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An assistant principal supports the principal by helping to oversee school operations as assigned to them by the principal or school district officials. The scope of principals’ duties have increased with the rising demands of American public education standards, so assistant principals play a crucial support role in carrying out their many responsibilities.

You can use our assistant principal resume example, drafted by certified resume writers, to more easily prepare your own impressive resume for this role. Our examples are built to aid your job search by helping you more compellingly highlight your experience and skills.


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What is a Assistant Principal ?

Assistant principals are second-in-command to principals and assume a principal’s responsibilities in their absence. They assist with daily administration duties and may often take responsibility for an entire grade level in large elementary, middle or high schools. It’s common  for schools to have multiple assistant principals.

They can also be assigned specific duties, like planning schedules for teachers, monitoring playground activities or staff coordination, among many other responsibilities that fit their specific position. Principals, and assistant principals aspiring to eventually become principals, usually need to have earned a master’s degree to qualify for the role.

What Makes This a Great
Assistant Principal Resume Example?

Assistant principal candidates need to present impressive resumes to be hired and trusted in a role so vital to so many students’ educations. Applicants can use our assistant principal resume example as inspiration for writing their own.

Here are some benefits to using our examples as resume-writing guides:

  • Job-specific content: Our experts weave industry-relevant language into our resume examples to demonstrate how to grab a recruiter’s interest. This example uses terms like “Common Core” and “learning training” to show what types of keywords employers want to see. You can also customize our Resume Builder’s pre-written content to meet your needs.
  • Appropriate format choice: Selecting a resume format that suits your experience level is an important part of presenting the best possible resume to recruiters. This assistant principal resume example uses a combination format, best for mid-level professionals who want to supplement their moderate amount of experience with an equal focus on their skills.
  • Picking a fitting template: Your resume template should reflect the employer you’d work for. Assistant principals occupy a more straight-laced, administrative role most likely to call for one of our Traditional templates, but whichever type of design your situation requires, our wide selection is sure to have something for you.


3 Assistant Principal Professional Summary Examples

A concise professional summary is a great way of introducing yourself to the recruiters. You can draft a compelling summary by following the outlines of our resume examples, and also use our builder if you are looking for comprehensive guidance.

Here are three professional summary examples that you might consider for your resume-writing:

  1. Focused assistant principal with over 10 years of experience in implementing effective and modern curriculum for elementary grade students. Certified member of the Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP). Technologically competent individual with expertise in long-term curriculum development. Possess a strong sense of accountability and responsibility.
  2. Self-driven assistant principal with four years spent in school administration. Experienced instructing history and social sciences classes of over 30 students each. Proven track record of implementing policies that enhanced staff happiness and performance. Excellent organizational skills coupled with strong communication and parent-facing skills.
  3. Certified assistant principal from Kentucky with eight years of experience. Expertise in cost budgeting and staff recruitment. Value the importance of sports in children’s personality development and actively organize sports events in school. Trustworthy team coordinator with an approachable attitude and strong problem-solving skills.

3 Assistant Principal Work Experience Examples

The work experience section should mention your career highlights as well as show off measurable achievements that can instantly grab a recruiters’ attention. Use our examples as a guide for writing this section, or customize our Resume Builder’s suggestions with your own metrics:

Here are three work experience section examples our builder could recommend:

  1. Responsible for managing the schedule of 29 teachers and 45 non-teaching staff.
  2. Headed the committee that raised $275,000 for the new sports stadium.
  3. Spearheaded set-up of new 3D-printing and robotics labs for improving STEM education, earning additional $100,000 in district funding.

Top Skills for Your Assistant Principal Resume

In a recruiter’s eyes, your skills section may immediately determine whether or not you’re a fit for the job. Our assistant principal resume example and Resume Builder offer suggestions for the kinds of job-specific skills you’ll need to stand out.

Here are hard and soft skills you might find on an assistant principal resume:

Hard Skills

  • Public relations management
  • Staff management
  • Benchmark planning and review
  • MS Word, PowerPoint

Soft Skills

  • Inclusive leadership
  • Communication skills
  • Organization
  • Active listening

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Assistant Principal FAQs

How do you become an assistant principal?

Assistant principals, like principals, are required to have a master’s degree in education. They also need to be a certified teacher with a license. Assistant principals are required to complete state board-approved graduate degree programs to qualify for licensure. They typically have eight to ten years of teaching experience under their belt too.

What are different career opportunities available to assistant principals?

The natural progression of an assistant principal is to become a principal. However, they can also advance their career by becoming a school district officer or an administrator. They might also go on to work in a higher-level, post-secondary administration. A rare executive position in an education-related company, for example, is another area they could explore.

What are the essential traits a successful assistant principal must have?

The key to flourishing in this role is properly executing your responsibilities while respecting the decision-making superiority of the principal. Assistant principals should always maintain a student-centric approach while making any decision. Successful assistant principals are self-driven individuals with excellent organizational and communication skills.