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A dean of students is typically a senior college administrator dedicated to overseeing student concerns and providing support to students. They perform a crucial role in ensuring a productive and safe student community, and are often available at all times to ensure student concerns are promptly addressed.

Experienced teachers, administrators and other education professionals with a passion for helping students can use our dean of students resume example to write their own resume for this role. Let our resume experts show you how to catch a hiring manager’s attention and get hired.


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What is a Dean of Students?

Deans of students supervise all student-related affairs at a university or college. It’s their primary responsibility to implement programs and policies that encourage learning and enhance students’ campus experience. They represent the students in discussions with other administrators, and also they coordinate with academic deans to ensure cohesive student policy.

Deans of students are responsible for deciding on disciplinary matters for students, and ensuring students are aware of the facilities at their disposal, including housing, health services, student forums and more. These kinds of postsecondary administrators made $95,410 in 2019, and they typically need to have a master’s degree.

What Makes This a Great
Dean of Students Resume Example?

Our team of experienced resume writers knows what recruiters in academia look for on a resume. Be sure you’re crafting the strongest resume possible for a dean of students role by following this example as a guide.

Here are three advantages to referring to our resume examples:

  • Professionally worded content: Our dean of students resume example uses the sort of job-specific terminology hiring managers scan for when reading applicants’ resumes. Both the above example and our Resume Builder offer keyword-rich content suggestions like “student enrichment programs” and “formulated student-welfare policies,” which might help you stand out after you apply.
  • Demonstrates savvy format use: Using the resume format that suits your experience level is an essential part of writing the best resume possible. Mid-level candidates should use a combination format, like in the example above, to bolster their modest amount of experience with an equal focus on their skills.
  • A fitting resume template: The resume template you use should respect the norms and expectations of your industry. This example uses one of our Traditional templates, which are typically the most appropriate choice for conservative fields like academia. Whatever your needs require, we have a wide template selection for every job seeker.


3 Dean of Students Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is usually the first resume section a recruiter reads. A succinct summary that presents you as the ideal candidate for a role is key to any well-written resume. Refer to our resume examples for help writing the section, or borrow our builder’s pre-written suggestions for extra assistance.

Below are three more summary examples to consider:

  1. Passionate dean of students with over 20 years of experience in education administration. Expert in improving the university experience through crafting effective housing, campus security and social development programs. Possess top-notch resource-allocation skills. Able to implement policies that promote holistic student development.
  2. Dean of students experienced working in both specialized and multidisciplinary universities with populations exceeding 8,000 concurrently enrolled students. Strive to develop positive educational environments to provide students with opportunities for additional, non-academic growth. Enforce strict disciplinary policy while maintaining a pleasant rapport with students.
  3. Dedicated dean with over eight years of experience. Adept at managing student affairs of diverse student communities, and promoting inclusive learning environments by encouraging initiatives that encourage active participation. Skilled at handling crises and emergencies. Effective counseling skills with consistent availability for students.

3 Dean of Students Work Experience Examples

Educational institutions looking to hire a dean of students pay attention to both past responsibilities and the specific ways they’ve materially helped students in the past. Use our builder’s pre-written content to write this section, or simply use this example as inspiration.

Here are three work experience section examples for this role:

  1. Managed 47-member staff to administer support to a university population of 11,400 students.
  2. Implemented an app-based complaint reporting system to replace paper forms; improved issue resolution rate by 22%.
  3. Conduct monthly meetings with 22 student forums, each representing diverse student needs and campus-related concerns.

Top Skills for Your Dean of Students Resume

It’s tough to be shortlisted by recruiters if your resume doesn’t show off the skills they’re looking for. Borrow skills mentioned on our dean of students resume example or use our builder for more sought-after skill suggestions.

Here are some extra hard and soft skills our builder might recommend:

Hard Skills

  • Student assessment
  • Crisis management
  • Conceptualizing educational programs
  • Policy enforcement

Soft Skills

  • Collaboration
  • Quick decision-making
  • Time management
  • Excellent communication

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Dean of Students FAQs

How do you become a dean of students?

Deans of students typically need a master’s degree in education administration, often with an additional degree or certification in a counseling-related field. Experience in administration and teaching is also considered necessary by most institutions. Some may require the dean of students to have a doctoral degree.

What are some general responsibilities of a dean of students?

Deans of students’ activities are primarily focused around student concerns. Some of their responsibilities include the review and modification of student policy, promoting student forums, managing the publication of student-run campus media, interacting with parents and looking into other student concerns. They are also often the first administrator to act when there is a student-related emergency.

What is the difference between a dean of students and a principal?

While the roles of deans of students and principals can be considered similar, the primary distinction is that a principal typically manages and leads a K-12 educational institution. In contrast, a dean of students is a college-level administrator. A dean of students helps new students adapt to campus life, while principals generally do not share this responsibility.