. A good sales manager should be able to help customers solve problems using deductive reasoning and excel at organizing teams to achieve optimal results.

How do you list sales accomplishments on a resume?

Most sales managers include their sales accomplishments in their work history. They may also highlight the most notable in their professional summaries or summaries of qualifications. When listing an achievement, avoid unnecessary or fluffy descriptors. Always include specific numbers such as numbers of accounts handled or sales made, and focus on your individual contributions and achievements over company accomplishments.