How to Write a Headline for a Resume in 2024 (60 Examples)

A resume headline is great opportunity to immediately grab a recruiter’s attention with a brief one-line statement describing your skills and experience. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to write a compelling headline for a resume.

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CPRW, Career Advice Expert
by Gabriela Hernandez  CPRW, Career Advice Expert 
Published On : October 27, 2023  

A punchy, concise resume headline is what grabs a recruiter’s attention and makes them click on your resume. This one-line sentence shows your experience, skills and achievements and entices the reader to want to know more about you.

We’re here to show you how to write an impactful resume headline that gets you noticed!

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What is a headline for a resume and why is it important?

A good headline for a resume is a brief introduction that showcases your job title, professional background, and top skills and achievements.

It’s an opportunity for job applicants to identify themselves by their most impressive and relevant professional accomplishments — not just their name.

With a resume headline, the recruiter immediately learns information about you before scanning the rest of your document.

Therefore, this headline becomes an almost foolproof way to intrigue recruiters quickly when your resume lands in their hands or inbox.

What is a good headline for a resume?

The key to writing a resume with a good headline for a resume lies in keeping it concise and choosing job-relevant achievements.

A good resume headline can include some of the following:

  • Job title
  • Years of experience
  • Soft and hard skills
  • Career accomplishments
  • Quantifiable achievements
  • Relevant certifications

Check out this example of a resume headline:

Good Headline For Resume

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60 resume headline examples

Looking for inspiration for your resume headline? We’ve written 60 resume headline examples for the top job, plus resume examples for different industries.

Resume title examples:

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Accounting resume headlines

  • Accountant Graduate With 2 Years of Internship Experience at PwC and Nielsen
  • Project Accountant Experienced at Managing Over $3 million Annually
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with Dual Degree in Business Management
  • Renowned Accountant With Innovative Risk-Aversion Strategies in Banking Sector
  • Dependable Accountant Helping Small Businesses Save 35%+ of Annual Budget
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Administrative resume headlines

  • Detail-oriented and Organized Legal Secretary With Paralegal License
  • Receptionist With Experience Handling Multi-Line Phones With Over 150+ Lines
  • Personal Assistant of Two of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 With 10 Years Remote Work Experience
  • Secretary With 15+ Years of Experience Assisting Top Investment Bankers in New York
  • Administrative Assistant with Project Management Certification and Marketing Degree
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Customer service resume headlines

education icon

Education resume headlines

  • Teacher with 15+ Years of Experience Innovating Science & Social Studies Curriculums
  • K12 Teacher Successful at Managing Multiple 30+ Classrooms
  • Certified Public Librarian With Dual Education Degree and MLS
  • Dedicated School Principal of the Top Performing School in the District
  • Motivated Teacher’s Aid With CPR License and Physical Sciences Degree
food service icon

Food service resume headlines

  • Experienced Bartender and Mixologist at Two of New York’s 50 Best Bars
  • Motivated Cook and Fast Learner With 3-Years Experience at High-End Restaurants
  • Quick and Efficient Cashier with excellent Mental Mathematics and Customer Service Skills
  • Restaurant Host with Hospitality Degree and Sommelier Certification In Process
  • Barista Winner of Brooklyn’s Latte Art Competition with Experience in National Coffee Chains
health care icon

Health care support resume headlines

  • Dermatology Medical Assistant With Experience in Top Dermatology Clinics in Miami
  • Compassionate Home Health Aide With Psychology Background and Critical Care Experience
  • Senior Care Assistant With 5+ Years of Experience in Private Senior Living Facilities
  • Phlebomotist With Excellent Bedside Manners and Interpersonal Communication
  • Patient Service Coordinator With Experience Attending Clinics with 50+ Daily Patients
human resources icon

Human resources resume headlines

  • HR Specialist With Expertise Onboarding and Handling Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Human Resources Manager With 10+ Years in the Startup Sector in Silicon Valley
  • Proactive Recruiter Responsible for Key Hires in Uber, Slack and Microsoft
  • Certified HR Coordinator and HR Consultant, Member and Collaborator of SHRM
  • HR Intern With Advanced Excel Skills and Strong Knowledge of Worker’s Compensation
information technology icon

Information technology resume headlines

marketing icon

Marketing resume headlines

  • Account Executive Responsible for Contributing to Agency’s Induction to the PRSA
  • Experienced Brand Manager of Two of the Top 50 Global Brands of 2022
  • Social Media Manager Experienced at Content Creation for Accounts With 50k+ Followers
  • Visual Merchandiser With Master’s Degree from the Best European Design School
  • SEO Analyst With 10+ Years of Experience Meeting Maximum ROI on Paid Search Campaigns
nursing icon

Nursing resume headlines

retail icon

Retail resume headlines

  • Reliable Retail Associate With Experience in Fashion, Shoes and Jewelry Stores for 8 Years
  • Efficient Store Manager With Associate Degree in Warehouse Management
  • Convenience Store Clerk With Superb Customer Service and Cash Register Skills
  • Highly-organized Retail Assistant Manager With Strong Salesfloor Experience
  • Regional Manager With Experience Successfully Overseeing Rebranding and Retraining Operations
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Sales resume headlines

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How to write a headline for a resume

Writing a great resume headline is super simple once you know the steps.

Follow these tips to ensure your resume headline gets your value across and stands out:

  • Stick to a formula. If you’re unsure where to start, fill in this formula for a good resume headline: Your job title + years of experience + Relevant skills/achievement/qualifications.
  • Put it right where recruiters can see it. Place your headline for a resume at the top of your resume, ideally below your name in your contact information.
  • Keep it short and to the point. Your resume headline should be one-sentence long and written concisely. Avoid unnecessary articles (“a,” “an,” “the”) and too many descriptive words.
  • Don’t confuse it with a resume summary or objective. The resume headline is just one brief phrase to quickly identify you as a candidate, whereas the resume summary and resume objective consist of longer statements with more accomplishments.
  • Write it in Title Case. Capitalize key words of your resume headline just like newspapers do.
  • Include relevant keywords. Browse the job description of your desired role and pinpoint repeated skills or qualifications — resume keywords. You should include the keywords that reflect your abilities in your headline.
  • Highlight up to two skills. If you’re a recent graduate with no experience, include no more than two skills in your headline. You want to save your critical skills for other sections of your resume.
  • Compensate for lack of work experience. If you haven’t spent many years in the workforce, highlight internships, extracurricular activities or certifications on your resume headline instead.
  • Use action verbs. Include strong action verbs that explain what you accomplished, like “revitalized” and “coordinated.”
  • Focus on your current achievements, not your goals. This isn’t the place to share what you aspire to do. Instead, mention your top selling points as a candidate.
  • Write a new resume headline for each job. One of the biggest lessons in resume writing is to tailor each resume to each job application. The same goes for your resume headline — feature the information most relevant to what the employer needs from a candidate.

Key takeaways

You’ve now got all you need to write a punchy and effective resume headline!

Here are the top takeaways you should remember when writing your headline for a resume:

  • Your resume headline should consist of a single, snappy sentence.
  • It goes on top of your resume, right below your name.
  • The headline features your top selling points as a candidate.
  • Use the resume headline formula: “Job title + Years of experience + Skill/Accomplishment/Qualification”
  • Always Write Your Resume Headline in Title Case.
  • Tailor your resume headline to each job application.

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