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It should go without saying, librarians are the hard-working professionals who keep libraries functioning. They keep them meticulously organized, easy to use and ensure they’re overall patron-friendly.

As put by author and TV personality Willard Scott about the roughly 146,500 librarians currently working in the United States, “Librarians have always been among the most thoughtful and helpful people. They are teachers without a classroom. No libraries, no progress.” You can use our librarian resume example as a guide to filling one of these essential roles yourself. Below we’ll go over what belongs on a strong resume for this role.


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What is a Librarian?

Librarians expertly manage libraries and assist patrons with finding and learning how to use library resources. Their primary objective is to facilitate patrons’ searches for information while also performing administrative duties. Enforcing library rules, cataloging books, planning and ordering new resources, organizing and maintaining books, training other staff and managing library budgets are some of the tasks they take on.

In today’s digital era, librarians must be adept at establishing and maintaining a digital library infrastructure that efficiently fulfills its patrons’ needs, while also managing a librarian’s more traditional duties.

What Makes This a Great
Librarian Resume Example?

Whether you’re an entry-level or experienced librarian, you’ll need a standout resume to land the job. Our librarian resume example was prepared to show you what goes into a top candidate’s resume. Use our examples to craft an impeccable resume that instantly attracts recruiters’ attention.

Here’s how our examples can help your resume writing:

  • Professionally written content: The above resume example was written to include role-specific content that reflects the in-depth expertise a librarian needs to do their job. Using phrases like “answer patron questions” and “outreach programs,” both our examples and Resume Builder offer pre-written content that you can borrow and customize for your own page.
  • Shows how to use format: Choosing the right format makes a tremendous impact on the success of a resume. The example above uses a chronological resume format, which is the most effective for candidates with many years of experience. Those with shorter work histories can also easily create functional and combination resumes with our builder.
  • How to select a template: Your resume’s template should suit the role for which you are applying. Libraries are typically more formal (if not academic) workplaces, so opting for one of our Traditional or Modern resume templates may help your hiring chances most. No matter what style you need, our builder offers a wide range of options.

3 Librarian Professional Summary Examples

A professional summary should grab a hiring manager’s attention and compel them to immediately read the rest of the page. Aspiring librarians can boost their chances of landing an interview by following our example as a writing guide or using our Resume Builder.

Here are three professional summary examples our builder might suggest for this role:

  1. ALA-APA accredited librarian with eight years of experience working in public libraries. Skilled in promoting knowledge-based community outreach programs to ensure maximum use of the library’s information resources and promote strong literacy habits. Possess expertise in resource planning, library staff training and proficiency in MS Access and Surpass.
  2. Licensed librarian with five years of experience working as a law librarian. Hold a master’s degree in legal studies. Skilled in guiding patrons with their legal research and developing policies to promote a strong patron network of accomplished students, lawyers and legal luminaries that enhance the library’s prestige. Able manager with strong communication and delegation skills.
  3. Academic librarian with over 18 years of experience working in college libraries. Focused on increasing students’ use of library resources to enhance their intellect and reading skills. Adept at using digital technology for inventory management, circulating new information resources and communicating with patrons. A strict disciplinarian with an outgoing attitude and proven leadership skills.

3 Librarian Work Experience Examples

The work experience section is the perfect place to highlight the impressive specifics of your career achievements. Learn to weave in these details by referring to our resume examples or by using our builder, which provides content that can be customized or used as-is.

Below are three work experience section examples our builder could offer:

  1. Implemented an automated checkout system that increased circulation by reducing checkout times by up to 60%.
  2. Supervise a team of four junior librarians and nine library service staff.
  3. Manage circulation across four floors of a 41,200 square-foot library in downtown Boston.

Top Skills for Your Librarian Resume

Mentioning the right combination of relevant hard and soft skills is necessary to get any job. Our librarian resume example includes samples of skills sought after by recruiters, and our Resume Builder offers even more customizable options to help fill out this section.

Here are some additional skills our builder might recommend:

Hard Skills

  • Database management
  • Surpass, MS Office
  • Budget planning
  • Teaching and training staff

Soft Skills

  • Excellent communication
  • Active listening
  • Voracious reading
  • Methodical planning

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Librarian FAQs

What are the qualifications required to become a librarian?

Librarians typically require a master’s degree in library science (MLS), which usually takes a year or two to complete. Public school librarians may need a teacher’s certification, too. If you are working in a library dedicated to a particular field, such as medicine, law or sports, you will require in-depth knowledge of the respective field, with some recruiters even requiring certification or a doctorate in that field.

Why should I become a librarian?

If you love books and helping people, you should consider becoming a librarian. Librarians are detail-oriented individuals with strong organizational and supervisory skills. They should have the ability to assist their patrons with all their resources-related queries and should always have the patience to lend an ear. If you think your interests align with the nature of a librarian’s responsibilities, then this is the right career for you.

How long should a librarian resume be?

Job seekers with less than 10 years of experience should not have their resume exceed a single page. Length aside, all resumes should contain only relevant professional and educational details, and include as many quantifiable achievements as possible. For a better idea of how to best structure your resume according to your experience, scroll up to the above example and to learn more about the three basic resume formats.