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You just found a posting for the training internship you’ve dreamed of, and you’re confident you have the skills for the position. What can you do to be sure the hiring committee agrees with you? Writing a stand-out cover letter is the first step, and our training internship cover letter example and the following tips will help you find the words to get you in the door.

  • Do show the hiring manager what you can do. Rather than list characteristics like “good with numbers,” describe how that skill contributed to the successful completion of your senior project. “Show, don’t tell” applies to writing of all styles, but it’s especially important for your cover letter.
  • Don’t go on and on. Make your points and then move along. Hiring managers are likely reading dozens, if not hundreds, of cover letters. You don’t want yours to be the one they toss aside simply because they grow tired of reading.
  • Do write with confidence. You know you have the knowledge and skills needed for the internship. Let your words convey certainty.
  • Don’t let your confidence come across as egotistical. Always maintain respect for the company and those supervising the internship.

Training Internship College Credits Advice

Looking for an accounting internship? You’ll need a compelling cover letter to get a training internship college credits. The cover letter examples below have been created to help you build your cover letter faster. Our multiple templates and design options make it easy to personalize your cover letter for better results. Take the next step toward the training internship college credits internship you want. Click below on these cover letter examples to get started today!

Accounting Intern Cover Letter Template Modern Style

Cover Letter Tips for
Training Internship College Credits

Looking for Jobs as a Training Internship requires having the right information and forming a good strategy. The following tips can help you find the right position.

  • Join groups. Signing up for a local or online business association or visiting an online job board may give you opportunities beyond what you find in the help-wanted section.

  • Clean up your social media profile. Employers are increasingly using Facebook and Twitter as screening tools to assess applicants. Make sure your profiles don’t reveal anything that you wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see.

  • Take control of your search. You are the captain of your ship and are ultimately responsible for your career. Instead of reacting negatively to dead end leads or numerous setbacks, continue on and don’t give up.

  • Be persistent. The job search may be a long process and it is important to not lose hope. If you haven’t heard back about an application, it is ok to follow up with the company. They may simply have just been busy and they may appreciate your initiative.

  • Be positive. Being unemployed or underemployed is nothing to be ashamed of. Keeping an upbeat attitude will help get through the job-seeking process.

Accounting Intern Cover Letter Sample Traditional Style

Training Internship College Credits Job Seeking Tips

Your cover letter is going to be the thing that gets your foot in the door when you are searching for jobs as a Training Internship. Use these do’s and don’ts tips to make sure your cover letter stands out from the crowd.

  • Do include contact information. Your cover letter is of no use if an employer cannot contact you about it. Be sure to list your phone number and email address at a minimum. It is not necessary to include a street address, the city and state you live in are sufficient.

  • Do keep your cover letter focused. Employers will only review your cover letter for a matter of seconds, so it is a good idea to make sure it only includes relevant information that is presented succinctly.

  • Don’t use personal pronouns. “I” and “me” should never appear on your cover letter.

  • Don’t just list duties when describing prior job experience. The job experience section of your cover letter shouldn’t read like a job description. Think in terms of accomplishments and what you contributed to your prior employer.

  • Don’t include personal information. It is inappropriate to include personal information on a cover letter. Employers don’t need to know your birthday, your social security number, your religion or the names of your children. Limit your cover letter to professional information only.

Accounting Intern Cover Letter Example Classic Style

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