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To get your next job, focus your careful attention to detail on your cover letter. Hiring managers typically pay as much, and sometimes more, attention to the letter as they do to your resume. With our list of dos and don’ts, plus hints from our data entry clerk cover letter example, you will be well on your way to getting an interview.

  • Do use words from the job description. Notice how the sample contains specific industry phrases such as gathering, analyzing and reporting. Active, powerful words help a prospective employer see you as a vibrant candidate.
  • Don’t make a list of how this job will benefit you. Keep the focus on the employer and how you will contribute to the company, its goals and even its culture.
  • Do make an effort to personalize the letter with the hiring manager’s name. If it is not listed on the job posting, do some digging. The company’s online staff directory can be a great place to start.
  • Don’t write in an overly formal or stiff style. There’s a big difference between sounding stuffy and sounding professional and personable.

Data Entry Clerk Advice

If you want a job as a data entry clerk, you’ll need an excellent cover letter. Our data entry clerk cover letter examples can help. Featuring specific skills and phrases that employers are looking for, our cover letter examples are a great starting point for creating your own successful cover letter. Choose from multiple templates and personalize your cover letter to fit your specific needs. It’s easy to get started–just click on the samples below.

Sample Cover Letter For Data Entry Clerk

Cover Letter Tips for
Data Entry Clerk

The job hunt requires skill and expertise. In fact, the search for a job is much easier when you know how to approach it. These tips will help you find the perfect job based on your skills and likes. 1 – Utilize every resource available to you, not just the Internet. This means that you should be focused on reaching out to people you know, passing out business cards and reading classified ads in the newspaper. 2 – Be easy to contact. Make your information prominent for anybody looking to offer you a job. Your cover letter and business cards should include a name, email address and phone number at the very least. 3 – Maintain a professional appearance in person and online. You do not want a potential employer to see photos you would be embarrassed to share at work. 4 – Curate experiences and skills. Not finding work quite yet? Maybe it’s time to take a class or attend a workshop you can add to your cover letter. 5 – Sign up for online alerts that will email you when a job lead as a Data Entry Clerk comes available.

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    Data Entry Clerk Job Seeking Tips

    Data Entry Clerk jobseekers know that they need good cover letters to keep up with the competition. Writing your cover letter does not have to be an enduring experience, especially when you have so many resources at your disposal. Use these tips to make your cover letter stand out in the crowd. 1 – Keep your cover letter as simple as possible. A modern font, like Century Gothic or Helvetica, is fine. Make sure to keep font easy to read at 10 or 12-pt as well. Lots of white space on the page is always good too. 2 – Your contact info should be prominently displayed at the top of your cover letter, right under your name. Contact information may include an email address, phone number, address or LinkedIn profile (if relevant). 3 – Make your cover letter easy to skim. This means that you need to be using headings that focus the reader toward specific sections of your cover letter. 4 – Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from a professional. Even others who work in your industry may be able to look over your cover letter and provide some advice. 5 – Share the most recent 10 to 15 years of experience on your cover letter unless your most relevant experiences go back longer than that.

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