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To be seriously considered for an open position, it is crucial to have a professional cover letter. It helps your resume get noticed and adds a personal touch hiring managers appreciate. Check out our general manager cover letter example and the included tips for inspiration to write your own enticing letter.

  • Do grab the attention of a recruiter by starting your cover letter with an interesting headline. Something like “4 Benefits of Hiring Me as a General Manager” encourages your reader to keep going.
  • Don’t write in a manner that is too formal or colloquial. Writing in a more conversational style will help your reader get to know you better and display your communication skills, which are necessary for a good general manager.
  • Do visit the website of the company you are applying to and tailor your cover letter to attract the attention of their hiring manager. Some websites will lead you to write a more traditional cover letter while others may indicate you can be more creative.
  • Don’t use extra adverbs just to fill space. Keeping your cover letter concise boosts the chances of it being read in its entirety.

General Manager Advice

The general manager cover letter examples below have been designed to help you create your own assistant manager cover letter. General managers fulfill a variety of functions with an organization. With these cover letter examples as a model, you can create a cover letter to fit the needs of any employer. Get started on your job-winning cover letter today–click on any of the templates below to get started.

General Manager Cover Letter Example Modern Style

Cover Letter Tips for
General Manager

Access to an urban job market is a blessing and a curse. While there are numerous postings for jobs as a General Manager and the surrounding Miami metropolitan area, the competition for those jobs is also fierce. Learn more about the keen job-hunting skills you need to make your job search productive.

  • Search job boards more effectively. You can easily spend hours scanning and applying for job postings. Make your job search more productive by creating email alerts for new jobs based. Also, focus on industry-specific job boards or regional job boards to hone in on your specific area.

  • Put your best social media foot forward. Prospective employers often check out the social media footprint of applicants. Make sure that your online profile gives recruiters and hiring managers the right impression. Post a professional-looking photo of yourself and make sure the content in your profile matches with your current cover letter.

  • Demonstrate your expertise in your desired career by posting a blog or commenting on industry articles. Also, a personal portfolio of your work helps to showcase your subject matter expertise and your value.

  • Join a professional organization of your desired career field. Most national organizations have local chapters. Attending local networking events give you a chance to meet locals who can share their insights about the job market and help you with other job leads.

  • Have a mindset that the job hunt is a marathon, not a sprint. Your journey through networking, skill building or personal branding is as valuable as achieving your ultimate goal: landing a new job.

General Manager Cover Letter Template Classic Style

General Manager Job Seeking Tips

Adapting your cover letter to the modern employment landscape can help you land a job as a General Manager. Recruiters and hiring managers only spend a few seconds looking over a cover letter. You need to make those seconds count with layout and content that highlights your strengths and skills at first glance. Follow these tips for creating a cover letter that gets you an interview.

  • Paint a picture with verbs. Use a strong verb like “collaborated” instead of a verb like “worked. ”

  • Focus on transferable skills, meaning skills that are applicable to any industry. These skills include project management skills, communication skills or customer service skills.

  • Generally, your cover letter should follow the one-page cover letter rule. No need to include lengthy job history for positions you held more than 15 years ago.

  • Include company keywords from the job posting in your cover letter.

  • Include a “profile” or “summary of qualifications” section. These sections sharpen the focus of your cover letter because they immediately state your strengths and effectively grab the attention of managers.

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