11 Cutting-Edge Modern Resume Templates for 2024 (+ Tips)

Here we feature modern resume templates, which are among our most popular thanks to their versatility and contemporary style. Perfect for those working in tech, media, advertising or any other innovative field.

Modern Resume Templates

3 reasons to choose a Modern
resume template

To choose the right resume template, there are some criteria to consider. Take a minute to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want my resume to convey to potential employers?

    First, make sure your resume template’s design complements who you are as a job seeker. In addition to being easy to read and attractive to a hiring manager’s eye, our Modern resume designs convey to an employer that you are forward-thinking, hip and chic. If you are looking to present a more buttoned-up, conservative image, choosing a Traditional resume template might be a better option.

  • What is the culture of the company to which I am applying?

    In addition to reflecting yourself as a job seeker, your resume template should reflect the culture of your future employer. When applying for roles in marketing or media, for example, a design with subtle flair is a great way to get noticed. Our Modern templates are perfect for these industries. For roles in highly creative environments, such as design or the arts, choosing one of our Creative resume templates might be more appropriate.

  • Will this resume template pass an ATS?

    Each of our customizable templates is designed to be easily scannable by an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS is software that scans resumes to weed out unqualified applicants. Our templates are designed without images or complicated visual elements that can trip up an ATS, and are tested for scannability. Whether you choose a Modern, Traditional or Creative design, you can be confident that your resume template is ATS compatible.
    If it sounds like this type of contemporary resume style isn’t right for the job you’re after, don’t worry. Our Creative templates work for anyone whose resume is expected to also impress visually, and our Traditional templates are safe, professional-looking options for those applying to more conservative workplaces.

How to use our resume templates

  • 1

    Select your desired resume template, and click it, so it opens in the Resume Builder.

  • 2

    Fill in your sections with the help of personalized, expertly-written content suggestions and writing tips. You'll find dozens of content options to write your resume summary, skills, work history and more.

  • 3

    Finish by adjusting visual details such as font type and size, margins and color. Once satisfied with the finished product, download your resume in your desired file format (PDF, DOCX or TXT). Now you're ready to apply — it's that simple!

Users find our resume templates helpful

What does a modern resume look like?

The look of modern resumes can vary widely. What defines our contemporary templates is how they combine recruiter-friendly readability with attention-grabbing style. For example, our Managerial template places your initials above its header to create logo-like branding, while also using offset columns to maximize space and make the page even easier to quickly scan for information.

What do employers look for in a modern resume?

What employers look for in a modern resume depends on both the kind of business they run and the position they’re trying to fill. It helps to signal to employers that you’ve researched their company culture. In terms of written content, make sure your resume uses industry-specific keywords and describes tangible, measurable achievements which also imply that you perfectly fit the job description.

How do you make an innovative resume?

The key to creating an innovative, contemporary resume is choosing a design that makes a great first impression and highlights your most-qualifying skills and achievements. At the same time, be sure the document can be read by both applicant tracking software and hiring managers. Make sure you strike the right balance between wowing your reader and avoiding an over-the-top style.

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