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If working in storage and logistics interests you, becoming a warehouse manager may be a worthy career goal. This type of occupation suits people whose work styles include dependability, integrity, attention to detail and leadership. LiveCareer’s warehouse manager resume examples can serve as models to inspire your own resume-writing process. Find more about our resources below, including a top-notch example of an effective warehouse manager resume.


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What Is a Warehouse Manager?

Warehouse managers direct and oversee the storage and logistical operations of warehouses and other facilities. Their responsibilities include managing warehouse employees, inspecting goods, ensuring effective operations, handling customer requests and overseeing safety. Depending on the position, warehouse managers may have hands-on responsibilities with logistics or exclusively supervise others. As of May 2019, there were around 132,040 jobs for transportation, storage and distribution managers, making for an estimated 13,360 more jobs than two years prior.

What Makes This a Great
Warehouse Manager Resume Example?

Give your career a boost with a compelling resume based on our warehouse manager resume examples. Our professionally written suggestions make it easier to earn interviews and get a fulfilling job. Here are a few of the specific ways using our examples can benefit you:

  • Resume word choices: Writing a great resume is easier with professionally written suggestions like “handled day-to-day shipping and receiving overseeing more than 2,000 packages per day,” as found in the above example. Use suggestions word for word or tailor them to fit the needs of your professional summary, work history and skills sections. Or, use our builder which will recommend pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Resume formatting: Find the right resume format to best organize and display your most notable strengths. This example job seeker chose a combination format, which places her work history front and center while still emphasizing skills such as assembly and logistics. We have many examples that showcase resumes in chronological and functional formats as well.
  • Resume design: The most effective resumes make use of templates that match the precise position and organization applied for. In this example, the job seeker chose our “Refined” template, which uses a classic style and subtle gold-brown highlights. Always select an industry-appropriate template that best fits your resume’s intended tone.

3 Warehouse Manager Professional Summaries Examples

Describe your top qualifications to potential employers using your professional summary. This synopsis provides a good opportunity to mention years of experience, warehouse throughput and specific achievements. LiveCareer’s warehouse manager resume examples demonstrate effective professional summaries. Here are three examples of warehouse manager summary sections:

  1. Knowledgeable and capable warehouse manager with more than 10 years of experience in storage and logistics. Strong customer service skills and in-depth understanding of the organizational needs of warehouses. Effective team leader who has previously managed a team of eight warehouse associates.
  2. Multi-talented warehouse manager who has overseen a warehouse operation with more than 2,000 daily packages. Capable team leader with good organizational skills. Enthusiastic personality and a good eye for detail.
  3. Innovative warehouse manager with more than five years of experience in warehouse operations. Previously helped improve package throughput by 7%. Excited to bring unique skills and efficiency-oriented mindset to a new logistics operation.

3 Warehouse Manager Work Experience Section Examples

Tell your unique professional story in the work history section of your resume. Delve into the details of prior responsibilities and accomplishments. LiveCareer’s warehouse manager resume examples can inspire your writing. Copy our content as-is or modify it in our resume builder with details and figures specific to your career. Here are several examples:

  1. Created carrier and customs documentation for more than 1,000 packages per day.
  2. Oversaw team of 12 warehouse associates, ensuring efficient operations throughout the warehouse.
  3. Created an organized, effective and positive team culture focused on team success.


Top Skills for Your Warehouse Manager Resume

Every hiring manager is looking for warehouse managers with specific, relevant skills. LiveCareer’s warehouse manager resume examples can help identify your most desirable hard and soft skills. You can also create your own in our resume builder or combine your pertinent abilities with our suggestions. These are a few important skills for warehouse managers:

Hard Skills

  • Daily operations management
  • Just-in-time supply chain
  • Budget controls
  • Process improvement

Soft Skills

  • Detail orientation
  • People-first mindset
  • Organizational skills
  • Team communication

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Warehouse Manager FAQs

What qualifications do you need to be a warehouse manager?

Fifty-one percent of jobs for storage and distribution managers require a bachelor’s degree, and 21% require a high school diploma or equivalent. Additionally, many warehouse managers need certifications for relevant heavy equipment such as forklifts or training on specific software programs for inventory control or logistics. It is also common to receive on-the-job training while working in less senior positions such as a warehouse associate.

How much does a warehouse manager make?

In May 2019, the annual median wage for transportation, storage and distribution managers, which also includes warehouse managers, was $94,560. The average wage for the same time period was $103,320 annually or an hourly wage of $49.67. People with wages above the 90th percentile earned $160,500 or more. Those below the 10th percentile earned $55,850 or less.

What does a warehouse manager do?

Warehouse managers oversee and direct the logistical operations of storage facilities. This can include receiving and sending packages, managing inventory, communicating with others in the supply chain, inspecting goods and managing warehouse personnel. They are also responsible for adhering to safety and security procedures and regulations. In some cases, warehouse managers need to help contain logistics expenses.