Drug and Alcohol Counselor Cover Letter Examples

Encouraging a recruiter to read your resume comes down to having a good cover letter. The drug and alcohol counselor cover letter example provided and the tips below show you how to write just that.

  • Do not use your cover letter to repeat your resume. Use this opportunity to expand on your experience in a way the limited space of a resume doesn’t allow.
  • Do use numbers whenever possible in your cover letter. Just like your resume, this shows an employer that you are results-oriented. One example would be your rate of retention among patients counseled.
  • Do not mention skills you don’t have, even to apologize for them. You shouldn’t be drawing attention to your weaknesses when you want to highlight your strengths.
  • Do keep within a standard cover letter format. While some creativity is a good thing, straying too far from the norm can look unprofessional and turn the reader off.
  • Do not eschew using templates for inspiration. You want to avoid having a cover letter that is too cookie-cutter, but you save yourself time when you have somewhere to start.

Drug and Alcohol Counselor Advice

Working as a drug and alcohol counselor can be a challenge–but it’s also a job that makes an impact on individuals and society. The cover letter examples below are designed to help you create a better cover letter when applying for drug and alcohol counselor positions. These cover letter examples will show you what hiring managers are looking for, so you can model your own letter and get the consideration you deserve.

Drug And Alcohol Counselor Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Tips for
Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Finding jobs as a Drug And Alcohol Counselor takes persistence and determination. To improve your efforts and simplify the task, check out the tips below.

  • Explore your options. In addition to occupations you’ve worked before, investigate new positions or similar work in related fields that your skillset may apply to.

  • Don’t forget to network. In any industry, the people you know can be as important as the work you’ve done. Keep in touch with past coworkers and reach out to anyone else you happen to know in the field.

  • Explore social media accounts. Along with personal interactions, an established professional presence on social media sites can introduce you to potential employers and give them a sense of why they might want to hire you.

  • Visit a job center. There are a number of job hunting resources that you may not be familiar with, which you can learn about from counselors at a local career center.

  • Manage your stress levels. A job hunt can be a challenging task for anyone. To stay fresh and motivated, try not to go too hard on yourself, and talk about the process with the people close to you.

Drug And Alcohol Counselor Cover Letter Example

Drug and Alcohol Counselor Job Seeking Tips

If you’re applying for jobs as a Drug And Alcohol Counselor, you’ll need a polished cover letter to stand out from the crowd. Follow these basic rules to ensure your cover letter stays competitive.

  • Keep to a reasonable length. For those with minimal work experience, a single page should be enough. Workers with a broader employment history can go as high as two pages, but a cover letter that goes any longer is unlikely to be read in its entirety by a hiring manager.

  • Provide complete contact information. Modern cover letters don’t require a street address, but you should always have your city and state, along with one phone number and one email address to ensure they can reach you.

  • Use professional formatting. Stick to unadorned, easy-to-read fonts and simple headers and bullet points. A little color is acceptable in some industries, but all text should always be plain black on white.

  • List work experience in bullet points. Your duties and accomplishments for your previous positions should always be in list format, never in paragraphs, to make them stand out.

  • Leave off the references. A cover letter may optionally end with “cover letters available upon request,” but cut this phrase as well if it makes the cover letter too long.

Drug And Alcohol Counselor Cover Letter Sample

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