Restaurant General Manager Resume Examples

Restaurant managers are responsible for supervising food service workers across the country. Restaurant owners want to recruit capable individuals who have a combination of experience and knowledge in this industry. The best tool in your toolbox is a well-written resume. Our restaurant manager resume examples can help you see the keywords and phrases hiring managers look for, and how your experience and skills should be organized to help you land the job you want.


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What is a Restaurant Manager Resume ?

Nine out of 10 restaurant managers work their way up to their position from entry-level restaurant jobs, such as waiter or cook. Their daily responsibilities include managing employees in the kitchen and dining room, tracking sales, depositing money, taking inventory of supplies, ordering food, and communicating with the owner of the restaurant or the corporate headquarters. Managers may work with the food preparation staff to create menus and recipes, and ensure food quality levels. They also lead the dining room staff in maintaining customer service standards.

What Makes This a Great
Restaurant Manager Resume Example?

Restaurant manager resume examples like the one featured here are an excellent tool for job seekers who want to see first hand how to put together a strong resume. Our examples help you see how to best execute the following elements:

  • Compelling language: Successful resumes should include plenty of keywords and phrases relevant to the job title. Our resume examples feature content written by certified resume writers who know what recruiters seek. If you need more help, our Resume Builder will make suggestions for pre-written content for a restaurant manager resume to ensure your document includes the most sought-after keywords.
  • Format examples: Great resumes start with finding the right resume format for you. This example uses a chronological layout to highlight this applicant’s career trajectory. The chronological format is best for applicants with experience, like this job seeker. However, if you are applying for your first restaurant manager role, you might want to consider another resume format.
  • Suitable resume templates: You should choose the design of your resume based on the restaurant to which you are applying. This resume template features subtle design elements, which would be perfect for an applicant applying to a high-end restaurant. For those applying for work at hip eateries or casual coffee shops, a more colorful resume template might be appropriate.

3 Restaurant Manager Professional Summary Examples

A well-written professional summary can convince a hiring manager to offer you an interview. Study our resume examples for ideas on crafting your own, or use our Resume Builder for more assistance. Here are some restaurant manager professional summary statements you could create using our builder:

  1. Energetic restaurant manager with 20 years of experience working in fine dining. Committed to giving the customer an unforgettable experience. History of bringing in more traffic and revenue to locations.
  2. Skilled restaurant manager with experience leading staff in the back of the house. Focused on running a clean, efficient kitchen that meets all food and safety standards. Able to train kitchen staff in all roles and improve output and food quality.
  3. Highly capable restaurant manager with a background in fast-casual concepts. Experience with opening new locations and building new brands. Talented at exceeding store sales goals and motivating employees to do their best.

3 Restaurant Manager Work Experience Examples

In this competitive workforce, applicants for restaurant manager roles must include a compelling work history section. Our restaurant manager resume examples offer detailed sample text for you to study as you write your own. Or, use our Resume Builder’s pre-written text suggestions to quickly craft this critical section. Here are three examples of text you could use to fill out your work experience section:

  1. Created employee incentive programs to improve morale and increase guest satisfaction rates by 15%.
  2. Managed a staff of more than 18 cooks and food preparation workers in a national restaurant chain concept.
  3. Evaluated dining room staff on a set of standards and used peer coaching techniques to help struggling staff members improve.

Top Skills for Your Restaurant Manager Resume

The skills section of the resume is critical to getting noticed. Having the right keywords in this section can help get your resume past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and into the hands of a recruiter. Here is a selection of common restaurant manager hard and soft skills that hiring managers typically recruit for:

Hard Skills

  • Certified food safety professional
  • POS system experience
  • P&L statements 
  • Restaurant management software

Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Attention to detail
  • Effective oral communication
  • Active listener

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Restaurant Manager FAQs

What are the duties and responsibilities of a restaurant manager?

Restaurant managers are head supervisors in a restaurant. They may work under a general manager’s supervision or be the highest-ranking leader in the business. Managers may have a combination of kitchen and dining room duties, leading the staff of workers in either making or serving food and delivering customer service. They also strive to bring in more business and manage the financial aspect of the restaurant.

How stressful is being a restaurant manager?

Restaurant managers have a lot of responsibilities, and sometimes this is stressful. The hours for this position are often longer than the traditional 40-hour work week. Some people find it enjoyable to work in a fast-paced environment that never stops. Individuals who love people and don’t want to have a lot of downtime may fit well into this role without experiencing too much stress.

What is the role of restaurant manager?

The manager’s role in a restaurant is to hire and oversee a staff of effective, qualified people to create a good dining experience for patrons. They must delegate responsibilities to the team to improve operations and train workers to deliver to the company standard. They may help in raising a restaurant’s profits, such as by attracting more diners and reducing food waste.