How to Include Keywords In Your Resume

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Including keywords in your resume is  increasingly important. In this technological day and age, many companies have automated systems that search for resumes on job sites based on keywords. Without strategically placing keywords in your resume, employers won’t be able to find you. Here’s a brief guide explaining how to add keywords to your resume.

Keywords in Your Resume: What Should Be There?

Keywords are simply words that identify what it is you do, what you’re searching for, and the industry in which you wish to work. The easiest way to figure out which keywords should be in your resume is to think like your ideal employer. Do you want to land a job with the top law firm in town as a paralegal? Then think like that employer. What are they looking for? What skills would they want you to have? Include those keywords in your resume. Consider including things like job title, important skills, location, years of experience, and any systems or programs you know that are relevant to the job you’re looking for.

How to Include Keywords

Once you have some keywords you want to use you have to figure out how to include them in your resume. This is where the objective statement at the top of your resume comes in handy. Up at the top of your resume, right under the basic name, address, and information section, you should include a one to three sentence section called “objective”. This tells the employer what you’re looking for, why you’re looking for it, and what you have to offer. This is a great place to say things like “I am a certified paralegal with three years of experience looking to expand my knowledge of the legal system and provide added value to an established law firm,” or something of the sort. Paralegal, years of experience, legal system, and law firm are all words that your employer is likely looking for in this field.

After the objective, be sure to clearly list headings throughout your resume like “Experience”, “Education”, and so on. This will help employers and search engines look for pertinent information.

Still Lost?

If you still can’t come up with a list of keywords you think will be beneficial, try doing a search for your desired job title on a job search website.

On almost every site there is a list of keywords attached to each job description.

The employers list these keywords so that they can find the most qualified candidates. See what the keywords are on a few jobs you’d like to have and use those throughout your resume.

Start Strong

It is crucial to draft the best resume you can. Your resume is a snapshot of who you are, what you know, and how you’ll be of benefit to your next employer. A well-crafted resume can impress a hiring manager and land you that all-important interview where you can really shine. Using the Resume Builder tool on LiveCareer can help you draft an outstanding resume that will help you land the job of your dreams – so go try it out, and see how effective your resume can be.

What Are Resume Keywords?

If you do not have these keywords listed on your resume, your application for work at a company may never even be considered.

Resumes and Keyword Use: Guidelines

How can the strategic use of keywords in your resume increase your odds of being called in for an interview? Read on and find out.

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