45 Objective Statement Examples (+How to Write)

A strong resume objective statement can help you win a job! Here, you’ll find 45 good career objectives examples for a resume, plus tips on how to write a statement that impresses hiring managers!

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Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
by Eric Ciechanowski  Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) 
March 28, 2024  

What’s a resume objective statement?

An objective statement is one to three sentences near the top of a resume, just below your contact information.

It’s a resume introduction explaining who you are and why you want the role to which you’re applying. It’s sometimes referred to as a “career objective.”

Here’s a resume objective example:
“Dedicated and detail-oriented recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in English seeking an entry-level paralegal position. Eager to contribute my enthusiasm and commitment to accuracy in a challenging and collaborative legal environment.”

Find this example helpful? Get more inspiration in our complete library of 700+ job-specific resume objective examples.

A resume objective statement should cover these three points:

  • What you offer to the business (e.g., your education or attitude).
  • Why you want the role and the skills you aim to grow.
  • How you’ll help the company reach its goals.

Why resume objective statements are important

Objective statements matter because they can impress employers and hopefully win a desired job! They’re how you introduce yourself, making a vital first impression.

However, objective statements are an alternative to the more common resume introduction, the professional summary.

We’ll explain the difference between resume objectives and professional summaries and then how to decide which you should use.

Resume objective versus professional summary

Resume Objective

  • One to three sentences long
  • Mention goals at the new job/opportunity and a desire to gain experience.
  • Outline what you can bring to the new job/industry.

Professional Resume Summary:

  • Two to five sentences long.
  • Highlight previous work experiences in the industry, focusing on your top skills and successes.
  • Serve as the quick-read highlights of your career and background.

When to use a resume objective

Resume objective statements do not fit everyone. So, here we’ll explain who should use resume objectives.

Resume objectives are best for people who are:

  • Changing careers. If you have work experience, just not in the industry you’re transitioning to, including a resume objective provides the right space to explain the motivation for the career shift.
  • Lacking paid work experience. When you lack a work history to summarize, objective statements provide a fitting way to discuss your skills and motivation.
  • Recent graduates seeking an entry-level position. If it’s your first job, your resume objective can explain how your education prepared you for the role.
  • Current high school or college students. If you’re in school, employers may be impressed to learn about your passions, studies and achievements.
  • About to move to a new city. If you’re applying to an in-person job far from where you live and want to avoid confusing the employer, mention in your resume objective that you’re planning to relocate.

Otherwise, a professional summary is a better option if none of these scenarios apply to you!

Next, we’ll explain how to craft a great resume objective statement from scratch.

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How to write a resume
objective statement

If you have determined that an objective statement is appropriate for your resume, these are the four critical elements you should include:

Resume objective

  • The job title.

    Mention the position to which you are applying. It’s critical when writing a career objective for a resume as it shows you care and are clear about your job goals.

  • Keywords from the job description.

    The best career objective examples include the critical skills and desired professional work experience listed in the job posting. These keywords are important because many employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS), software designed to scan resumes. If your resume misses the key terms, you’ll get skipped for the job!

  • Transferable skills related to the role.

    Even if you’re applying for your first job, you likely have skills gained through school, hobbies, internships or volunteering that will be helpful in the workplace — such as leadership experience or relevant computer skills. Good resume objective examples highlight these critical skills!

  • Relevant education and training.

    If you are pursuing but haven’t yet completed a degree or professional certification, including this information makes for a good objective for a resume. When adding any training-in-progress, it’s helpful to note your anticipated completion date.

The best hint you’ll get about precisely what to say in your resume objective comes from the job post itself.

Here’s an example of how to match a job description with your resume objective.

Job Description:
XYZ Fashion Brand is looking for a customer service manager for our Dayton, OH, store. Minimum of 3 years of working experience in management. Daily duties include: ensuring customer satisfaction, overseeing representatives and reducing returns.

Weak resume objective response:
“I am looking to accelerate my exceptional skills in management by leading your team for a few years. Then, eventually, my goal is to take those skills to a remote management job.”

Why it’s weak:

  • Fails to address the employer’s needs.
  • Uses vague but braggy language, e.g., describing skills as “exceptional.”
  • Hints that the candidate is only interested in the job as a stepping stone to bigger dreams.

Good resume objective response.
“Former restaurant manager with two years experience seeks a customer service manager role. Hoping to bring my warm personality, customer service and people skills to the world of fashion, my greatest passion.

Why it’s good:

  • Sum up qualifications using numbers (two years’ management experience).
  • Explains why the job candidate is switching from hospitality to retail.
  • Shows understanding of the position’s responsibilities and enthusiasm for the industry.

If you’re applying for a job with no post or ad, you might not know the right keywords or phrases to use. In this case, you should emphasize your soft skills, like motivation, attitude or adaptability, like in the following example.

Here’s a general resume objective template to copy/paste and customize:
“Motivated and adaptable professional seeking an opportunity to contribute my enthusiasm and [key skill] in a dynamic work environment. Eager to learn and grow, I relish diverse challenges and hope to make a positive impact at [Company Name].

Resume objective examples for
different career scenarios

The resume objective samples below cover a variety of career scenarios to help you craft your own objective statement confidently.

Remember, these are general objectives for a resume; to make yours great, you must personalize it with your unique skills and qualifications!
Change of career

Career objective statement:

Former law enforcement officer looking to capitalize on conflict resolution and communication skills in a new security guard position. Decisive, empathetic and physically fit. Able to employ well-honed firearms and driving skills if necessary.

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Reentering the workforce

Resume objective statement:

Seasoned, CDL-carrying transportation professional seeking long-haul truck driver position. Offering over two years of freight transport experience and eight years of bus and van-driving experience. Clean driving record with full-liability insurance coverage.

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No experience

Career objective statement:

Recent college graduate seeking an entry-level administrative assistant role. Well-spoken, cheerful and motivated to provide clients with stellar customer service and co-workers with top-notch clerical support.

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College students

Career objective statement:

Part-time college student looking to use customer service skills in a full-time server job. Hard worker with a friendly demeanor and experience working in fast food and family restaurants. Currently holds an up-to-date food handler’s license.

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High school students

Resume objective statement:

Motivated high school senior seeks restaurant host or other front-of-house role. Possesses excellent communication skills and a friendly personality. CPR and first-aid certified.

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Recent graduates

Career objective statement:

Energetic high school graduate and former cheerleading captain. A dynamic and fun-loving individual with excellent relationship-building skills looking for an active position with long-term potential.

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Resume objective
examples by job title

The professional objective you write for a resume must be unique and specific to the job for which you’re applying. Avoid a general resume objective example and try to pinpoint the employer’s needs!

Whether you are searching for a customer service resume objective, a resume objective sample for a retail role, or job objective examples for engineering positions, LiveCareer has what you need. Find inspiration from our library of 1,300+ resume examples.

Administrative assistant

Administrative assistant resume objective example

Recent graduate and ambitious go-getter seeks role as an administrative assistant. Adept at following directions, organizing and computer-related tasks. In addition to a solid work ethic, I am eager to learn and grow.


Intern resume objective example

As a motivated and detail-oriented business major, I am eager to gain hands-on experience and contribute to a dynamic team. Seeking an internship opportunity where I can apply my market analysis, forecasting and interpersonal skills to develop a deeper understanding of financial investment.

Customer service agent

Customer service agent resume objective example

Empathetic and even-tempered individual seeks a customer service agent position. In addition to my great people skills, I’m an active listener with a knack for problem-solving. Down-to-earth, detail-oriented and highly motivated, I excel in fast-paced environments.

Customer service representative

Customer service representative resume objective example

Empathic customer service representative with strong verbal and written communication skills and excellent conflict resolution abilities. Proficient in multiple customer management systems and excels in fast-paced environments.

Office assistant

Office assistant resume objective example

Detail-oriented and capable professional with recent reception experience, ready to provide administrative assistance in a fast-paced work environment. Adept at organizing calendars and managing detailed schedules. Conscientious and communicative. Proficient with essential office equipment and MS Office software.

Civil engineer resume

Civil engineer resume objective example

As a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, I am ready to apply my academic knowledge and passion for infrastructure development in my first civil engineering role. Seeking a position that offers the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects, enhance my technical skills, and grow within a dynamic engineering team.

Construction general laborer

Construction general laborer resume objective example

Dedicated general laborer seeking to move into a construction position requiring materials expertise and carpentry knowledge. High level of accuracy and attention to detail with a strong understanding of OSHA standards in a team-oriented workplace. Skilled machine operator with solid blueprint comprehension.


Pharmacist resume objective example

Recent graduate with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of North Carolina. Seeking full-time pharmacist role in a hospital or clinic setting. Deep understanding of medicine, human health and how pharmacology can advance human health and health systems.

Restaurant server

Restaurant server resume objective example

Friendly and reliable recent graduate seeking an entry-level position as a server. Eager to use knowledge of food and strong people skills to provide customers with an exceptionally positive experience.

Medical assistant

Medical assistant resume objective example

Accomplished customer support professional practiced at addressing all facets of business office needs, including file and document management. Seeking to develop research experience and continue to flourish in a medical environment.

Technical support specialist

Technical support specialist resume objective example

Customer service-focused technical support specialist with experience in help desk and “break-fix” environments. Six years of direct experience working with customers to resolve issues. Highly adept in systems analysis, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Graphic designer

Graphic designer resume objective example

Creative and detail-oriented graphic designer with a strong foundation in visual arts. Seeking a dynamic role to apply my design skills and contribute innovative ideas to elevate brand aesthetics.

Data analyst

Data analyst resume objective example

Analytical and detail-focused data analyst proficient in interpreting and analyzing complex data sets. Looking for a growth-focused position to apply my statistical skills and contribute to data-driven decision-making processes.

Marketing coordinator

Marketing coordinator resume objective example

Energetic and results-driven marketing coordinator passionate about developing and implementing strategic marketing campaigns. Seeking a dynamic role to leverage my creativity and organizational skills in a collaborative team environment.

Human resources coordinator

Human resources coordinator resume objective example

Organized and detail-oriented human resources coordinator with a strong understanding of HR processes. Looking to apply my administrative and support skills in recruitment, onboarding and employee relations.

Financial analyst

Financial analyst resume objective example

Analytical and detail-oriented financial analyst with a strong foundation in financial modeling and forecasting. Motivated for an entry-level role to apply my quantitative skills and contribute to effective financial decision-making.

Software developer

Software developer resume objective example

Enthusiastic and detail-focused software developer with recent training in coding and debugging. Seeking a position to apply my programming skills and contribute to developing innovative software solutions.

Sales representative

Sales representative resume objective example

Results-driven and customer-focused sales representative with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding sales targets. Eager for a challenging opportunity to leverage my communication skills and contribute to the growth of a dynamic sales team.

Research assistant

Research assistant resume objective example

Detail-oriented and research-focused individual with a strong background in data collection and analysis. Dedicated to a research assistant position to contribute to meaningful projects and further develop my research skills.

Registered nurse

Registered nurse resume objective example

Compassionate and highly skilled registered nurse dedicated to providing quality patient care. Seeking a nursing position to use my clinical expertise and contribute to the well-being of patients in a healthcare setting.

Social media manager

Social media manager resume objective example

Strategic and creative social media manager able to develop and execute successful multimedia campaigns. Looking for a growth-focused role to hone my digital marketing skills and contribute to your brand’s online presence and engagement.

Legal assistant

Legal assistant resume objective example

Detail-oriented and highly organized legal assistant with a solid understanding of legal processes. Hoping for a position to apply my administrative skills and contribute to the efficient operation of a legal office.

IT Project manager

IT Project manager resume objective example

Results-driven IT project manager with a proven track record of successfully leading and implementing technology projects. Seeking a challenging role to apply my project management skills and contribute to the successful delivery of IT initiatives.

Event planner

Event planner resume objective example

Quick thinking and detail-oriented event planner with a passion for creating memorable experiences. In search of a multi-faceted role to utilize my organizational and coordination skills in planning and executing successful events.

Physical therapist assistant

Physical therapist assistant resume objective example

Compassionate and dedicated physical therapist assistant with a strong background in rehabilitation techniques. See great potential to apply my clinical skills and contribute to the recovery and well-being of your patients.

Environmental scientist

Environmental scientist resume objective example

Environmental scientist with expertise in data collection, analysis and environmental impact assessments. Eager for a challenging role to apply my scientific knowledge and contribute to sustainable practices in environmental management.

UX UI Designer

UX/UI Designer resume objective example

Creative and user-focused UX/UI designer enthralled by intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. Ready for a position to apply my design skills and contribute to the development of user-centered digital experiences.

Supply chain analyst

Supply chain analyst resume objective example

Analytical and detail-oriented supply chain analyst with expertise in optimizing logistics and inventory management. Seeking a role to apply my analytical skills and contribute to the efficiency of supply chain operations.

Dental hygienist

Dental hygienist resume objective example

Licensed dental hygienist committed to providing quality oral care. Looking for a position to apply my clinical skills and contribute to maintaining optimal oral health for patients.

Biomedical engineer

Biomedical engineer resume objective example

Innovative biomedical engineer with a background in medical device design and development. Seeking a cutting-edge company with which to engage my engineering skills and contribute to the advancement of healthcare technology.

Content writer

Content writer resume objective example

Creative and detail-oriented content writer passionate about crafting engaging and informative content. Hoping for a dynamic role for my writing skills and contributing to developing compelling digital content.

Project coordinator

Project coordinator resume objective example

Highly organized and detail-oriented project coordinator with a proven track record of coordinating and managing projects from initiation to completion. Aiming to develop my organizational and communication skills and facilitate successful project outcomes.

Healthcare administrator

Healthcare administrator resume objective example

Experienced healthcare administrator with a strong background in health care management and operations. Ready to bring my administrative skills and contribute to the efficient and effective delivery of your healthcare services.

Digital marketing specialist

Digital marketing specialist resume objective example

Results-driven email marketing specialist with training in developing and executing comprehensive funnels, campaigns and strategies. Eager for the right role to develop my analytical and creative skills by driving online engagement and brand awareness.

Delivery driver

Delivery driver resume objective example

As a dedicated restaurant professional with a background in fast-paced environments, I seek a delivery driver role to leverage my customer service skills and familiarity with local areas. Ready to make use of my strong work ethic and attention to detail by ensuring efficient and accurate deliveries.

Hair stylist

Hair stylist resume objective example

As a newly graduated cosmetology professional, I’m current with industry trends and techniques and passionate about transforming clients’ visions into stylish and personalized looks. Seeking a position at Pretty, Prettiest Salon where my creativity, attention to detail, and strong communication skills can flourish and draw business.

Key takeaways

Here are the main things to remember when writing a resume objective:

  • State your professional goals.
  • Mention your experience level or background.
  • Create a fresh resume objective for every job to which you apply.
  • Explain why you’re qualified for the job even if you have limited experience
  • Include relevant skills.
  • Try to avoid using the first person “I,” if possible. It will help your statement be more brief and direct.

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Resume objective FAQ

What can I put on my resume instead of an objective?

Instead of an objective, many people use a professional summary instead. A professional summary may be more robust evidence for why you would excel at a job.

A professional summary is two to five sentences long and is best for job seekers with a wealth of industry experience. Professional summaries are ideal for applicants with a work history in the role to which they’re applying!

Do resumes need an objective?

Not all resumes need an objective statement, but they do require an introductory section that tells a hiring manager who you are.

Consider a job objective for your resume if you are targeting a specific position, changing careers or lacking direct work experience. However, just like a resume summary, it should still be clear and highlight why you stand out from the other applicants to fulfill the company’s needs.

How do I write a good job objective for a resume?

Your resume objective should be brief, specific and targeted to show your skill set. The one- to three-sentence statement you craft for your objective statement should be clear and speak to your relevant career experiences.

When crafting your statement, remember that you are expressing how you will add value to the company thanks to your transferable skills or fresh industry ideas, so make sure you tailor this section to the job you are applying for.

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