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With the continual growth of social networks, a social media manager is critical to any marketing strategy.  One-in-three people in the world use social media, which creates a huge market for companies. Our social media resume examples are written by certified resume writers to show you how to create a high-quality resume that will get you noticed by hiring managers and recruiters.


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What Is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager uses popular media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create marketing campaigns for companies. Written posts, media and promotional campaigns are the core mediums used in this work. Although openings for this position are increasingly competitive, businesses of all kinds need social media marketing. The benefits of building brand image, reaching customers and increasing social reach far outreach the cost. A social media manager studies analytics and other useful data to create the perfect strategy for customers while adapting quickly to online trends.

What Makes This a Great
Social Media Manager Resume Example?

Working with social media is a dream come true for many marketing professionals, and your resume is the first step towards realizing that dream. Our social media manager resume examples are designed to show you exactly how to create a resume that will get you the job you want. Here’s how:

  • Professionally written, job-specific content: All of our resume examples are written by certified resume writers who know the skills and experience recruiters seek in applicants for social media manager roles. Use the content in our examples as inspiration, or write your resume using our builder which will offer text suggestions for each section of your resume.
  • The right format for your experience level: In this social media manager resume example, the applicant uses a combination format to emphasize both her impressive skill set and work history. This is the recommended format for mid-career professionals. However, if you are an entry-level applicant or are applying for a senior-level job, a chronological or functional resume format might be a better choice for you.
  • Displays template options: Social media is a creative field,which is why this resume example uses a template with a hint of bright color. However, if you are applying for work in more conventional industries, a more conservative design might be in order. Our resume builder will help you choose the resume template that is best suited for the role at hand.

3 Social Media Manager Professional Summaries Examples

Our team of resume writers craft strong social media manager professional summaries for you to study.  Use our resume examples as a guide for crafting your own professional summary, complete with your most notable achievements and metrics. Here are three additional examples:

  1. Versatile social media manager with 12 years of experience across a variety of social media platforms. Skilled in promoting engaging content for marketing campaigns and excellent communicator across social networks. Sensitive to trends and familiar with SEO strategy.
  2. Meticulous social media manager with analytic and creative skills adaptable to any company. Experienced in building brand voice and effective in developing marketing strategy. Friendly and sensitive to customers’ needs.
  3. Communicative social media specialist experienced in developing brand identity and online promotion. Expert in analytics and SEO strategy with 4 years of experience in successful marketing campaigns. Skilled with visual art expertise and exceptional writing capability.

3 Social Media Manager Work Experience Section Examples

Your work experience is an important indicator of your marketing and innovative talent. Precise wording and persuasive detail are what hiring managers are looking for as the choose which applicants to interview. Our resume examples feature bullet points that show you how to cast your past work experiences in a positive light. Here are three additional examples to consider for your social media manager work experience section:

  1. Managed critical company content across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and posted up to 12 engaging posts daily.
  2. Developed brand reputation through an extensive 6-week promotional campaign.
  3. Used analytical data and SEO strategy to cultivate potential leads and sales.


Top Skills for Your Social Media Manager Resume

As a social media manager, you need to showcase the right qualities such as communication, creativity and expert marketing skills. Our resume examples list sought-after social media skills that will impress hiring managers. Here are a few additional hard and soft skills to consider for your social media manager resume:

Hard Skills

  • Off- and on-site web analytics
  • SEO strategy
  • WordPress blogging platform
  • Persuasive writing

Soft Skills

  • Creative
  • Organized
  • Adaptable
  • Sociable

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Social Media Manager FAQs

What are a social media manager’s responsibilities?

As supervisor for a company’s social media accounts and strategies, a social media manager consults data and customer feedback to target the right audience. Creating engaging content, promoting marketing features and catering to customers are key roles. As you cultivate your company’s brand image, you also work with other brands through social media networks.

How much do you pay a social media manager?

With companies increasingly requiring online marketing to stay competitive, a social media manager generally has a lot of work to do. In 2018, these positions offered a median base pay of $42,000 with entry-level experience. For specialists with over 5 years of experience, the salary typically rises by over $10,000. For those working as freelance social media managers, rates range from $15-$50 per hour.

Why do you need a social media manager?

Although companies most frequently maintain their social media accounts by posting content and promoting products, there is much more that a specialist does. Along with consistent posting, social media managers study data to determine what is working and what they can improve. They use these results and other trends to produce more effective branding and advertising online.