Engineering Resume Examples

It takes a well-written professional resume to land a job in engineering. The resume examples below cover a wide range or disciplines from electrical to software to aerospace and more. Use these samples to help you create your own job-winning resume.

Civil Engineer: Resume Example  

In a nutshell, a civil engineer is in charge of designing, building, supervising, and maintaining specific construction projects. The construction projects vary from railways to sewage systems. They are expected to identify problems and solve them based on engineering knowledge.

A superb civil engineer resume must emphasize math and problem solving skills. Go beyond just sharing the responsibilities you held in previous positions, and rather share measurable accomplishments that demonstrate these abilities.

Don’t forget to share how your calculations saved money for your employer. Did you suggest cheaper, but still effective materials? How do you promote efficiency and safety on construction sites? Think in these terms. And finally, if you have any higher level licensure, be sure to include this in your education or certifications section.

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