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Get Expert Writing Recommendations for Your Social Services Resume

Don’t struggle to write your social services resume. LiveCareer’s Resume Builder helps you construct an impressive resume for the social services industry by suggesting pre-written phrases crafted by certified resume experts. You can customize these suggestions as needed or add them verbatim.

For a social services resume, our resume builder may make the following suggestions:

  • Documented case notes daily and coordinated follow-up for seamless case management
  • Collaborated with court, law enforcement and community providers
  • Worked with clients to improve life choices and maximize benefits of programs
  • Updated treatment plans on monthly basis with latest intervention strategies and progress notes
  • Counseled individuals and families regarding mental health, substance abuse, physical abuse and rehabilitation issues
  • Advocated for client needs and funding for at-risk groups
  • Led educational seminars and lectures at local community mental health centers to expand awareness of mental health symptoms and issues
  • Mediated conflicts within families to clarify and resolve underlying issues

6 Dos and Don’ts for Writing a Social Services Resume

  • Do quantify your workload. The position you’re applying for may require you to manage large groups or focus on individuals during every shift. Providing the number of cases you manage shows prospective employers the size of the caseload you are able to manage. You might also list the number of reports you write each month or data on the success rates of your clients.

  • Do indicate your authorization to prescribe psychiatric medication. If the job position requires working with psychiatric patients, it’s crucial to mention when you have the legal authority to prescribe medication.

  • Do highlight your ability to counsel patients through substance abuse. If you are seeking work in a rehabilitation center, employers will want to know your successful approaches to helping patients cope with addiction.

  • Don’t mention any personal history. Don’t assume your own struggles with addiction or homelessness will convince employers that you can successfully help clients. Instead, you could be inadvertently introducing bias into the hiring process.

  • Don’t include an exhaustive list of meetings. Unless you planned or facilitated a meeting, employers don’t need to know about it. Instead, use the space to highlight special training or certifications you’ve earned in your field.

  • Don’t forget the soft skills. Compassion, empathy and patience are all soft skills that make those in social service roles shine. Add these and other soft skills, such as communication skills and conflict resolution to your list of hard skills.

Beat the ATS with These Social Services Resume Skills

To eliminate unqualified candidates, employers in the field of social services often utilize applicant tracking systems (ATS). An ATS helps identify the most qualified candidates by screening each resume for keywords that align with the job description. If your social services resume doesn’t contain the right keywords, it could be eliminated before it reaches the hiring manager.

LiveCareer’s Resume Builder can help applicants pass the ATS screening by suggesting the most relevant job-specific skills to include. Here are some skills our builder might recommend for your social services resume:

  • Expertise in crisis intervention techniques
  • Case management proficiency
  • Medicare and Medicaid applications
  • Biopsychosocial assessments
  • Adept at treatment and discharge planning
  • Dual diagnosis expert
  • Group therapy specialist
  • Psychotropic medications knowledge
  • Individualized service plans
  • Knowledge of medical and psychiatric terminology

Social Services Resumes for Every Professional Level


Social Worker Intern

A functional resume format is ideal for an entry-level job seeker who has relevant skills, but who is short on work experience. In this social services resume example, the job seeker starts with a professional summary emphasizing her caseload management and proficiency at evaluating needs, planning treatments and facilitating counseling sessions. She then adds a summary of qualifications about her experience helping clients recover through outreach programs and collaboration with their family members. Next, she highlights her professional skills using job-specific examples. She lists work history near the bottom, starting with her most directly related position. Finally, she shows progress towards a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Build my Resume



This mid-career job seeker applicant uses a combination resume format that underscores her directly related professional experience and skills. In this social services resume example, she starts with a professional summary that draws attention to her vast knowledge of available services through her experience managing different cases. She follows it with a section of relevant skills she’s mastered as a caseworker and ends by listing her solid work history. The right-hand column features her industry-related hard skills and the master’s degree she is currently pursuing in sociology. Build my Resume


Programs Manager

A chronological resume format works best for professionals in senior roles within the industry who want to show off an impressive work history. In this social services resume example, the applicant limits his resume to three sections: a professional summary that focuses on his leadership experience and ability to improve compliance programs in health care, a work history that demonstrates industry-specific skills through his three most recent and applicable professional roles, and a skills summary documenting technical and leadership skills that are necessary for program management. Build my Resume

Social Services Cover Letter

If you find this sample helpful, we have many more social services cover letter examples.

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Statistics and Facts About Social Services Jobs

Average Annual Salary by Job Title

Social and Community Service Manager$65320
Social Worker$49470
Mental Health Counselor$44630
Correctional Officer$44330
Rehabilitation Counselor$38950
Social and Human Services Assistant$33750

Job Outlook by Job Title (2018–2028)

Mental Health Counselor22%
Social and Community service Manager13%
Social and Human Services Assistant13%
Social Worker11%
Rehabilitation Counselor10%
Correctional Officer2%

Most Commonly Obtained Degree by Job Title

  • Mental health Counselor: Master’s degree
  • Rehabilitation Counselor: Master’s degree
  • Social Worker: Bachelor’s degree
  • Social and Community Service Manager: Bachelor’s degree
  • Social and Human Services Assistant: Bachelor’s degree
  • Correctional Officer: High school diploma

Source: O*NET

Most Common Majors in the Social Services Industry

Public Administration and Social Service12.7%
Social Sciences10.1%
Protective Services7.21%
Source: DataUSA

Most Common Industries Hiring Social Workers

Individual and Family Services$292614
Administration of Human Resource Programs$99648
Outpatient Care Centers$63579
Residential Care Facilities$50403
Source: DataUSA

Highest Paying Industries for Social Workers by Annual Salary

Pharmaceutical & Medicine Manufacturing$91424
Insurance Carriers and Related Activities$61857
Elementary and Secondary School$57599
Scientific Research and Development Services$56723
Source: DataUSA

Top Hiring States for Social and Community Service Managers

New York$13110

States with Highest Annual Salary for Social and Community Service Managers

District of Columbia$101360
Rhode Island$96550
New Jersey$88570
New York$86700

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