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As the U.S. recovers from the pandemic and the resulting job losses, being a recruiter stands to be both a lucrative and highly fulfilling career choice. Recruiters work in almost every industry, from the public sector to government to nonprofits. To land a role in this competitive field, you’ll need a standout resume. Our recruiter resume example provides you with the guidance you’ll need to craft your own impressive recruiter resume.


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What Is a Recruiter?

A recruiter identifies, screens, interviews and hires employees for a company or organization. A recruiter ensures that candidates being considered meet the requirements set by the employer. A recruiter might work onsite in an office setting, from home, or remotely at places like colleges and job fairs to identify candidates. To be a professional recruiter, an individual should typically possess a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as human resources or business administration.

What Makes This a Great
Recruiter Resume Example?

LiveCareer’s recruiter resume example, crafted by a certified resume writer, shows you exactly how to write a resume that will get you noticed. Study it to learn how to articulate your skills, training and experience in a way that will get you noticed.

Here’s how our resume examples can help:

  • Job-specific copy: Our certified resume writers know what recruiters look for and use language that will capture their attention. Study our resume examples to learn how to incorporate industry-specific phrases like “Boolean searches,” “project staffing” and “contract negotiations” into your resume. For more help, use our Resume Builder which will make pre-written content suggestions for each section of your resume.
  • Choice of format: The resume format you choose will determine which parts of your background are most emphasized. In this example, the writer has utilized a combination format, which is perfect for a mid-career professional who wants to emphasize skills and work experience equally. Entry-level or highly experienced applicants should consider a functional or chronological format, respectively.
  • Attractive templates: The way your resume looks is just as important as the content. Our recruiter resume example was created using one of our professional resume templates, which ensure that your resume is perfectly formatted and has an appealing design.

3 Recruiter Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary section of the resume is your introduction to a recruiter. It should succinctly state your experience, accomplishments and skills three to five sentences. Our resume examples show you professional summaries that will impress a recruiter. Use them as-is or as inspiration to write your own.

Below are three additional professional summaries to consider for your recruiter resume:

  1. Highly motivated recruiter with 10 years of experience in talent acquisition. Experience in end-to-end recruitment processes from identifying talent to screening candidates to conducting interviews. Skilled at sharing organizational policies, regulations and job goals to new employees.
  2. An office-based recruiter with two years of experience in planning and running training programs for new recruits. Single-handedly maintained records of applicants and new hires, including personal details, compensation requirements, test scores, and project allocation.
  3. An entry-level recruiter with two summers of experience interning for an assistant recruiter at a leading manufacturing firm. Scheduled interviews, answered phones, screened emails, and assisted in the writing of job descriptions for a variety of job vacancies.

3 Recruiter Work Experience Section Examples

You can use our recruiter resume example, crafted by professional writers, to learn how to best articulate your professional achievements in your work experience section. Study them to learn how to add data and metrics to your entries for even more impact. Here are three additional sample entries to consider for your work experience section:

  1. Recruited 75 people in two years by carefully analyzing vacancies in the organization and identifying a talent pool with the required skills.
  2. Responded to 125 emails on average every day related to applicant queries, contract negotiations, employer feedback and interview schedules.
  3. Efficiently coordinated a blind hiring process designed to eliminate unconscious bias from the recruiting process.


Top Skills for Your Recruiter Resume

Recruiters must possess a unique blend of hard and soft skills to be successful in their role. Study our recruiter resume example for inspiration or choose from this list of skills when writing your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Business intelligence
  • Database management software
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Data-driven recruitment

Soft Skills

  • Collaboration
  • Judgement and decision-making
  • Speaking skills
  • Critical thinking

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Recruiter FAQs

What is the career path of a recruiter?

A recruiter begins their career by screening applications and sourcing suitable candidates for job interviews. Gradually, the recruiter gains enough exposure to recruit people for different levels of the organization including managers, solutions architects, general managers and vice presidents. Recruiters are equipped with more than enough opportunities to become a manager in their chosen domain, provided they stay well-connected and informed.

What are the certifications available for a recruiter?

A certification is a powerful weapon when one is looking for a salary hike, promotion or a new job. A bachelor’s degree along with a basic certification like Professional in Human Resources (PHR) is ideal for entry-level roles. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers numerous courses based on the level of expertise of the professional.

How do I get a recruiter’s job to start with?

A bachelors’ degree is mandatory to start your career. Create a strong profile highlighting your skills and networking abilities. Connect with agencies that recruit candidates for organizations and ensure you are updated with tools and technology related to recruitment. Though the initial stage of the role is demanding, the career becomes highly rewarding along with experience in the long run. Recruiters have numerous working modes to choose from, such as full-time recruiter, outside consultant, freelance recruiter and an independent recruitment specialist.