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Leave the prep work for the kitchen, and create a strong resume in no time with the help of our resume examples, Resume Builder and writing tips for all your resume sections.

And if you want to be able to write an impressive cook resume on your own, you will also learn to:


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Share top qualifications
in the resume summary

The resume summary functions like a prix fixe menu, where you showcase all your best traits to a potential employer.

Convince recruiters you’re suitable for the job by including the following information in your resume summary:

  • Your years of experience
  • 1-3 skills essential for the desired cook role.
  • A notable accomplishment that proves your expertise.
  • Any certifications or licenses that can aid your candidacy for the job.

Although you don’t have to include every single item on this list, it’s crucial that you don’t improvise your resume summary.

Check out these resume summary examples, and determine which one will likely get you the job:

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Strong resume summary example:

“Team-oriented cook with five years of experience in kitchens in the tri-state area, including restaurants in New York City. Strong knife and cooking skills in various cuisines such as Asia, sushi and Latin foods. Track record of going above and beyond my responsibilities and taking on leadership roles efficiently. Possess superb organizational skills and attention to detail.”

Why this works:

  • Written in concise, direct language.
  • Mentions years of experience and tenure in a New York City restaurant to grab recruiters’ attention.
  • Presents the necessary skills for the role (knife skills, organization and specific cuisines) and extra qualifications like taking on a leadership role.
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Weak resume summary example:

“I am a cook who has worked in various kitchens in the tri-state area. I am quick on my feet, a fast learner, and a clean and responsible individual. I can bring experience and skills to cook various cuisines, so I know I’ll be a great addition to the crew.”

Why this doesn’t work:

  • On the right track but needs to be more specific.
  • Lacks specific skills and keywords from the job description.
  • Relies on well-intentioned but empty claims instead of backing them up with facts or data.

You, too, can create an impactful resume summary like this one by taking advantage of the dozens of content suggestions our Resume Builder offers.

If you’re concerned about lacking substantial career achievements, consider showcasing your knowledge and skills with a resume objective.

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    Enter the details about the job title you held. The builder comes preloaded with auto-suggested phrasing written by resume experts.

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    Then, just pick from these suggested phrases that best frame your experience and customize them to your liking!

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    All you have to do is choose the summary phrases that best frame your experience. It’s like having a professional do it for you!

Tailor your resume work history
to the desired cook role

Although all cooks should have a standard set of skills, you must be more specific when choosing which qualifications to include in your work experience.

Simply listing generic duties and primary responsibilities might not cut it. Below, we’ll show you what works and what doesn’t when writing a compelling work history that responds to the employer’s needs.

Cook work history examples

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Strong work history example
(experienced cook)

Cook | 04/2020 – 08/2021

Santos – San Francisco, CA

  • Cooked 30+ different menu items for restaurant.
  • Delegated food prep tasks to BOH staff.
  • Prepared stations with mise en place for rapid service.
  • Retrained staff to maintain a clean workstation and ensured kitchen work was up to county health standards.

Why this works:

  • Shares numbers to quantify their work experience.
  • Includes individual achievements that demonstrate how they improved the business.
  • Mentions industry-relevant skills and terms.
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Strong work history example
(cook with no experience)

Kitchen Porter | 06/2021 – 08/2021

Louie’s – Paterson, NJ

  • Prepared 12+ fresh pasta shapes daily.
  • Helmed the sauteeing station and cooked meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and vegetarian alternatives like tofu and tempeh.
  • Seasoned and grilled steaks in all degrees of doneness to great consistent feedback from patrons and head chef and ensuring safe consumption.

Why this works:

  • Includes at least one quantifiable achievement.
  • Mentions a long list of items the applicant can cook.
  • Share a unique accomplishment (positive feedback from customers and supervisors).
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Weak work history example

Cook | 02/2019 – Current

Moe’s Crab Shack – Miami, FL

  • Cook multiple seafood dishes.
  • Prep cooking stations and keep area clean.
  • Ensured sauces and marinades were ready for the next day.

Why this doesn’t work:

  • Lacks specific cooking and kitchen skills.
  • Doesn’t tell employer any unique achievements.
  • Feels like a job description instead of a resume.

More writing tips

  • One of the best ways to make your work experience stand out is by studying the job ad and including keywords that ensure you bypass the applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • Always list your work experience in reverse-chronological order, starting with your current or most recent role and returning to your earliest jobs.
  • Every work history entry or role should include the following standard information:
    • Job title
    • Company or employer name
    • Work location
    • Employment dates
    • 3-4 bullet points describing your accomplishments within that role

If writing is not your most vital skill, you can find hundreds of content examples for your work experience bullet points that will make you look like a resume pro and a top chef, all in our Resume Builder.

List job-relevant cooking skills

Your skills section should consist of six to eight of your most relevant skills for the job. You can find job-relevant skills by perusing your desired job description or picking skills from this curated list for cook positions.

  • Adaptability
  • Detail-oriented
  • Teamwork
  • Food safety
  • Bulk food preparation
  • Baking
  • Sauce preparation
  • Knife skills
  • Foundational cooking methods (sautéeing, broiling, frying, grilling, roasting)
  • Open to critique
  • Sanitation standards
  • Food plating and presentation
  • Institutional and batch cooking
  • Food spoilage prevention
  • Sous vide technique
  • Menu planning
  • Pizza making
  • Product rotation

Find hundreds of skills like these for your cook resume in our Resume Builder.

Build My Resume

Add value to your resume
with extra sections

Don’t stop yourself from showing employers other qualifications you couldn’t fit into your five main resume sections.

You can add countless sections to customize your resume, such as certifications, languages, hobbies and affiliations.

You’ll likely benefit from including certifications depending on your role as a cook. For example:

  • Certified Fundamentals Cook (American Culinary Federation)
  • Certified Sous Chef (American Culinary Federation)
  • Certified Pastry Cook (American Culinary Federation)
  • OSHA Safety Certificate
  • Certified Food Manager (CFM)

Customize your resume with any of our pre-selected extra sections, or easily add your own in our Resume Builder.

Build My Resume

Correctly format your contact
information and education

For your final step, you’ll want to ensure your contact information and education are formatted correctly for recruiters.

Contact information tips:

  • Add your full name and phone number.
  • Share your location (city and state will suffice).
  • Include your email address.
  • Omit your full street address (for safety reasons).

Education section tips:

  • Include the degree name and issuing institution (college or vocational school).
  • Know that the graduation date is optional since some employers can guess your age and be biased against you.
  • Include GPA, relevant coursework or internships in your education section if you lack formal work experience.

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Boost your chances with a cook cover letter

Create a great first impression by adding a cover letter to your job application! Many employers encourage submitting a cover letter since this allows you to:

  • Share additional work accomplishments
  • Connect personally with a future boss or crew member.
  • Tell your story of how you became a cook or why you want to pursue a culinary career.

Don’t be discouraged by the thought of writing a full-page letter. You can create a personalized and professional cover letter quickly and easily with our Cover Letter Builder.

If you opt for this tool, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Pre-written content suggestions by resume experts that use your writing style and voice.
  • Sleek, eye-catching templates and bundles match your resume and cover letter designs.
  • Helps explain gaps in your career due to COVID or any personal reason.


What resume format should I use?

You first need to consider the candidate you are, your years of experience and your skill set to understand which resume format you should use.

Chronological resumes are best for:

  • 10 or more years of experience
  • Extensive and consistent careers in the same industry
  • Senior or executive roles

Functional resumes are best for:

  • 0 to 3 years of experience
  • Students and recently graduated applicants
  • Candidates that want to focus on skills

Combination resumes are best for:

  • 3-10 years of experience
  • Promotion seekers or those changing careers
  • Candidates that want to focus equally on skills and experience

Can I copy-paste these resume examples?

You can copy-paste the examples for different resume sections you find on this page. However, we recommend that you always edit them with unique quantifiable achievements and skills that accurately reflect your expertise.

What is the best resume template?

A good resume template will be nice and well-structured. Still, the best resume template is the one you can easily customize and won’t jumble your content when you edit or fill them in. Our resume templates come in over a dozen different designs you can change to show your favorite colors, fonts and font size while remaining sleek and professional. Please find your ideal template in our resume templates library or our Resume Builder.

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