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When you’re just starting out in the professional world, it can be a challenge to figure out how to market yourself to employers. However, a strong and convincing document highlights the benefits and passion you can bring to the company. You can modify the traditional professional summary, skills, and work experience sections to leverage your academic experience and highlight transferrable skills. Use the first resume template below as the perfect starting point for your own customized document.

Tips for Personalizing Your
First Resume Template

The central focus of your resume should be the benefits and value you can bring to the company as an employee. This is especially important if you’re just starting your career and don’t have a lot of previous job history to showcase. Use the tips below to learn exactly how to customize the first resume template to make a strong impression on any hiring manager.

  1. Create a professional summary to market yourself to the recruiter. This is your chance to highlight your most relevant academic achievements and transferrable skills in a way that parallels the requirements in the job description.
  2. Make the objective statement work for you. An objective statement isn’t necessary for candidates with a long career history but can be very useful when applying for an entry-level job. Use the first sentence of your professional summary to discuss why you want a job in this industry and how your education has prepared you for success.
  3. Make sure your document passes an automated review system. Include keywords, phrases, and terms directly from the job description.
  4. Use the Highlights/Skills section to show off your accomplishments. You want to show exactly how your actions created beneficial outcomes. Even if you are discussing a school project rather than a job experience, quantify your results in terms of time, money, or measurable amounts.
  5. Don’t skimp on your work experience details. You may not have a lot of entries for this section, but remember to include volunteer work, leadership roles in academic clubs, senior projects, and internships.
  6. Keep your education details concise and relevant. Highlight legitimate information, such as magna cum laude graduation, don’t include excessive details such as GPA and course lists, as it can distract from the rest of your resume.
  7. Create a common theme to build your personal brand. Make sure your entire document portrays the professional image you want: a well-educated, enthusiastic candidate ready to make significant contributions to the company.
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