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Child Protection Social Worker Example Cover Letter

Want a job that really makes a difference in the world? Consider a career in social services. The cover letter examples below have been designed to help you write your own social services cover letter. These cover letter examples have been professionally-written and properly formatted so you can easily build your own letters more easily. Take the first step toward a job-winning cover letter and find meaningful work sooner.

Cover Letter Tips for Social Services

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No matter where you’re job hunting or what industry you choose to go into, there are things you should remember that can greatly improve your chances of finding employment.

  • Search as many places as possible. Don’t limit yourself to online listings; seek out professional journals and attend job fairs.

  • Talk to as many people as you can. A current employee at a company you’d like to work for will likely know about job openings before they’ve been posted and can put a good work in for you.

  • Research companies where you’d like to work. The more you know about a certain business, the more impressive you’ll sound if you do get an interview.

  • Assess your skills and qualifications. By doing this, you may discover other opportunities and possibilities that would suit you.

  • Don’t limit yourself to one industry. There are often several ways a specific education and set of skills can be applied in various fields and positions.

Social Services Job Seeking Tips

Child Protection Social Worker Cover Letter Template

There are few things that will give you a better shot at getting an interview for jobs in Social Services than a winning cover letter. Here are several ways to make sure your cover letter improves your chances instead of hurting them.

  • Get creative. Don’t use a standard cover letter template. Search different websites and databases online to come up with something different in order to make sure your application stands out.

  • List all relative training, including any licenses or certifications you have obtained.

  • Put the most important items first. Whatever will impress the prospective employer most should be at the top, otherwise it may never be read.

  • Focus on what makes you different from other applicants and capable of performing the job well.

  • Rather than listing titles, detail what you did in each position to solve problems and exhibit determination.

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