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In your search for a new job opportunity, a versatile resume template may be just what you need. Our English resume template has a flexible structure that will appeal to most hiring professionals. You can adapt it to just about any position you hope to gain. When you aren’t sure about the best way to structure a resume, you can refer to this template with a direct format hiring managers will appreciate and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) will be able to read. Check out our English resume template when writing your own professional document.

Tips for Personalizing Your English Resume Template

For every job that gets posted, hundreds or even thousands of applications are turned in. Hiring managers only see a fraction of those applications as many are filtered out by the ATS. Once resumes reach the desk of hiring professionals, the documents are, once again, scanned quickly and either accepted or eliminated. It’s important that you complete your resume in a format that will both successfully pass the ATS and appeal to potential employers. Review the following tips to ensure the success of your document based on our English resume template.

  1. Use your summary statement to secure the attention of hiring personnel. This is your best opportunity to make a quick and positive impression. When it has been written well, this section of the document may motivate employers to continue reading.
  2. Rather than stating that you’re looking for a job, be sure to include examples of what you can offer. These may include your professional title, one or two examples of pertinent expertise, a selection of your hard and soft skills, and maybe a personal accomplishment.
  3. Use keywords chosen directly from the job description and in the exact format. Applications without the right words and phrases will be filtered out of the pool. If you want to elaborate on those points, do so after using precise wording from the job description.
  4. Learn to quantify your accomplishments. Employers often review candidates in terms of what they have to offer. When your resume includes examples of how you’ve saved money or time or increased profits, employers will get a good idea of your value.
  5. Don’t forget to include volunteer work and community leadership opportunities. These examples help employers get a feel for whether you’ll be a good fit for their company goals and environment. Just avoid listing anything political or controversial.
  6. List your educational experiences in reverse chronological order. Stick to relevant experiences, such as your college degree versus your high school diploma. Be sure to add information such as continuing education or recognitions like magna cum laude, for example.
English Resume Template

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