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A great cover letter should convey enthusiasm for the role, demonstrate your employer knowledge, and provide details that supplement the information a hiring manager will find on your resume. Crafting a well-written cover letter can help you stand out from the competition, making it a critical piece of the job search. Our cover letter examples help with your job application can convince employers that you’re the right person for the job.

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Now that you’ve written a resume, you’ll need a top-notch cover letter to tell recruiters why you’re perfect for the role you seek. Our library of professionally written cover letter samples is designed to show you how. Crafted by professional resume and cover letter writers, we offer resume and cover letter examples for hundreds of industries and job titles, studying our examples will show you how to craft a strong letter by answering a common question: what does a cover letter look like for the role you seek?

According to a CareerBuilder study, 10% of hiring managers say they reject applicants who don’t attach a cover letter, making it a crucial component for explaining your motivation for joining the company. Even when they aren’t required, including a cover letter with your job application can show a recruiter that you have strong communication skills and are willing to go the extra mile to land the role you want, especially when your resume template works with your cover letter.

Also known as a job application letter, our cover letter samples show you exactly how to write a cover letter. Studying a cover letter example for your industry or job title shows you exactly what the end result should look like. Use them for inspiration as you learn to write your own. Or, for more help, use our Cover Letter Builder for step-by-step guidance, cover letter templates, and content suggestions as you move through the writing process. When you seek new employment, a cover letter sample can help you make a great first impression.

The rules for how to write a cover letter are relatively straightforward. However, studying a cover letter sample for your industry or job title shows you exactly what the end result should look like. Use them for inspiration as you learn to write your own. Or, for more help, use our Cover Letter Builder for step-by-step guidance, cover letter templates and content suggestions as you move through the writing process.

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LiveCareer shows you how to craft strong cover letters by offering 250+ examples written by professional cover letter writers. Search our library by industry or job title to find a cover letter example that you can make your own.


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Cover letter examples by category and job title


    Accounting & Finance Cover Letter Examples

    If you already have the regulatory knowledge and arithmetic skills needed for these roles, studying our accounting and finance cover letter samples for your job application will add up to opportunities for you quickly


    Administrative Cover Letter Examples

    Let a cover letter demonstrate your organized and communicative nature before you even step into an interview. Our administrative cover letter examples will help get you ready. Study our cover letter examples for the job you want.

    Business Manager

    Business Cover Letter Examples

    If you’re a professional multitasker with a head for organization and planning, our business operations sample cover letters will have you running the show in a new role in no time. Study them to see what good cover letter examples look like.


    Construction Cover Letter Examples

    We’ll help you build your example cover letter so you can get hired to build everything else. Let our examples be the blueprint for how you’ll land a new role in the construction field. To get the job, our application letter samples are an excellent tool.

    Customer Service

    Customer Service Cover Letter Examples

    If you’ve already got the patience and communication skills required for customer service roles, writing a cover letter will be a breeze. Write a great job application using our cover letter examples.

    Education Icon

    Education Cover Letter Examples

    Our professionally written content will teach you what you need to know to get hired. Check out the list of education cover letter examples below and begin instructing others in no time.


    Fire Fighting Cover Letter Examples

    We’ll help get your career on its feet fast so you can start saving people sooner. Check out each of our firefighting example cover letters below. Spark interest in your resume by using our application letter samples below.

    Healthcare Icon

    Healthcare Cover Letter Examples

    We’ll keep you treating patients by giving your job search the booster shot it needs. Follow the lead of our health care job cover letter samples to impress hiring managers and get hired.


    Hotel & Hospitality Cover Letter Examples

    Our cover letter examples will help you land a job somewhere you’ll want to extend your stay indefinitely. Check out our wide-ranging host of hospitality cover letter samples below. When you are seeking the perfect job, our employment cover letter examples help you make a great first impression.


    Human Resources Cover Letter Examples

    Employers can’t run businesses without employees. If your skills lend themselves to hiring, managing and developing talent within a company, check out our HR cover letter examples below.


    Information Technology Cover Letter Examples

    Nearly every modern business needs technical support at some level. Take advantage of your technological savvy and our excellent cover letter examples to land the IT job you’re after.



    Janitorial Cover Letter Examples

    Show employers you’ll keep their workplaces up and running. Spruce up your cover letter to score a new job with our maintenance and janitorial example letters below.


    Marketing Cover Letter Examples

    If your resume is your personal branding statement, your cover letter is the pitch you need to nail to get hired. Hone your pitch for marketing and advertising positions by looking over job application example letters here.


    Medical Cover Letter Examples

    Wherever you specialize in the industry, our medical cover letter examples will show hiring managers you’ve got the necessary skills, schooling and work experience to succeed.


    Retail Cover Letter Examples

    Ring up a new career in retail by impressing your future boss with a stellar cover letter. See how our application example letters for retail jobs demonstrate the full range of skills needed in the industry.


    Sales Cover Letter Examples

    To prove you can do it professionally, first sell your future employer on hiring you with an excellent cover letter. Browse through our sales cover letters examples for one matching the role you want.


    Safety & Security

    Protect your job prospects by wowing hiring managers with a great cover letter. See how our security cover letter samples suggest which skills you should showcase to employers.


    Transportation Cover Letter Examples

    Use a cover letter to get your career where it’s going faster. Take a look at our transportation application letter examples for an idea of how to impress hiring managers so you’ll get hired sooner.