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A curriculum vitae (CV) is used in various industries to give a potential employer the full scope of your career and background. They provide much more personal and job-related information than a resume, so use a CV if relevant to your industry or a company has asked you to submit one specifically. We have a wide range of templates if a resume is a better fit for the job to which you’re applying.

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A curriculum vitae (CV) is used in various industries to give a potential employer the full scope of your career and background. They provide much more personal and job-related information than a resume, so use a CV if relevant to your industry or a company has asked you to submit one specifically. We have a wide range of templates if a resume is a better fit for the job to which you’re applying.

Tailoring your CV to the job you want is the best way to boost your chances of getting hired. This not only means customizing the way it’s written but the way it looks, too. Remember to personalize your curriculum vitae template and pick one that matches the tone of the industry to which you are applying. In other words, if you are applying for a role at a conservative university, choosing a very colorful CV template might not suit the industry.

Professionally designed
CV templates

Our library of professionally designed CV templates allows you to find one that will suit any job or industry. Our free curriculum vitae templates are ATS-friendly and downloadable in PDF, WORD, and other accepted formats.

Once you’ve chosen your template, craft your document in our builder and download it as a Word-formatted CV template in the modern, creative or traditional style; you can also adjust the three main styles into custom selection modes (like professional, simple and classic) that will help indicate to employers that you’re the right fit.

Modern CV templates

Free Modern templates:

LiveCareer’s free CV templates in the Modern style are perfect for applicants who want to craft a clean, easy-to-scan resume. While its versatility makes it suitable for various industries, our Modern CV templates are appropriate for roles in forward-thinking industries like fashion, tech and advertising where candidates want to project a cool, hip image.

Premium Modern templates:

LiveCareer offers a wide variety of premium templates that can fit the needs of many industries. Scroll through these options and start building your curriculum vitae.


Creative CV templates

Free Creative templates:

If you work in a creative field, personality and style are everything. Show employers your unique esthetic by using one of our free Creative templates. These CV templates are especially loved by job seekers in marketing, design and other non-traditional fields.

Premium Creative templates:

Make your credentials stand out through the use of bold design and pops of color, thanks to LiveCareer’s array of premium templates for download. Scroll through these options to find the right one for your curriculum vitae.


Traditional Resume templates

Free Traditional templates:

For those seeking work in conservative industries such as law or finance, presenting a buttoned-up image is critical to making a great first impression. Our free CV templates are clean and spare to let your qualifications take center stage.

Premium Traditional templates:

LiveCareer offers many premium traditional templates from which to choose. These templates showcase your experience and skills without the distraction of fussy design elements. Scroll through the options below and start building a great curriculum vitae.


Professional CV templates

Free Professional templates:

If you are applying for roles in various industries, consider using one of our highly versatile free Professional CV templates, which are a solid choice for every job seeker from banker to lawyer.

Premium Professional templates:

Check out our wide variety of premium professional templates for your CV that are great for work in a casual office, like tech, or a more old-school work environment, like accounting.


Simple CV templates

Free Simple templates:

Suitable for job seekers looking for work across industries, these Simple CV templates skip elaborate design elements in favor of putting the spotlight on your skills, experience and education.

Premium Simple templates:

If you are looking for a simple, no-fuss resume template, LiveCareer offers a big array of premium Simple CV templates. Scroll through these options and start building a great CV.


Classic Resume templates

Free Classic templates:

Perfect for any industry or job title, these Classic CV templates highlight your skills, experience and education with no distracting design elements.

Premium Classic templates:

Job seekers who want a streamlined resume template should consider one of our Classic CV templates. Scroll through these options and start building.


Which CV template style is
right for you?

  • Modern

    These contemporary styles work best with travel, library science and publishing roles. They offer recruiters a visual change of pace while remaining easy to scan at a glance.

  • Creative

    The dashes of color and more dynamic layouts of a creative CV template are perfect for more artistic workplaces. Ideal for industries like entertainment, film and the arts.

  • Traditional

    Our traditional CV templates do away with most design quirks to present your information as simply as possible. They smartly prioritize no-nonsense readability, perfect for academic, scientific and engineering positions.

  • Professional

    Our Professional templates allow you to create a minimalist and elegant resume design that’s eye-catching and easy to read, which will help you present yourself to employers in a highly favorable light. Select the design that works for you by exploring the “Modern” and “Traditional” builder tab.

  • Simple

    Our Simple curriculum vitae designs feature clean lines, and streamlined formatting makes it easy for employers to see why you’d be the right person for the role. If you want to let your merits shine above fussy design elements, a basic resume template is the right choice. Select the design that works for you by exploring the “Creative” and “Modern” builder tab.

  • Classic

    Our Classic CV template designs impress hiring managers by focusing on your credentials, not on fussy design elements. They feature clean and elegant layouts that help recruiters zero-in on the most relevant information on your CV. Select the design that works for you by exploring the “Traditional” and “Modern’ builder tab.


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How to build a CV in 8 simple steps

Although CVs are different from resumes and include more sections than a typical resume, it’s easy to use our Resume Builder to create and customize a curriculum vitae.

Follow these steps to build your own CV:

Step 1

Go to LiveCareer’s builder. On the new page that appears, select “Create a New Resume.”

Step 2

Follow the steps on the page and fill in the blanks. The builder will automatically guide you through creating the summary, adding your work history, skills,and education.

Step 3

After writing your summary, you’ll be able to add extra sections and begin customizing your document. Click the box next to the section (or sections) you want to add to your CV, or click “Add Your Own” to manually type in a section that isn’t on the menu.

Step 4

When you reach the end of the builder, you’ll see your CV, just as the example shows. If you go over a section with your mouse, that area will be selected, and an icon with arrows will pop up on your right. By pressing this icon, you’ll be able to move that section to a different part of the document. This way, you can organize the layout of your CV accordingly.

Step 5

If you would like to change the headers of any of your CV sections, simply hover over where it says “Summary,” “Education,” etc., until the Rename button appears. Then put your new title in the space provided and click Enter.

Step 6

You can change the formatting of your document on the menu at the bottom of the page. After clicking the arrow next to “Normal,” press the “Custom” button. A new menu will appear, where you can adjust the margins, font size, font style, and spacing. If you want to change the color, a menu with different options will appear when clicking the “Color” tab.

Step 7

Be sure to click “Spell Check” at the top left to ensure no misspellings or grammatical errors.

Step 8

Once you’re satisfied with your CV, you can click “Download” and save the document on your computer. If you don’t want to download it just yet, press “Save and Next” so your work isn’t lost.

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Most popular CV examples


CV resources

Many factors go into writing a CV that will get past ATS systems and into the hands of an employer. While it can be a challenge to choose what sections to include and draw attention to, along with ensuring your document has a good keyword density, LiveCareer has a wealth of resources that can help get your curriculum vitae employer-ready.

From how to write a curriculum vitae, CV examples across popular industries, and learning what sections would be good additions, to determining the best CV template style for your career industry, we give you the expert information that will get that great CV written with ease

How to write a CVCV Format TipsCV Examples


How long should a CV be?

A standard CV is a minimum of two pages and a maximum of 10. It can sometimes be longer if you have a lot of relevant information like numerous publications, research, experiments or curatorial documents. Additional information can be required by an employer specifically that can increase the length of your document, like a portfolio, lesson plans, staff recommendations and professorships.

What’s the difference between a CV and a resume?

The main difference between a curriculum vitae and a resume is how thorough job seekers need to be with the information put on the page. A CV should include every element of your work and academic history and other relevant background information. For some countries and specified industries it may be appropriate (or required) to include your picture, hobbies, interests and various background details.

How can I create my CV with no experience?

Like with a resume, you can absolutely create a CV with little-to-no traditional work experience. Any volunteering, internships or industry-relevant freelance work can fill out a work history section just as easily. Additionally, CVs emphasize the finer details of one’s education anyway, so feel free to delve into the specifics of your academic background if you have one.

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