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In 2018, 82% of cashiers in the U.S. worked in the retail sector, while 11% served in accommodations and food service. If you’d like to join their ranks, start by creating a professional-level resume. LiveCareer is here to help by providing cashier resume examples that can help highlight your retail and customer service skills. Read on below to learn more about how to craft each section of your resume to best draw hiring managers’ interest.


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What Is a Sales Cashier?

Typically an entry-level position in the retail sales industry, “cashier” is the second most common job title in the US. Cashiers usually stand behind a counter where they take payments for items customers want to purchase. Since they must operate cash registers and count money, cashiers must know how to give change and understand how to accept various forms of payment such as checks, money orders and debit cards. Additionally, cashiers greet customers and may provide other assistance as needed.

What Makes This a Great
Sales Cashier Resume Example?

Take the first step toward your long-term career goals with LiveCareer’s cashier resume examples. Each handcrafted by our professional resume experts, all of our examples have the following features for you to incorporate into your own cashier resume:

  • Well-written text: This applicant’s professional summary, skills section and work history all make use of engaging phrases like “Maintained high productivity by efficiently processing cash.” Our expert resume writers carefully craft our example content to best help you fill in your own resume with what employers want to see.
  • Fitting format: The combination format of this example resume is a great choice for someone with a modest-length, uninterrupted work history in which they’ve provided customer service and gained a number of job-specific skills. If they’d had less experience, a functional resume might have best emphasized their job-relevant transferable skills.
  • Appropriate template: The template here is bold and creative, alluding to an applicant with an outgoing personality. It is perfect for most types of retail stores, although a more conservative template might better suit a cashier’s job in a location such as a city office.


3 Sales Cashier Professional Summaries Examples

Your professional summary should be a concise, appealing description of your best qualities. It goes at the top of your resume to immediately indicate why hiring managers should choose you over other applicants. Take inspiration from our examples’ summaries or use our resume builder to create your own. Here are a few sample summaries the builder could suggest:

  1. Cashier with five years of experience working in a grocery store environment. Reliable and trustworthy, with excellent mathematical and money-counting skills. Excels at promoting customer satisfaction through creative problem-solving.
  2. High school junior committed to seeking professional experience and source of income. Longstanding member of honor roll and captain of debate team. Available evenings and weekends with reliable transportation.
  3. Team player good at upselling products in a nonchalant manner. Experience running a cash register and taking responsibility for a drawer valued nightly at over $20,000. Created and maintained loyal customer base through positive interactions.

3 Sales Cashier Work Experience Section Examples

Cashiers do much more than run a cash register all day. Look over how our resume examples lay out these proficiencies, or let our resume builder suggest duties associated with cashiers. You can use the ideas word-for-word or adjust them to suit your own needs. Here’s some pre-written text the builder might offer you:

  1. Verified dozens of customers’ ages per day as part of a community initiative to prevent underage drinking and smoking.
  2. Collected thousands of dollars in payment daily via card, check, money order, WIC voucher and cash; accurately counted back change.
  3. Provided excellent service through greeting customers, answering questions, recommending products and resolving complaints.


Top Skills for Your Sales Cashier Resume

Cashiers must handle money and products accurately while maintaining a good rapport with the public. Our resume builder identifies and emphasizes skills you possess that align with those employers want. Here are just a few hard and soft skills desirable in a cashier:

Hard Skills

  • Counting money
  • Cash, check & charge reconciliations
  • Bagging and wrapping packages
  • Making change without a calculator

Soft Skills

  • Staying calm under pressure
  • Greeting customers with respect
  • Following instructions
  • Working on a team

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Sales Cashier FAQs

What are the responsibilities for a cashier?

Cashiers are responsible for electronically scanning or entering the price of items purchased by customers into a cash register. They process various forms of payment, including credit card transactions, and must be able to make change with cash. They may have other duties such as restocking merchandise, serving food or cleaning. Cashiers represent the businesses they work for, so they should be courteous and helpful to customers to encourage sales.

What skills do you learn as a cashier?

Working as a cashier teaches important customer service skills such as listening, communicating and resolving conflicts. Cashiers also learn or improve their math abilities to count money and make change. Depending on the place of business, they may pick up other unique skills such as food preparation, cleaning or gift-wrapping. They also may gain information about the types of products the establishment offers.

What is a good objective for a cashier resume?

If you decide to state career goals, cater your objective to the prospective job by using keywords listed in the posting. Mention any previous employment as a cashier and explain how you want to expand on this. If you have no experience, talk about building on related traits such as reliability and friendliness. In place of an objective, our resume builder offers many professional summaries that provide an impact in today’s job market.