Retail Manager Resume Examples

Whether online or brick and mortar, retail is still a huge industry. One of the most important positions in retail is the retail manager. To get hired, retail managers need to show off a variety of proficiencies, including leadership. Our retail manager resume examples show you how to write, format and design a resume that highlights your industry-specific skills, relevant experience and other qualifications.


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What Is a Retail Manager?

Retail managers are supervisors of retail staff. They direct staff members and make sure retail workers provide sufficient customer service. Retail managers are in charge of recruiting, hiring, training and evaluating employees. They also report to upper management about sales and store statistics. When needed, retail managers must also perform standard retail tasks, such as greeting customers, manning cash registers and assisting customers with merchandise.

What Makes This a Great
Retail Manager Resume Example?

Our retail manager resume examples, as well as those for other titles and industries, are crafted by our experts to give you the maximum advantage when creating your own page. Allow us to offer creative inspiration to help you land the job you want. Here’s why resume examples like the one found above hit the mark:

  • Content by resume experts: Using role-specific language like “Meticulously detail-oriented” and “Multiplied earnings through sales goal achievement,” this example job seeker is primed to catch a recruiter’s attention. Our professional resume writers precisely word each example to show exactly what hiring managers want to see.
  • Resume format recommendations: The success of a resume often hinges on whether it uses the correct format. With only a moderate amount of experience in the retail industry, the applicant in this example wisely uses a combination format, which shares emphasis between the work history and skills sections. It borrows from both the more traditional chronological style and the largely skills-focused functional format.
  • Templates selection: The example also shines thanks to its sophisticated and professional resume template. Its two-column layout puts all of the essential details front and center without having to hit a second page. Templates should be eye-catching without distracting the reader and always fit the culture of the employer.


3 Retail Manager Professional Summaries Examples

The first thing that hiring managers are likely to read on a resume is the professional summary. Remember to take cues from our retail manager resume examples, and for more writing help, our resume builder helps you handcraft a summary specific to you. Check these example retail manager professional summary statements:

  1. Driven retail manager with a successful history of strong leadership in big box retailers. Capable of motivating team members and driving sales. Understanding of sales forecasts, customer metrics, performance and inventory management.
  2. Experienced retail manager with a background of 12 years in managing clothing stores. Ability to drive sales team to reaching goals and performing at a top level. Focused on delivering a welcoming experience to customers and building repeat business.
  3. Results-oriented retail manager with seven years of experience running a department store. Talented with recruiting and hiring strong, effective staff members. Adept at creating a positive work environment and a team atmosphere.

3 Retail Manager Work Experience Section Examples

Recruiters want to see evidence of experience and capabilities in the work history. Our resume builder automatically constructs this section, with easy options to add your own custom metrics. You may also be inspired to highlight different portions of your job history after reading over retail manager resume examples. Here are three examples of work experience duties hiring managers want to see:

  1. Developed a training program for new employees that led to a 12 percent decrease in employee attrition.
  2. Created visually-stunning merchandise displays that generated a 15 percent increase in promotional sales each quarter.
  3. Designed employee incentive programs that resulted in fewer staff absences and a stronger team environment.


Top Skills for Your Retail Manager Resume

Crafting an impressive skills section is easy with our resume builder. The retail manager resume examples may also be a useful, guiding tool in creating this essential section. Here are in-demand retail manager hard and soft skills that hiring managers expect to see on a resume:

Hard Skills

  • POS experience
  • Microsoft Dynamics skills
  • Sales promotional strategies
  • Key holder experience

Soft Skills

  • Customer service
  • Positive attitude
  • Critical thinking
  • Coaching skills

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Retail Manager FAQs

What is the role of a retail manager?

Retail managers are the leaders in retail store settings. They may work with a team of other managers or answer to a supervising general manager or company owner. Managers are usually accountable for a staff of retail sales associates. They make sure their teams perform well, make sales and achieve monthly company sales and inventory goals.

How do you describe a retail manager on a resume?

On a resume, retail managers should aim to portray themselves as capable leaders and effective sales producers. They must demonstrate value to the employer by proving their effectiveness at motivating staff members to work hard and increase profits. They must also have a commitment to customer service and the retail industry.

What are retail managers’ responsibilities?

Retail managers have a number of daily responsibilities. They often perform some of the same duties as their team members, such as greeting customers, dealing with complaints and making sales. They also prepare daily sales reports, make deposits, write employee schedules, make new hires, train staff and ensure each team member follows company customer service standards.