Management Resume Examples

Management jobs are competitive but with the right qualifications and the right resume you can find a great position as a manager. The resume examples below are designed to show what companies are looking for in a management professional resume. Take a look at these resume examples then take the next step and create your own. Choose your template and design and build your resume in just a few minutes!

General Manager: Resume Example  

The general manager is one step up the corporate chain from a store manager. General managers oversee a number of stores in a specific region. They convey corporate initiatives and goals to their territory. In doing so, they must also inspire and help solve storewide problems.

A superb general manager resume must detail your ability to convey the correct vision to large teams. Sales associates should be excited to see you, and store managers should trust your lead. Prove that you also have the talent to motivate.

Take this idea further by sharing your strong communication skills. One small miscommunication can send an entire team in the opposite direction. Share accomplishments related to this talent to solidify your claim.

Hourly Shift Manager: Resume Example 

The hourly shift manager oversees the team who works within the same hours. Their responsibilities differ from field to field, but they are usually instructed to lead strong teams and help them reach their daily goals. Hourly shift managers report to managers when making tough calls.

If you want to create an hourly shift manager resume that gets noticed, it’s vital to showcase your leadership skills. Make it clear that your associates respect your leadership, even when you have to make difficult decisions. At the same time, you have to make it clear that you can accept direction as well.

Don’t stop there! You must also detail your delegating skills. Explain how you decide to divvy up the workload among your associates. Share accomplishments made under your leadership, thanks to your ability to delegate well.

Manager: Resume Example 

A financial manager oversees the financial well-being of an organization. This means that they prepare financial statements, analyze trends to direct investment activities, and strategize to maximize profits. They often work directly with executives.

An outstanding financial manager resume should focus on your strategizing skills. Explain how your careful analysis and comprehensive regulatory knowledge equipped you to manage unexpected circumstances and kept the organization on a good path. Prove that you meaningfully contributed to financial success in companies by adding measurable achievements to your work experience section.

Beyond proper strategizing, you must prove that you can help organizations save and make money. Show how your management helps companies cut down on needless costs and capitalize on opportunities.

Operations Manager: Resume Example 

The operations manager oversees generation operations at a company. They must ensure that the organization is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is a senior role.

A strong operations manager resume will show a clear arc of your career. You want to show employers how you grew and developed over the years so that they can understand your managing style. Include the most significant accomplishments you made while in the role.

It’s also important to detail your strategic skills. Include this as a marketable asset in your professional summary. Paint a picture of these talents through your work history accomplishments.

Shift Manager: Resume Example 

A shift manager supervises teams who work during a given shift. Different industries require various specific responsibilities. However, shift managers are usually required to lead teams to meet goals and gain professional development.

If you want to make a shift manager resume that impresses employers, it’s important to emphasize your leadership skills. Prove that you have the respect of your associates, even when you have to make unpopular decisions.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to share your delegating skills. Share your delegation process. Add related accomplishments to prove that your strategy is superior to the competition’s.

Store Manager: Resume Example 

A store manager oversees the entire shop. They budget, make schedules for employees, try to raise sales, and often act as an HR specialist as well. If the store is part of a chain, the store manager also answers to direction from district managers.

If you want to craft a stellar store manager resume, you must describe your leadership skills. Prove that you feel comfortable making tough calls and taking on an intimidating workload. Don’t hesitate to describe how you work to make the work atmosphere comfortable for all employees.
It’s also vital to discuss your delegating skills. Explain how you share the workload with the team in a way that accomplishes overall store goals and contributes to the associates’ professional development.