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Counselors serve in various social services roles, working everywhere from the academic to rehabilitation spheres. Counseling is a rapidly growing field, expected to add about 306,200 positions by 2028. LiveCareer offers a selection of professional counselor resume examples, featuring the keywords hiring managers want to see. Read on to discover more about how to shape each individual section of a winning resume.


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What is a Counselor?

Counselors serve a variety of roles within social services. Many work in the educational sector, helping students develop social and mental skills that allow them to succeed in academic environments. Rehabilitation counselors work with those living with behavioral or mental health disorders and develop treatment plans designed to improve their quality of life. Depending on the field, counseling positions usually require a bachelor’s or master’s degree, preferably in counseling or a related focus.

What Makes This a Great
Counselor Resume Example?

We want to help you find the counselor position tailor-made to fit your unique experiences and qualifications. This why our counselor resume examples provide industry-specific inspiration that can show anyone in the field how to construct their resume. Here’s how our counselor resume examples can help:

  • Content crafted by experts: It can be daunting to stare at a blank page and craft a resume entirely from scratch. That’s why our certified resume writers craft our counselor resume examples with industry-specific keywords that will inspire your writing process. Hiring managers want to see terms like “intake interviews” and “intervention planning” on the page.
  • Resume format guidance: For those beginning a counseling career, a functional resume format brings relevant, transferable skills to the forefront. For those seeking to continue a long career, like in the example above, a chronological format does best to demonstrate professional trajectory.
  • Resume template options: Your resume template should help your application stand out while adhering to a visual style that fits each workplace. This example’s layout features clearly labeled sections distinguished by whitespace for readability. Our library of templates provides the perfect backdrop to display your successes in the best light.

3 Counselor Professional Summary Examples

Our industry-specific resume examples are here for inspiration as you create a counselor resume for the exact position you seek. You can also use our resume builder to create the perfect professional summary with our collection of pre-written phrases. Here are three examples of professional summaries our builder may recommend:

  1. Dedicated and intuitive counseling professional with over eight years of experience in helping patients overcome their history with substance abuse. Spent three years specializing in crisis intervention with the veteran population. Well-versed in signs of destructive behavior relating to relapses.
  2. Experienced mental health counselor with a history in cognitive psychology. Have spent the past 12 years working with children from impoverished areas. Develop personalized treatment plans for individualized trauma and emotional issues.
  3. Academic counselor with a student-centered approach. Three years of experience working in various educational capacities. Strongly focused on ensuring that students of all ages develop the social and academic skills to succeed in educational environments.

3 Counselor Work Experience Examples

When crafting the work experience section of your counselor resume, feel free to draw inspiration from our own counselor resume examples. Our resume builder can also suggest pre-written, industry-specific content that can be fully customized for each position with your specific metrics and qualifications. The builder can recommend example bullets like these for your counselor resume:

  1. Developed treatment plan for clients to help them make adjustments to improve quality of life.
  2. Monitored client’s physical and mental health in response to various treatments and medications.
  3. Worked with students one-on-one to identify any issues that could affect academic performance.

Top Skills for Your Counselor Resume

Our resume builder makes it easy to choose the industry-specific skills to include on your resume. Use our recommended skill suggestions or write your own. Here are some hard and soft skills to consider adding to your counselor resume:

Hard Skills

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Performance assessment 
  • Mental health diagnoses 
  • CPR certification

Soft Skills

  • Active listening
  • Social perceptiveness 
  • Client service 
  • Problem sensitivity 

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Counselor FAQs

What skills can I use on my resume as a counselor?

In the skills section of your resume, you should highlight any psychological knowledge relevant to the position you seek. Include both hard and soft skills, paying special attention to any keywords emphasized in the job description. Don’t shy away from including softer abilities such as active listening, comprehension or even compassion.

How long do you have to go to school to be a counselor?

The majority of  counseling positions require at least a bachelor’s degree, backed by several years of experience. Counselors interested in working one-on-one with clients should have both a master’s degree and a license. This is usually given to those with 2,000 to 4,000 hours of supervised clinical experience. In the master’s program, counselors learn about how to interpret the medical and psychological backgrounds of future patients.

What is the job description of a counselor?

Counselors provide support and treatments to a variety of patients from different backgrounds, facing different issues. They may work in groups or one on one with patients, helping them cope with assorted problems and enhance their quality of life. Excellent communication and written skills are essential to this position for consistently monitoring the behavior of patients. Counselors should be professional, compassionate and friendly, with superior interpersonal abilities.