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Human resources coordinators are multi-talented HR professionals who play a key role in helping their departments run more efficiently in a variety of ways. With exact responsibilities differing from employer to employer, they all do their part to help build and maintain positive relationships with employees. They may onboard new hires, run orientation programs and more.

The number of human resource workers in the United States is expected to grow significantly by 2025. To help you land one of these roles yourself, our human resources coordinator resume example will show you how to write a resume recruiters won’t be able to ignore.


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What Is a HR Coordinator?

Human resources coordinators are vital pieces of their HR departments responsible for coordinating trainings and meetings with employees, developing and enacting HR policy, and assisting with various recruiting- and hiring-related tasks. They may also serve as a specialized point of contact between certain employees and members of management.

They are in high demand due to their versatility and may be assigned to handle employee benefits plans, administer interviews or review employee performance. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for human resource specialists in 2019 was $61,920.

What Makes This a Great
HR Coordinator Resume Example?

Our human resources coordinator resume example was written by certified resume writers who know what recruiters want to read. These experts perform in-depth analysis into the current industry expectations for each position.

Here are some advantages to using our resume examples as a guide for your own resume writing:

  • Professionally written content: Our resume examples offer a thorough look at what job seekers need to communicate to hiring managers. This example contains industry-specific terms like “BambooHR” and “candidate screening,” which suggest to a recruiter you have the experience the job requires. In addition to learning from our examples, you can also customize our Resume Builder’s pre-written content suggestions when crafting your resume.
  • Help picking the right resume format: It’s critical to pick the right resume format if you want a document that makes the most of your experience and skills. Our human resources coordinator resume example uses a combination format, which highlights skills and experience equally. This option is best for applicants with a medium amount of experience in their field, or those who are changing industries.
  • Choosing a fitting template: Human resources coordinators perform crucial tasks in HR departments, which are often expected to convey an extra level of professionalism or a more polished appearance. Our Resume Builder offers a number of more traditionally designed templates for workplaces like these, as well as more creative designs among our wide selection of customizable resue templates.

3 HR Coordinator Professional Summaries Examples

A professional summary should catch a recruiter’s attention with one’s most relevant career highlights. Take a look at our human resources coordinator resume example to learn how to succinctly and impressively list these qualifications. You can also use our Resume Builder’s pre-written content, which you can customize with your own measurable accomplishments.

Here are three examples of professional summaries our builder might recommend:

  1. Human resources coordinator with over a decade of experience. Officially recognized twice by management for implementing industry-leading recruitment and training programs. Experienced working in challenging environments and establishing robust relationships between employees, managers and HR departments.
  2. Senior human resources coordinator solely responsible for new-hire onboarding at three leading insurance companies. Led HR departments in administering interviews, performance reviews and benefits dispersal. Detail-oriented individual competent in completing tasks quickly while meeting deadlines and assisting employees with miscellaneous requests.
  3. Highly motivated and experienced human resource coordinator with 5+ years of experience, skilled in payroll, talent acquisition, organizing employee wellness programs, and adaptable to the new work environment. Adept at managing employee records, providing administrative support and handling the organization budget.

3 HR Coordinator Work Experience Section Examples

Our resume experts make sure each of our examples show you exactly how to include specific achievements in your work history section. Take a look at our human resources coordinator resume example to see how this is done, or use our Resume Builder’s pre-written content, which you can customize with your own measurable accomplishments.

Here are three work experience examples you might find on an HR coordinator’s resume:

  1. Identified hiring needs, conducted office-wide surveys to improve company culture and facilitated benefits enrollment for over 200 full-time employees.
  2. Organized and completed training and orientation programs for 28 new hires over a six-week period.
  3. Managed and updated employee data, worked with medical insurance providers, approved employee leave requests and managed payroll systems for 134 employees.


Top Skills for Your HR Coordinator Resume

Organizations look for particular hard and soft skills in HR professionals, and striking the right balance between the right skills can make or break your chances of being hired. Our Resume Builder helps you craft a resume that includes these industry-specific terms to help you pass through keyword-seeking applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Below are some suggested hard and soft skills you can include on your human resources coordinator resume.

Hard Skills

  • Training and performance management
  • Document organization
  • MS Office
  • Interviewing and hiring

Soft Skills

  • Empathetic listening
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Performing research

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HR Coordinator FAQs

What are the primary responsibilities of a human resources coordinator?

Human resources coordinators execute various administrative duties in HR departments, which require strong organizational, decision-making, problem-solving and conflict-management skills. Their primary responsibilities might include maintaining employee records, scheduling events, and performing interviews and presentations. They may also do work related to payroll management or analyzing and implementing modern HR trends.

What are the educational qualifications to be a human resources coordinator?

A bachelor’s degree in human resources is the main educational qualification to become a human resources coordinator. If a particular role is advanced enough, some organizations may prefer applicants to also have a master’s degree in business administration. Additional HR-related certifications from reputable organizations can also further qualify you for new positions and promotions.

What are the basic skills needed to be a human resources coordinator?

A human resources coordinator should possess customer service skills, organizational skills, and strong communication skills. They must be able to function in a stressful environment and be a good listener who is comfortable with public speaking. In terms of technical skills, proficiency with the MS Office suite, HRIS databases and similar software may be required by some employers.