School Administrator Resume Examples

School administrators manage the daily operations that keep schools running. In many critical ways, they ensure a safe and supportive learning environment for students.

According to the Department for Professional Employees, between 2013 and 2018, there was a 26% rise in school administrator employment, which only speaks to how instrumental these roles are. To help you step into one of these positions yourself, our school administrator resume example can show you how to write a resume that includes everything recruiters want to see. Read on for more on what goes into a successful resume.


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What is a School Administrator?

A school administrator manages day-to-day activities of schools, such as overseeing students’ performance, guiding faculty, keeping academic records, communicating with parents and more. School administrations typically comprise principals, vice principals, superintendents and other curriculum administrators.

The main goal of a school administrator is to provide leadership and design plans for growth. Although school administrators’ tasks vary according to their job title, typical duties might include managing finances and staff, ensuring adherence to state and federal guidelines, and implementing an up-to-date curriculum.

What Makes This a Great
School Administrator Resume Example?

To help you secure your spot on a recruiter’s shortlist of candidates, our school administrator resume example can help you effectively communicate the most compelling parts of your professional background through your resume.

Here are three advantages of referring to our resume examples when drafting your resume:

  • Professional-grade content: Our school administrator resume example uses industry-specific keywords like “K-12 year-end transition process” and “school budget planning,” which help you stand out among other applicants as an industry expert. You can also refer to our Resume Builder for more pre-written, customizable content suggestions sure to help impress recruiters.
  • Format according to experience: Selecting a resume format that suits your experience level is the best way to present an effective resume. The above example uses a chronological format to make the most of this candidate’s long work history by listing each position in reverse-chronological order.
  • Demonstrates solid template choice: Picking a resume template that suits your industry can keep you from seeming out of place to employers looking for the right fit. School administration is a reasonably conservative field, meaning a traditional template like the one used above would be a wise choice.

3 School Administrator Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary section should put a spotlight on your most relevant skills and expertise. Draft this section while following our school administrator resume example as a guide, or use our builder for even more guided help.

Below are three professional summary examples you can refer to in your resume writing:

  1. Committed school administrator with over 10 years of experience. Experienced managing activities associated with the K-12 year-end transition process. Seasoned educator with expertise in teaching English and social studies. Effective leader able to maintain a cordial relationship with all teachers and support staff.
  2. Accomplished school administrator with more than 11 years of experience setting high educational benchmarks. Lean Six Sigma-certified professional with strong problem-solving and organizational skills. Experienced in budget forecasting and staff management. Possess strong communications skills and proficiency in MS Outlook and Fedena.
  3. School administrator with over seven years of experience. Reputation for improving administrations through fostering student-centric and growth-oriented school environments. Skilled handling board- and state-led school inspections. Possess excellent team management skills and work with faculty to maintain high educational standards.

3 School Administrator Work Experience Examples

The work experience section is your chance to succinctly highlight your most impressive achievements from previous jobs. Learn to draft a compelling work experience section by using our builder’s pre-written content, which can be personalized with your metrics or used as-is.

Here are three examples our builder might recommend:

  1. Modified agreements with classroom equipment vendors to achieve 17% cost reduction via better payment terms.
  2. Successfully spearheaded plan to digitize 37 years’ worth of school records, numbering 275,438 files.
  3. Ensured student safety by securing a grant to install bulletproof doors and windows across 55-room campus.

Top Skills for Your School Administrator Resume

To many hiring managers, your skills section is the ultimate indicator of your compatibility with a role. Find the particular skills recruiters seek on a school administrator’s resume by referring to our school administrator resume example and our Resume Builder.

Here are more skills you might consider for your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Budgeting and recordkeeping
  • State education guidelines
  • MS Office, Outlook
  • Staff training

Soft Skills

  • Organizational management
  • Effective communication
  • Active listening
  • Accountability

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School Administrator FAQs

Do school administrators need to have a degree in finance?

It is not mandatory for school administrators to have a finance degree. They typically need at least a master’s degree in an education-related field and substantial teaching experience to apply to be an administrator. However, school administrators must have sound knowledge of finance, as they will likely be responsible for overseeing a budget of some kind.

What are the different levels of school administration?

School administrators can work within different educational levels, with different types of faculty to supervise. These may be child care administration (i.e., preschool and kindergarten), K-12 administration, or post-secondary education comprising colleges and universities. Typical administrator jobs may relate to admission, registrars, student affairs and curriculum development.

How long should a school administrator’s resume be?

Recruiters like a short and well-formatted resume. Generally, resumes should be a single page, like the resume example above. Recruiters dislike when applicants unnecessarily stretch their resume with wordy sentences and irrelevant details. Make sure to concisely include only the relevant details and experience on your resume. If you have over a decade of experience in your field, it’s considered acceptable to extend your resume to a second page.