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School librarians manage the libraries of elementary, middle and high schools, as well as those on college campuses. Several studies indicate that young students of schools with strong library programs score better on standardized tests than others, which speaks to the kinds of learning environments school librarians help cultivate and their overall contributions to improving academic performance.

Referring to our school librarian resume example can help you learn what hiring managers look for in candidates for these positions. Crafted by our team of certified resume writers, our examples demonstrate what a strong, attention-grabbing resume looks like.


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What is a School Librarian ?

School librarians ensure schools have fully functioning and accessible libraries that meet the needs of their students and teachers. In addition to making sure students have access to necessary guidance in their searches for information or resources, they encourage positive reading habits among students, often through various programs or activities. Their other responsibilities include planning resource procurement, staff management, budget preparation and accounting, among others.

In short, school librarians coordinate with other faculty to create library programs that align with their school’s curriculum. They often only need a bachelor’s degree and to pass any district-specific librarian tests to qualify for the role, but some positions do require a master’s degree too.

What Makes This a Great
School Librarian Resume Example?

You won’t stand out to hiring managers unless your resume’s details match those of the job description. Our certified resume writers know what recruiters look for on resumes, and made sure to craft our school librarian resume example accordingly.

Here are some advantages of using our resume examples as writing references:

  • Strong content: The example above shows what kind of strong, job-specific content should bolster your resume. Phrases like “coordinate with scholastic representatives” and “media materials budget” show employers you know your field well. You can also access our Resume Builder for more pre-written and customizable content to boost your resume.
  • Presents effective format use:  It’s vital to correctly structure your resume in a way that presents your background in the most attractive light. The example above uses a chronological format to make the most of this candidate’s lengthy work history. Our builder makes it easy to write resumes in functional and combination resume formats too.
  • Displays a well-picked template: A school librarian’s job typically requires discipline and excellent organizational skills and our builder offers plenty of resume templates that convey these traits and help you impress recruiters. Choose from any of LiveCareer’s diverse template options for the one that best fits your desired job.

3 School Librarian Professional Summary Examples

First impressions matter, especially on resumes, where your professional summary should grab employers’ attention right away. Craft a strong summary inspired by our resume examples or use our Resume Builder for an even easier writing experience.

Below are professional summary examples you might consider for your own resume:

  1. Committed school librarian with over eight years of experience. Awarded the “Sara Jaffarian School Library Program Award” for three consecutive years. Proven track record of designing library policies that increase student-library engagement and improve academic performance. Strong organization skills, with the ability to effectively manage time between interacting with students and supervising the library.
  2. Licensed school librarian with 15 years of experience in public schools. Experienced fulfilling the informational needs of students with varying abilities and possess expertise in implementing district policy regarding student privacy, copyright norms, materials circulation and more. Proficiency in Axiell, Surpass and MS Access.
  3. School librarian of five years and accomplished teacher with the skills to productively assist all students according to their needs. Skilled in hiring and training support staff according to library policies. Fluent in budget forecasting, information resource vetting and networking with other libraries and resource centers to facilitate resource sharing.

3 School Librarian Work Experience Examples

Recruiters often gauge your suitability for a job by looking over your employment history first. Learn to effectively insert measurable accomplishments into your work experience section by using pre-written content from our Resume Builder, which you can customize with your details or use as-is.

Below are three examples from work experience sections for school librarian resumes:

  1. Developed monthly student engagement programs that increased library usage by 40% within five months.
  2. Garnered inter-district support from four other Baltimore County Public Schools to successfully oppose a resolution to modify district policy to weaken student privacy.
  3. Delivered keynote addresses at annual conference organized by the American Association of School Librarians four years in a row.

Top Skills for Your School Librarian Resume

Making sure your resume includes the right skills that suit the job you want can be daunting. However, our resume examples simplify this task by providing samples of sought-after skills, as do our Resume Builder’s expertly curated keyword suggestions.

Below are some hard and soft skills the builder might recommend for your resume:

Hard Skills

  • District library policy and programs
  •  Multidisciplinary curriculum knowledge
  •  WorldCat, MS Outlook
  •  Fluent in Spanish and English

Soft Skills

  • Written and verbal communication
  •  Decisiveness
  •  Research and sourcing
  •  Critical thinking

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School Librarian FAQs

What are the qualifications needed to become a school librarian?

Many schools require school librarians to hold a master’s degree in library science or a related field, along with a teaching certificate. However, some schools accept candidates with only a bachelor’s degree. In addition, several states require school librarians to pass a standardized test or obtain a librarian license. License requirements vary across the states, although states usually accept each other’s licenses when determining eligibility.

What contributions do school librarians make to improving student performance?

School librarians are vital to ensuring a student body’s success. They help instill reading habits in students and encourage their research skills by guiding them in the use of various information sources like online databases, books, journals and encyclopedias. They also ensure student safety by providing a secure digital environment for students to access internet resources.

How can school librarians remain consistently effective?

To remain effective and successful in their work, school librarians must always be student-centric and continually update their expertise regarding the technical aspects of managing a library. They can undertake certification programs, regularly attend conferences in their field, enroll as members in professional forums and generally keep themselves open to new avenues for improvement and growth.