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cover letter examples

Our top cover letter examples are customized for various roles and career scenarios. From career changes to internships, discover tailored samples that address your specific needs.

  • Standard

    Stand out from the resume pile! This cover letter for a resume tells your story, sparks interest and proves you're the perfect fit. Tailor it, quantify your impact and land that interview!

  • Career change

    Changing career paths? Show employers why you’re the fresh perspective they need with a cover letter that shows passion, transferable skills and quantifiable achievements.

  • Recent graduate

    Fresh grad, fresh start! Showcase your motivation, highlight relevant education and quantify campus wins to prove you're ready to learn and grow. Land that dream job!

  • Entry-level

    Ace your first job with this entry-level cover letter example! Share accomplishments from projects or volunteering and demonstrate your eagerness to learn.

  • Internship

    Shine with a cover letter for an internship highlighting relevant skills and showing your genuine interest in a company. Skills and culture fit are equally important!

  • Data-driven

    Crunch the data, not words! Focus on impactful metrics, clear insights and data-driven solutions with this sample cover letter.

  • Experienced

    Show your worth as a seasoned pro! Showcase quantifiable impact, proven leadership and relevant achievements. Tailor this cover letter to their challenges and show a strategic vision.

  • Academic

    Showcase your publications, grant experience and pedagogical approaches. Tailor this sample of a cover letter to the department's research focus and show your collaborative spirit.

  • Nonprofit

    Passion meets purpose in this cover letter example! Showcase impactful community work, relevant skills and dedication to the cause with a cover letter for a job in a non-profit.

  • No experience

    No experience, no problem! Use this cover letter sample to convince employers that a lack of formal work experience can’t stump your motivation, skills and subject-matter expertise.

  • Short

    Apply quickly to that dream role with this short cover letter example. No need to drag your letter on. Showcase your most relevant achievements in a concise paragraph.

  • Creative

    Showcase those unique skills and qualities that make you stand out as a creative. This cover letter sample focuses on your technical skills and out-of-the-box thinking.


Accounting & Finance Cover Letter Examples

Study our accounting and finance cover letter samples for your job application to multiply your chances of success. See how other candidates describe their math skills, tax code knowledge and education to earn these roles.


Administrative Cover Letter Examples

A cover letter demonstrates your organization and communication skills before you step into the office. These administrative letter examples will help you get ready to write. Use our cover letter examples for the job you desire.


Business Cover Letter Examples

Here are good cover letter examples for business roles. They’ll help you see the selling points your job competition uses to frame their experience.


Construction Cover Letter Examples

We’ve got example cover letters that you can use as blueprints for your solid introduction. Get inspired and learn how other job seekers are framing their skills with a cover letter for a job application in the construction field.

Customer Service

Customer Service Cover Letter Examples

Writing a cover letter is a breeze if you’ve got the patience and communication skills required for customer service roles. Just stick to the script! Write a great letter using our cover letter examples to guide you.


Education Cover Letter Examples

A good cover letter example can show you what to say to get hired. Study our education cover letter examples below. They’ll help you brainstorm and craft a cover letter worthy of a gold star.

Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting Cover Letter Examples

Our firefighting example cover letters provide you with good ideas for how you can tell your own career story.


Healthcare Cover Letter Examples

Give your job search the booster shot it needs: a cover letter that demands attention. Our cover letter samples will help you write a letter that impresses hiring managers and land an interview.

Hotel Hospitality

Hotel & Hospitality Cover Letter Examples

Our cover letters are at your service! Check out our collection of hospitality cover letter samples below. They’re full of great ideas for describing your passion for hospitality, guest satisfaction and great service.

Human Resources

Human Resources Cover Letter Examples

HR is often responsible for hiring at many companies, so your cover letter should be top-notch. Review our cover letter samples for HR positions. See how others describe their skills in hiring, managing and developing talent within a company.

Informaton Technology

Information Technology Cover Letter Examples

Nearly every modern business needs technical support. Get insight into how others sell their tech skills. Take advantage of our great cover letter examples to help land your desired IT job.


Janitorial Cover Letter Examples

Spruce up your cover letter to score a new job with our maintenance and janitorial example cover letters below. They’ll help you craft a letter that shows employers you’ll keep their workplaces up and running.


Marketing Cover Letter Examples

If your resume is your personal branding statement, your cover letter is the sales pitch to get hired. Hone your message for marketing and advertising positions by reviewing cover letter examples here.


Medical Cover Letter Examples

Our cover letter samples for medical professionals will show hiring managers you’ve got the necessary skills, schooling and work experience to succeed. We’ve got examples from every medical specialty.

Half Heart

Nursing Cover Letter Examples

Our cover letter samples for nursing emphasize the importance of having a good balance of hard and soft skills necessary in this field of work.


Retail Cover Letter Examples

Earn a new job in retail with a stellar cover letter. See how our cover example letters for retail jobs demonstrate the full range of skills needed in the industry.


Sales Cover Letter Examples

Sell your future employer on hiring you with a professional cover letter. Browse through our sales cover letter samples for one matching your desired role.

Safety Security

Safety & Security Cover Letter Examples

Secure a job by submitting a great cover letter. Check out some top-notch security cover letter samples to see how to sell your experience to employers best.


Transportation Cover Letter Examples

A cover letter is a vehicle to accelerate your job hunt. Look at our transportation application letter examples for ideas on impressing hiring managers. They’ll help you arrive at your next job.