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When looking for a summer teacher position, you’ll naturally want to stand out as the top candidate. Cover letters can seem mundane, but it is possible to create your own unique platform on which your skills can really shine. In addition to our summer teacher cover letter example, check out these brief do’s and don’ts?

  • Do focus on the skills you have that specifically fit the position. You’ll want to focus on any abilities you have gained that can benefit the school to which you are applying.
  • Don’t write too formally. Although you’ll want to make a good impression, writing in your own voice shows that you are sincere and eager to learn more about the position.
  • Do align your writing style with the school’s philosophy. Exploring their website can help you get familiar with their mission statement and background, furthering the effectiveness of your cover letter.
  • Don’t try to simmer down your skills. If you have a hard time writing about yourself, try jotting down some notes before writing your letter. Are you exceptionally qualified for this teaching position? Let this be the moment when your experiences stand out above the rest.

Summer Teacher Advice

With summer school more and more a part of education, summer teachers are in high demand. These cover letter examples have been designed specifically for summer school teachers. Use them as a starting point in creating your own summer teacher cover letter, and update them as necessary. Click on any of the cover letter examples below to take the next step in your teaching career!

Summer Teacher Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Tips for
Summer Teacher

When you are in the middle of your job search, you need to be persistent and work hard to maintain positivity. Additionally, finding the best jobs as a Summer Teacher can be easier with professional guidance. The follow tips will help you in your job search.

  • Expand your network as much as possible. Your network is one of your most important keys to your success. Invest time and effort in keeping in contact with them.

  • Be in charge of your job search. Be empowered by the fact that you are a great candidate with skills that would benefit a new employer. Make a daily schedule that you can easily stick to.

  • Make a thorough search for jobs. Take advantage of multiple resources in order to apply to a diverse array of jobs. Find jobs online, at job fairs, in person and by calling businesses on the phone. Your efforts will help you encounter more jobs.

  • Be optimistic in your job search. A job search can easily become discouraging, but remember that your efforts will pay off when you start your job. This is a good way to manage your expectations, too.

  • Be open to working in a new occupation in a new industry. Although it can be intimidating, take advantage of diverse job opportunities that are outside of your normal experience.

Summer Teacher Cover Letter Example

Summer Teacher Job Seeking Tips

Take time to create a high quality cover letter. Your cover letter is very important to show hiring managers why you are the best candidate for jobs as a Summer Teacher. Regardless of your level of experience and your industry, improving your cover letter will increase your probability of obtaining a better job. Get started by following these tips:

  • Carefully proofread your cover letter for its grammar and content. Your content needs to allow the reader to focus only on the message and not on any errors.

  • Avoid using personal pronouns like me, my and I in your cover letter. Leaving them out will create a more professional cover letter.

  • Make sure to include the locations of your previous jobs. This detail can help employers understand more about your previous experiences, and it is a requirement that you don’t want to forget.

  • List your employment experience with the most recent jobs first. This allows hiring managers to focus on your more recent, most relevant experiences.

  • Use action words to describe your work experience. By so doing, you create a powerful message that you were an active employee in your previous jobs, and it keeps your cover letter from being boring to read.

Summer Teacher Cover Letter Sample

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