Human Resources Resume Examples

An HR generalist is responsible for managing human resources procedures and programs. The resume examples below have been created to help HR generalist candidates build a competitive resume that will get them more interviews and give them a chance to land the job. Choose from multiple templates and designs. Just click on any of the resume examples below to get started.

Compensation and Benefits: Resume Example  

A compensation and benefits specialist manages employee compensation, annual performance reviews, and employee benefits. In a specialist role, the employee does more administrative tasks. However, management implements strategic planning to assist the company.

To build an impressive compensation and benefits resume, you must prove that you’re extremely knowledgeable about benefits packages and compensation. The more knowledge you possess going in, the better you will be able to answer employees’ questions — no matter how complex they may be.

Take it a step further and share your administrative background. Doing so will show employers that you’re thorough and don’t let errors slip past.

HR Coordinator: Resume Example 

The HR coordinator assists the HR manager with all department related tasks. Though the responsibilities vary, HR coordinators usually keep records, help with staffing efforts, and relay benefit information to employees.

If you want to create a strong HR coordinator resume, you must emphasize your successes onboarding employees. Let employers know that you can create an inviting atmosphere for new hires and give them all the information they need.

Don’t stop there! Mention your detail-oriented nature and excellent communication skills. Your job requires you to catch things others miss and HR managers will depend on you for that. Since your job will be to give new hires, you need to show that you communicate well enough so that there is no confusion.

Human Resources Manager: Resume Example 

Human resources managers oversee the recruiting and hiring process in organizations. They also act as a liaison between employees and management. In doing so, human resources managers ensure the privacy and wellbeing of staff through problem-solving.

To create an outstanding human resources manager resume, you must detail your experience. Highlight examples of ways you’ve simplified the hiring process or decreasing company turnover rates. Ultimately, you must prove that you recognize great talent and that you take measures to retain it.

Also, you should detail your strong communication skills. In your work history section, explain how your effective communicating has put out fires, retained talent, and assisted with day-to-day activities.

Organizational Development: Resume Example 

Leadership in the organizational development department oversees a team that strives to align employees with overarching business objectives. They are “big picture” types who implement training and knowledge transfers to steer the company in a meaningful direction.

An excellent organizational development resume illustrates your strategizing skills. Share what you’ve accomplished thanks to your expert strategizing. You want employers to feel comfortable with your leadership.

If you consider yourself a “big picture” type, mention that quality in your resume as well. Think of it as the opposite of being detail-oriented. Let employers know that you won’t get bogged down by meaningless details or hindrances in your overall plan.

Recruiting and Employment: Resume Example 

An employee in the recruiting and employment department strives to recruit the best talent to fill company positions. Furthermore, they must work to retain the best talent and reduce turnover.

If you want a terrific recruiting and employment resume, you need to focus on your people skills. As far as talent is concerned, you are the face of the company. Let employers know that they can trust you to put your best face forward to secure top candidates.

Also, you should consider sharing facets of your strategic skills. If the company needs a position filled ASAP, they need someone who can make a plan to find a strong new hire quickly and effectively.

Training and Development: Resume Example 

Training and development staff manage the training and development of employees. Their work is utilized company-wide, which means they must strategize training and development for every level of professional experience.

A standout training and development resume illustrates your communication skills. Since you’ll be training and developing employees with various levels of experience, you need to communicate to employers that you can gauge the needs of staff through simple engagement processes.
It’s also wise to include your administrative experience. In strategizing, executing, and recording training and development, you will do lots of administrative work. Let hiring managers know that you won’t need additional training in this area.

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