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Outside sales representatives work in the field selling all types of goods to businesses, manufacturers and individuals. They can find employment in a wide variety of industries. While income is often dependent on the number of sales made, the earning potential for this job is high if you are a motivated seller. Our outside sales representative resume examples help you create a resume that stands out to hiring managers. Read on to learn more about how our tools help you create personalized resumes for each job you apply to.


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What is a Outside Sales Representative?

Outside sales representatives are responsible for selling products, merchandise and services to an array of people and institutions primarily though in-person contact “outside,” in the field. Essential duties are presenting product and service features to clients, conducting cold calls to potential customers to arrange meetings, negotiating prices, working with retailers and reporting to leadership. Outside sales representatives can work in a variety of industries, including wholesale, retail, security, manufacturing and real estate. Educational requirements for job seekers vary depending on the employer, but a high school degree is usually sufficient.

What Makes This a Great
Outside Sales Representative Resume Example?

If you are looking for a new position in the sales industry, income potential and customer interaction are likely top priorities for you. With our outside sales representative examples, you can begin a job search that may lead you to a position with these elements, as well as career advancement opportunities.  Here’s how our resources can help you craft your resume:

  • Sales-specific content: In the above resume example, our expert writers crafted a page full of industry-specific information for this job seeker. Terms and phrases like “relationship cultivation” and “maintain a solid 60% percent conversion rate” are specifically designed to get a hiring manager’s attention.
  • Different formats for different job seekers: The example resume is for a less experienced outside sales representative. They chose a combination format to effectively highlight their skills and limited industry experience. A proper chronological format will become appropriate for them years down the line, but for now, their resume borrows just as much from the skills-focused functional style.
  • Resume template selection: This example is effective because the resume template is clean and simple, yet still shows the style of the job applicant. Always do your best to pick an eye-catching style that equally reflects the tone of your potential workplace.

3 Outside Sales Representative Professional Summary Examples

To understand what hiring managers expect to see, take cues from our outside sales representative resume examples when crafting your own resume. For step-by step guidance in writing sections like your professional summary, use our resume builder. Below are three examples of outside sales representative professional summaries the builder may suggest:

  1. Motivated outside sales representative with over 5 years of experience who works well independently and under pressure. Strong experience cold calling prospective clients, logging information in sales software systems and meeting key performance indicators. Proficient in demonstrating products and services to potential clients.
  2. Entry-level outside sales representative with 2 years of internship and retail experience. Highly motivated and persuasive individual with practice demonstrating products in a retail environment. Diligent salesperson who is proficient in many business and sales applications.
  3. Accomplished outside sales representative with experience in a variety of sales environments. Proficient in building relationships with clients and vendors, negotiating sales and closing deals in limited time. Detail-oriented and innovative self-starter.

3 Outside Sales Representative Work Experience Examples

By examining our outside sales representative resume examples, you can gain inspiration for how to convey your own career successes. Our resume builder offers customizable pre-written content for sales representatives of all kinds. See examples of work experience bullets like these that can enhance your experience section as-is or with added metrics:

  1. Closed more than 60 accounts for the organization on a yearly basis through email, phone and door-to-door sales efforts.
  2. Provided daily direction and management of company efforts in strategic sales planning, client acquisition and sales staff training.
  3. Negotiated pricing, terms of services, agreements and contracts with potential clients and vendors.

Top Skills for Your Outside Sales Representative Resume

Use our builder to identify the traits most desired by hiring managers. Our builder recommends industry-specific skills to optimize your outside sales representative resume to land the job you want. Here are some hard and soft skills to consider adding to your own resume:

Hard Skills

  • SWOT analysis
  • Point of Sales systems
  • eCommerce 
  • Retail knowledge

Soft Skills

  • Persuasion
  • Oral communication 
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivation

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Outside Sales Representative FAQs

Is outside sales better than inside sales?

While the job preference depends on the job seeker, research shows that outside sales representatives who work with customers in the field have a higher close rate than inside sales representatives. Research also shows that outside sales representatives make approximately 15% more money when compared to inside sales representatives. Based on these statistics, for some, outside sales may be better than inside sales.

How do you list sales awards on a resume?

Listing sales awards can help your resume stand out. There are a few sections where you can effectively list awards. First, you can add sales awards on your resume under an honors or other information section. You can also integrate them into the work experience section. Include the award as a bullet under the appropriate job.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a sales representative?

Sales representatives are responsible for selling goods and services to organizations, government entities or individual clients. They contact potential clients via phone or email for inside sales or in person with outside sales. Sales representatives are typically responsible for negotiating prices, drawing up contracts, demonstrating products and meeting sales goals.