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When you’re a senior, you have several decades of experience that are perfect for a strong resume. The best resume format for you is often one that highlights skills and experiences you’ve gained throughout your lifetime. Take a deeper look at the basic resume format so that your final draft interests potential employers.

Functional vs. Chronological Resumes

To display your skills and achievements all at once, choose the functional resume. It’s understandable to have dozens of different skills by the time you’re 60 or 70 years old, but narrow down your list to about seven or eight items. Talk about your unlisted skills when you visit with an interviewer. This strategy prevents you from repeating everything on your resume and makes the interview feel fresh and interesting. In most cases, employers are already sold on your top skills by the time you enter the interview room.

To show the breadth of your experience, though, use the chronological format and list each position from most to least recent. This is especially a good format if you have spent decades in the same field. It is possible, though, to combine both into a hybrid resume.

Include a Summary Statement on a Senior Resume

If your resume reflects many different employment positions over the years, prospective employers may be confused about your working goals. The best resume format for your situation includes a summary statement. This short paragraph belongs at the top of the resume. It concisely explains what your main skills are and how they make you an ideal job candidate. Spend considerable time on this summary as you devise your resume. Treat the statement as a kind of “elevator pitch.” It must have an impact so that the employer will continue reading it. Once the employer understands your professional motivations, he or she can match you to the appropriate position.

Considering Date Inclusions on a Senior Resume

Although your resume is functional, dates are usually interspersed within the information to help employers understand your employment timeline. As a senior, timelines aren’t as important as your skills. List all your notable skills and continue onto the educational section. The best resume format requires a chronological list of your education by starting at the highest degree and following backward in time. Document your degrees, certificates and other achievements in this area. There’s no need to add dates to them, however. An interviewer can always ask for the dates when you meet in person.

Tips for a Stellar Senior Resume

Today’s best resume format is usually more than just bolded text on a white piece of paper. Take a look at some of the current resume trends to get you into that coveted interview room. However, be sure to stick to the basics when applying for a job in a more business-like setting. If you want to add color, use colored paper with a conservative tone.

Do you have a project that you’re particularly proud of? Include a copy of the project’s summary behind your resume. Work examples are direct reflections of your work ethic.

Invite the prospective employer to email, call or text you with clearly listed contact information. List all this information at the top of your resume so that employers can reach you without any confusion.

Seniors have varied backgrounds with work experience in many industries. You simply need to keep up with current trends regarding the best resume format to showcase your particular skills. Go online and look at sample resumes from workers around the world.

The resources available at LiveCareer can provide you with even more job-seeking knowledge.

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