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Looking to jumpstart your customer service career? You’ll need a winning cover letter to succeed. Our industry-specific cover letter examples can help you build your customer cover letter in just minutes. Just click on any of the templates below and customize them to fit your own needs. With these cover letter examples, you’ll be ready to land more interviews, get more offers, and land the job you’re looking for sooner.

Cover Letter Tips for Customer Service

Customer Service Professional Cover Letter Sample

Finding jobs in Customer Service takes planning, organization and a honed set of job-seeking skills. Follow these tips to help you rise above the competition and land that next job in your career.

  • Set up weekly goals of job applications and submitted cover letters and keep track of them on your computer or in a notebook. This facilitates momentum with your job search and assists with proper follow-up activities.

  • Examine your skill set carefully and consider other industries. You may qualify for jobs in Customer Service with companies you have previously not considered.

  • Polish your online presence. Make sure your profiles are professional and don’t serve to knock you out of the running for a job. Hiring managers will seek out your online reputation.

  • Network constantly. A successful candidate will be very active in online business sites and social media platforms and attend in person events such as Chamber of Commerce events, job fairs, industry-related events and more.

  • Brush up on your interview skills. Potential employers seek out good communicators and it is important to have the confidence to be able to showcase your talents well in the interview.

Customer Service Job Seeking Tips

Customer Service Professional Cover Letter Template

Your cover letter needs to be of excellent quality when you are looking for jobs in Customer Service. Read and follow these do’s and don’ts to take that next step in achieving your career goals.

  • Do think about using a design that is not the standard template. Microsoft Word can be inflexible and is very widely used. Be creative, but ensure that it is very readable and don’t use odd fonts that are distracting to hiring managers.

  • Don’t use personal pronouns (I, me, my) within your cover letter. This can be seen as unprofessional and is not recommended.

  • Do list your jobs in order of the most impact. Reverse chronological order is best to grab the attention of readers quickly.

  • Don’t use phrases such as Responsible for and Duties included in your job descriptions. These are weak phrases and don’t showcase your skills as accomplishments. Using action verbs throughout your cover letter is much more attractive and impactful.

  • Do emphasize transferable skills. This will help you find jobs in Customer Service with a wide variety of companies.

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