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Personal Banker Example Cover Letter

Accounting & finance professionals are in high demand. Our professional cover letter examples take the stress out of creating your own job-winning accounting & finance cover letter We offer multiple template options and designs that make cover letter writing easy. Get started on your way toward winning the job today. Click on any of the cover letter examples below to start now.

Cover Letter Tips for Accounting and Finance

Auditor Example Cover Letter

The challenge of finding jobs in Accounting and Finance is less daunting when you combine the right job-search skills with a positive frame of mind. The advice below can guide you on the path to securing a job that meets your career goals.

  • Approach your job hunting like a detective. Contact everyone in your social network and ask them questions about job listings or openings. There are many positions available in companies that are not advertised or made public. The more you talk with people, the more likely you are to uncover hidden employment opportunities.

  • Use Twitter as part of your job search strategy. There are various Twitter tools you can use to help locate companies, find job listings and distribute your cover letter.

  • Send an inquiry letter to prospective employers. This is useful for companies that have not posted a job opening. The purpose of the letter is to set up a meeting to discuss the needs of the company and the qualifications you can bring to the table. Make sure you attached your cover letter.

  • Take a training class. Before or during your job search brush up on your skills or learn a new skill. Research the occupations that interest you, focusing on the common technology or tools used on the job. This way you’ll have a marketable skill that will help you compete for jobs in .

Accounting and Finance Job Seeking Tips

Financial Analyst Example Cover Letter

When you’re looking for jobs in Accounting and Finance, your cover letter distinguishes you from other applicants. Create a cover letter that makes a positive impression with the do’s and don’ts tips below.

  • Consider replacing the Objective Statement because most recruiters and employers don’t read them. Instead add a headline that states the position you want or include a brand statement that briefly tells how you can benefit the employer.

  • Avoid using nicknames because they make you look less professional. However, if you are well known by that name, listing it on the cover letter is acceptable.

  • Make sure your permanent address is listed. If you’re a college student you can include both your permanent address and college address.

  • Keep the cover letter highly focused. In a quick six second glance the reader should know exactly what position you want and the qualifications you offer employers in jobs in Accounting and Finance.

  • Many companies screen cover letters using keyword-searchable software. Make sure your cover letter includes keywords that are specific to the job you’re seeking. If you don’t include them, your cover letter may be overlooked.

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