Education Resume Examples

To advance your education career, you'll need experience, skills and an excellent education resume. These resume examples have been designed specifically for education professionals, from assistant teachers to master teachers, food specialists, school directors, and more. We recommend you click on any of the resume designs below to start creating your education resume. Start now and take the next step toward your next job in education!

Assistant Director: Resume Example  

The assistant director at an educational institution oversees academic, cultural, and recreational matters at the school. Though the role differs from school to school, the assistant director is typically in charge of program budgeting, staff supervision, and managing campus events.

To create a competitive assistant director resume, you must detail your outstanding administrative abilities. Provide details to paint a clear picture for your readers. For example, showcase strong budgeting skills that keep administrators and students happy.

In addition, you should share your experience working with students and youth groups. Prove that you relate well to the student body and that you have their best interests at heart.

Assistant Teacher: Resume Example 

Assistant teachers work under teachers to provide additional support for students. This requires assistant teachers to provide some classroom instruction, grading, and lesson planning. Like teachers, assistant teachers are also responsible for reporting cases of child endangerment.

A strong assistant teacher resume should detail how you helped the teacher thrive. Consider lesson plan suggestions, disciplinary plans, the number of students you’ve worked with, and any special classroom events you executed.

Don’t forget to include any area of specialty. Whether your area of expertise is art or tutoring learning disabled kids, adding this information makes your resume more competitive.

Director: Resume Example 

An education director supervises school curriculums and teaching standards. In some instances, education directors work on an educational program outside of a school (such as, at businesses and non-profits). Education directors provide advice and support to teachers and school administrators to ensure that they comply with local, state, and national standards.

To craft an exceptional director resume, you must emphasize your leadership skills. Detail your accomplishments, as well as triumphs made by teams under your supervision. Ensure that these achievements satisfy local, state, and national standards and ideals.

It’s also important to highlight the success of the students. Don’t just share test scores. Instead, detail revolutionary programs and measures that improved the students’ well-being.

Professor: Resume Example 

Professors craft lesson plans, instruct, and grade at the university level. They teach undergraduates, graduate students, and Ph.D. candidates. In addition, they must conduct their own research for teaching purposes. In this industry, there is pressure to publish academic work continually.

Professors typically draft a CV instead of a resume. If you are asked to submit a resume, it’s important to follow the rules of resume writing. In your work history section, share your accomplishments and areas of expertise. Include the number of students you teach per semester (or quarter).

Remember to include grants you’ve received in your education section. Provide details to illustrate the significance of each grant. Now is not the time to be modest!

Teacher: Resume Example 

Teachers create lesson plans, instruct classes, and grade students. Often, they also coach sports or supervise school clubs. They are also responsible for reporting abuse and other issues of child endangerment.

An outstanding teacher resume must detail your specific classroom experience. Share the ages you’ve taught. Note the size of your classes. Explain any special assistance you administered (such as IEPs) in your previous positions.

It’s also smart to add your extracurricular experience. This includes coaching, managing clubs, and even hobbies. A school might be more inclined to give you an interview if they know you are capable of leading a slam poetry club, for example.

Team Lead: Resume Example 

An education team lead acts as a liaison between different school departments to keep things running smoothly. Though the role changes depending on the department you’re leading, it’s guaranteed that you will coordinate and manage all team activities. This may include field trips, parent-teacher conferences, classroom volunteers, and grant proposals.

Do you want a strong team lead resume? Be sure to focus on your project management skills. Note when successful projects were executed simultaneously. Provide context for each project to give employers a sense of your strengths.
Make your resume more competitive by sharing your outstanding work history in your department. A teacher team lead, for instance, has work experience as a teacher. Share your greatest triumphs as a teacher to prove that you’re well rounded enough to take on the team lead position.

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