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Human resources departments, and by extension, human resources managers, are crucial to any organization. They can work in government, an NGO, a corporation or any other private entity. With an average salary of $90,594 per year in 2018, HR managers are well-paid and integral to the compensation, hiring and disciplinary duties provided by the majority of HR departments.

To help you on your own journey toward filling this high-level position, our human resources manager resume example can show you how to stand out from the crowd. Read on to learn how to impress recruiters and get hired.


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What Is a Human Resources Manager?

A human resources manager may be responsible for handling a number of different employment-related and administrative matters, as well as for the efficient coordination and management of other HR personnel. Human resource managers may be in charge of recruitment and are required to ensure an organization’s goals are met while serving as a medium between employees and higher-level management.

Many employers require human resources manager candidates to have a bachelor’s degree, and the position often becomes more lucrative as one gains more experience or a higher-level education.

What Makes This a Great
Human Resources Manager Resume Example?

To land a human resources manager role, a resume needs to exhibit professionalism and impressive experience in equal measure. Our human resources manager resume example can help you learn which components comprise an attention-grabbing resume.

Here are a few ways our resume examples show you how to impress hiring managers:

  • Professional-level writing: Our certified resume writers offer industry-specific suggestions to demonstrate which types of terms and phrases an HR professional’s resume should include, like “New hire orientations” and “Workforce improvements.” For additional expert-level suggestions, our Resume Builder can provide even more of this top-tier, pre-written content.
  • Effective use of formats: To make the strongest impression, your resume should use the format that best suits your experience level. This candidate uses a chronological format to display nearly a decade of mid- to senior-level experience. Those with less work history may benefit more from a functional or combination resume format instead.
  • Appropriate use of templates: While a human resources manager role typically calls for a more straight-laced presentation, our Resume Builder provides resume templates that fit within both laid-back and conservative company cultures. Whichever you need, you’ll find it among our many customizable templates.

3 Human Resources Manager Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary is often the first section an employer reads on a resume. It should sum up your most impressive and relevant career accomplishments in a clear and concise manner. Take advantage of our Resume Builder’s pre-written and customizable professional summaries or simply use our resume example as inspiration.

Here are a few examples of summaries our expert writers may offer you:

  1. Empathetic human resources manager with 10 years of experience in hiring and training management. Adept in screening, interviewing, hiring and training candidates. Skilled working with various department heads to recruit and support new hires in a way that best fits all parties’ needs.
  2. Diligent human resources manager with excellent interpersonal skills. Able to cultivate strong working relationships between employees of all levels. Formally awarded three times for efficient and effective administration and conflict-resolution skills.
  3. Adept human resources manager experienced in hiring and advising managerial-level professionals. Oversee and execute high-level organizational and management policy.  Regularly involved in strategic resource modeling and ensuring adherence to government regulations and legal protocols.

3 Human Resources Manager Work Experience Section Examples

Your work experience section may be the most critical piece of your resume, so feel free to use our human resources resume example as inspiration when writing your own. You can also make use of our Resume Builder’s pre-written content, which you can include on your resume as is, or customize with your own quantified accomplishments.

Here are a few samples from work experience sections our builder could provide:

  1. Managed recruitment and training of 25 mid-level employees, including personnel onboarding, employee orientations, workforce improvement, overseeing training curriculum, and inter-department positioning within three weeks.
  2. Liaised between senior-level employees and disputing workers in resolving a major conflict through tactful negotiations; led to an amicable solution and an increase in turnover by 15%.
  3. Handled court proceedings initiated by employee, gaining victory for employer by adhering to legal procedures and regulatory compliance across all departments.


Top Skills for Your Human Resources Manager Resume

Your skills section should be carefully constructed to reflect your most essential skills, while also reflecting the specific talents requested in the job ad. Our Resume Builder offers recommended skills based on your experience, and they can be easily customized to better match what a given job calls for.

Here are a few examples of sought-after skills for a human resources manager’s resume.

Hard Skills

  • Management of personnel resources
  • Recruitment and interviewing
  • Administering training
  • Systems analysis

Soft Skills

  • Problem-solving and negotiation
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Resource coordination
  • Verbal and written communication

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Human Resources Manager FAQs

How do I excel in my role as a human resources manager?

A human resources manager should drive the entire HR team to achieve their common goals. They should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, and encourage them to grow their HR-related skills. A human resources manager should proactively engage with their team to provide support and uphold morale.

What is the role of a human resources manager in performance reviews?

A human resources manager may act as a middle-person between upper management and employees. They ensure that performance evaluations are carried out in a smooth, fair and unbiased manner. They also might brief each employee on their responsibilities, and how they contribute to their organization overall.

Why should I become a human resources manager?

A human resources manager is a role that is challenging and rewarding. It requires critical-thinking skills, and enables one to use and better develop their interpersonal skills. Through diplomatic strategies and informed decisions they can be in a position to influence the future of the organization they work for.