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Advice for Administrative Employees

Assistant Office Manager Example Cover Letter

Looking for cover letter examples designed for admin careers? The samples below are geared toward helping receptionists, secretaries, office managers, and other admin pros craft letters that will wow employers and help you get hired!

Cover Letter Tips for Administrative Positions

Assistant Office Manager Cover Letter Template

Finding jobs in Admin and the Killeen area requires a positive attitude. With some careful planning, prepared candidates usually have a better chance at getting hired. These tips can help you reach your employment goals in any market.

  • Connect with people from all walks of life. Building a network of other professionals can help you locate and land jobs. Do this in person and with the help of social media by joining LinkedIn if you haven’t already done so.

  • Your personality can shine though your cover letter, which is usually the first impression an employer will get of you. Craft a well-written cover letter that highlights your skills and accomplishments. No matter what kind of job you’re trying to land, make sure it’s concise and easy to read.

  • Make sure your public profiles represent you in a favorable manner. Set them to private to make sure only your friends and family can see what you post.

  • Look for jobs in Admin online as well as in person. Many places do not advertise when they need an employee. Ask around and visit places you’d actually like to work. They might surprise you by letting you fill out an application.

  • Try other ways of finding your next job like employment fairs, employment services and job boards. Local colleges will usually host hiring events. The more choices you have, the greater your odds of finding employment opportunities.

Administrative Job Seeking Tips

Assistant Office Manager Cover Letter Example

When it comes to hunting for jobs in Admin and the Killeen area, you will need a well-written and informative cover letter. Show your potential employers that you are the best candidate for the job. Get their attention with a cover letter that highlights your skills with these helpful tips.

  • Make the layout on your own cover letter easy to read with bulleted lists and concise sentences. Customize it to the job ad as much as possible. This shows the employer that you’ve done your research and that you match its criteria.

  • Action words give your cover letter an interesting edge. Research these phrases and incorporate them into your cover letter.

  • Try not to use the phrase references upon request as this is usually understood. Instead, use the limited space on your page to give employers more useful information about yourself and your skills when looking for jobs in Admin.

  • At an interview, be sure to ask pertinent questions like how much the company plans to grow in the next five years and what top three qualities it wishes to have in an employee.

  • Be sure to practice your answer to common interview questions. The more comfortable you are with this process, the better your chances will be of getting hired.

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