How to List Computer Skills on a Resume (118+ Examples)

It’s a digital world, and most jobs require some type of computer skill! Here, we’ll show you some top computer skills for your resume and cover letter to help you win the job. We also give advice on explaining your computer skill level and tips for improving them!

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by Eric Ciechanowski  Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) 
May 15, 2023  

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What are computer skills?

Computer skills refer to your ability to use specific tech hardware and software to perform a task or achieve a goal.

It’s a broad term. Rather than say you have “computer skills,” you should be specific about what you excel at: e.g., emails, spreadsheets, coding practice or installing network hardware.

Since most people can use computers in one way or another, you should only consider something a computer skill if you feel you can perform a function as well or better than the average person.

Why computer skills are important

Most jobs require basic computer skills because businesses rely on technology for efficiency and productivity.

Employers won’t hire you unless you’ve got the right computer skills to do the job!

So, know which hardware, programs or software they use. The more you can sell your computer skills in these areas, the more likely you will get hired!

Next, we’ve got some of the best computer skills for resumes below.

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Top computer skills + examples

Here’s our list of the top computer skills that employers request.

We’ve organized these into 14 skill types and included 118 specific computer skills examples. Plus, we show how you could describe your computer skill as a work experience bullet point instead of just listing it!

  1. 1 Email

    Email can have a variety of important business applications, from customer support to outreach and sales. If there’s a specific aspect of email you have experience with, mention it on your resume.

    Email skills examples:

    • Composing emails
    • Customer support email
    • Email campaigns
    • Filters
    • Folders
    • Mailchimp
    • Mail merge
    • Zendesk

    Email work experience example:

    “Composed an average of eight marketing outreach emails per day.”

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  2. 2 Google Suite

    GSuite is the default standard office toolset that most companies use because it’s free and makes collaboration easy. So, it’s beneficial to show employers that you are familiar with and fluent in using these applications.

    Google Suite skills examples:

    • Calendar
    • Drive
    • Docs
    • Forms
    • Sheets
    • Slides

    GSuite work experience example:

    “Maintained schedules for three dentists using Google Calendar.”

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  3. 3 Presentations/Slideshows

    Computers are central to creating multimedia presentations and making information digestible. If you’re skilled in these programs, let employers know because it’ll help you get noticed!

    Presentation computer skills examples:

    • PowerPoint
    • Google Slides
    • Impress
    • OpenOffice
    • Tableau

    Presentations work experience example:

    “Created and presented a Powerpoint slideshow to a group of 400+ conference attendees.”

    See also: HR trainer resume examples

  4. 4 Spreadsheets

    Spreadsheets are the gold standard for organizing information. If you have them, sell employers on your more advanced skills using spreadsheets like conditional formatting, transposing data or vertical lookups.

    Spreadsheet skills examples:

    • Apple Numbers
    • Excel
    • Google Sheets
    • Macros
    • OpenOffice Calc
    • Pivot tables
    • Quip
    • Sensitivity tables
    • Vertical lookups
    • Zoho Sheet

    Spreadsheets work experience example:

    “Categorize previous budget reports into Microsoft Excel using a detailed pivot table to improve company financial strategy.”

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  5. 5 MS Office Suite

    Microsoft is one of the oldest names in personal computing software. Many businesses still use their programs and seek candidates well-versed in their functions.

    MS Office skills examples:

    • Access
    • Excel
    • Outlook
    • Powerpoint
    • OneNote
    • Word

    MS Office work experience example:

    “Created engaging PowerPoint slideshows for business analytics presentations.”

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  6. 6 Accounting

    It’s essential for businesses to keep track of their financial information and to notice longer-term trends. Accounting software makes it easy to do that, so people skilled at using it get noticed by employers!

    Accounting computer skills examples:

    • KissFlow
    • Oracle Financials Cloud
    • QuickBooks
    • Sage Intacct
    • Workday Financial Management
    • Xero
    • Zoho Finance

    Accounting software work experience example:

    “Implemented Oracle Financials Cloud for comprehensive expense tracking between two branches.”

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  7. 7 Graphics and design

    Computer design skills refer to using technology to render images, animations and web pages. We live in a visual world, so these skills are attractive to tech employers.

    Design computer skills examples:

    • Adobe Acrobat
    • Corel Draw
    • Figma
    • HTML/CSS Illustrator
    • InDesign
    • Photoshop
    • Figma

    Graphics and design work experience example:

    “Utilized Figma to design two to three web pages per week.”

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  8. 8 Social media

    This type of computer skill is helpful for businesses that want to attract customers through social media. The more you get users reading your posts and clicking, the more excited hiring managers will be to interview you!

    Social media skills examples:

    • Digital marketing
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Reshares
    • TikTok
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • User engagement

    Social media work experience examples:

    “Implemented giveaway marketing strategy that led to 34% increase in Instagram user engagement.”

    See also: Social media manager resume example

  9. 9 Writing

    Computer writing skills help businesses communicate with their customers clearly and concisely. Computer writing skills are beneficial for businesses that require marketing!

    Writing computer skills examples:

    • Content writing
    • Copywriting
    • Digital marketing
    • Emails
    • SEO
    • Technical writing
    • Typing (words per minute)
    • WordPress
    • Yoast

    Computer writing work experience examples:

    “Wrote and launched email campaign that led to 13% sales increase from the previous year.”

    See also: Technical writer resume examples

  10. 10 Web development

    Web development involves the tasks necessary to build, create, maintain or update websites and apps. These skills are of vital importance to business performance!

    Web development skills examples:

    • Backend
    • Content management systems (CMS)
    • CSS
    • Front end
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • Joomla
    • WordPress

    Web development work experience examples:

    “Updated user interfaces with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks to improve user experience rating by 21%.”

    See also: Core JavaScript developer resume example

  11. 11 Enterprise systems

    These systems are the software that tracks and controls business operations and automates certain processes. Most data used for analysis comes from these systems, so it’s crucial to business success.

    Enterprise systems skills examples:

    • Automated billing systems
    • Business intelligence
    • Content management systems (CMS)
    • Jira
    • Oracle NetSuite
    • Payment processing
    • Salesforce

    Enterprise systems work experience example:

    “Created 95+ Salesforce data flow and process flow diagrams to facilitate better business analytics.”

    See also: Salesforce developer resume examples

  12. 12 Software programming

    These skills are required to make the programs and apps you use on a device. Programming skills usually require knowing a technical language to write code.

    Software skills examples:

    • AI/machine learning
    • C#
    • C++
    • IOS/Swift
    • Java
    • Linux
    • MySQL
    • PHP
    • Python
    • SQL
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Ubuntu

    Software programming work experience examples:

    “Rendered Android application using Java and C++ to increase performance speed by 83%.”

    See also: Programmer resume examples

  13. 13 Computer hardware

    Hardware refers to the computers, equipment and devices that businesses use. IT professionals often manage, maintain and fix issues with company hardware.

    Computer hardware skills examples:

    • Cisco
    • Cloud management
    • DHCP
    • DNS
    • Network configuration
    • Security
    • Software installation
    • System administration
    • TCP/IP
    • Tech support
    • Updates
    • WAN/LAN

    Hardware work experience examples:

    “Configure and troubleshoot Cisco routers and switches on physical and network layer issues to diagnose issues.”

    See also: Cisco network engineer resume examples

  14. 14 Database management

    These skills refer to the ability to manage things like servers, networks and cloud infrastructure. Anywhere data is stored, these skills are valuable!

    Database management skills examples:

    • Apache CouchDB
    • FileMaker Pro
    • IBM DB2
    • MS Access
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Oracle database
    • SQL

    Database management work experience example:

    “Strategized and executed segmentation in APAC and NPZ for marketing automation that increased sales 74%.”

    See also: Database administrator resume examples

  15. Additional advanced computer skills

    There are also advanced computer skills that can fit into multiple categories. These high-level skills will set you apart from the job competition!

    Additional advanced computer skills examples:

    • Cybersecurity data structures
    • Debugging
    • Coding
    • Machine learning
    • System architecture

    Security work experience example:

    “Rescued a 1,200-computer network from the DaVinci virus.”

    See also: System architect resume examples

    Keep reading to see computer skills for resume examples! And, we’ve also got advice on how to list computer skills on resumes and cover letters!

    However, if this list has got your brain juices flowing, skip straight to the writing process using our Resume Builder. You can have your resume ready to send in minutes!

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Computer skills for
resume examples

The best way to know what computer skills you should list on your resume is to read the job post or ad closely. This is where the employer tells you what they’re seeking!

Then, identify which of these skills you possess and make sure you add each one to your resume.

To write a good resume, there are three main places on your resume you should mention your computer skills:

See the following example:

Computer Skills Resume Sample

If this resume sample was helpful to you, check out our complete library of 400+ resume examples. You can find one specific to the job you’re looking for!

Show your computer skill level
on your resume

Every computer program or application is like a different language; everyone has a different level of skill or fluency.

It will help you to be specific about how strong you are at the various computer skills you possess.

There are two main ways to show your computer skill level:

  1. Use a resume template that features a “skills meter.”
  2. Use numbers to explain the results of your computer skills in the work experience section.

A resume template is a tool to help you make your resume faster. It’s a preformatted layout that a professional designer created.

Some resume templates feature skills meters that you can use to display your level of proficiency.

Here’s an example of a template with a skills meter you can use:

Otherwise, the work experience section can denote how good you are with computers in the brief descriptions of what tasks you achieved using those skills.

Here are examples of computer skills by proficiency level using work experience descriptions:



Beginner computer skills show a basic understanding of computer systems and how to use common tools like word processors, email or social media.

Here are samples of how to list beginner computer skills in the experience bullets of your resume:

  • Formatted, wrote, edited and shared files using Google Docs.
  • Created office inventory spreadsheets on Microsoft Excel.
  • Responded to 40+ customer emails per week.
  • Organized schedules and events with Google Calendar.


Intermediate computer skills involve more complex computer software and tasks, such as graphic design software, operating systems and file management.

Here are samples of how to list intermediate computer skills on your resume:

  • Edited and enhanced images using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Led Powerpoint presentation for 50+ company stakeholders.
  • Created, assigned and managed 150+ Jira tickets per month.
  • Tracked Google data analytics using Ahrefs.


Advanced computer skills mean you have a high technical ability with computers, including hardware installation, programming or web development.

Here are a few examples of how to add advanced computer skills to your resume:

  • Developed and optimized the company website exceeding 3,000 monthly users.
  • Fixed cybersecurity breaches for a network server with over 100 users.
  • Attained Srumaster certification to manage 300+ remote employees.
  • Tested and debugged coding to launch four new software products.

How to improve computer skills

It will open many doors for you to develop your computer skills! Here are some steps you can take if you’re looking to advance your technological abilities.

  1. 1 Pick the computer skill you want to learn.

    There are almost as many computer skills or languages that you could learn as there are drops of water in the ocean.

    To develop your skills, you must first determine which is the most useful or essential for you to learn. If you’re trying to understand which computer skills you need for professional purposes, looking at the job post is an excellent place to start.

    Identify the computer skills needed for the job you want, and become proficient in them. A Google search of “how to [insert skill]” is a good starting point that will provide many options and ideas.

  2. 2 Get hands-on experience.

    Once you know which computer skills you want to work on, the next step is to get access to that software or device and start using it! There’s no better way to learn than diving right into it!

    For example, if you want to get experience with doing digital meetings, set up an online hangout with a friend on Zoom. Or, if you want to get experience with scheduling, try using Google Calendar to organize your personal life and events.

    That said, to learn more complex programs or computer skills it will benefit you to take a more formal approach by getting a book or taking a class. That brings us to the next step.

  3. 3 Search for free online learning material.

    The internet is a treasure trove of information; you may not even have to pay to learn the computer skills you seek!

    There are blogs, YouTube videos and courses that teach people how to develop advanced computer skills in topics like SEO, graphic design or setting up computer hardware.

  4. 4 Consider taking a class.

    Many colleges, libraries and community centers offer specialized classes on computer skills.

    You can also take paid online courses provided by institutions like App Academy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning or Udemy. These programs have courses in a wide variety you can take, specializing in most tech skills.

    Some of these programs even include offers like job placement services! That’s good insurance that the skills you develop will pay off and get practical use.

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