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If you are looking for advice and guidance on how to create a resume specifically tailored to American employers, the resume template shown here offers tremendous value to you. Typically, employers have only a few moments to skim over a resume, so this template has been designed with readability in mind, allowing you to show how your professional skill set can add value to an organization in just a few sentences and bullet points. Follow the design elements shown in the US resume template, and you will have an employment reference document that is sure to wow hiring managers.

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Remember that the purpose of your resume is not to earn the job for you but rather convince hiring managers and recruiters you are worth investing their interest in. Prospective employers want to know if you have the skills needed to fulfill the roles they are hiring for and that you will fit into their company’s culture. Including all the information the US resume template prompts you to add (and then optimizing it using the tips provided below) ensures the details you include will satisfy these two points.

  1. Present yourself as a solution to industry-specific issues in your summary statement: You know the problems inherent in your industry. Show how you can offer solutions to them in your summary statement.
  2. Be concise and present your points succinctly: Remember that your initial audience is likely only going to skim through your resume. Therefore, you should avoid including any unnecessary information or details. Avoid using two sentences when one will convey the same point.
  3. Keep it simple: The temptation to “spice up” your resume by adding photos or using colorful fonts is ever-present. Knowing when to add such features requires an understanding of the position you are applying for. If it is a more traditional job, stick with a traditional format.
  4. Choose your skills wisely: When completing your highlights section, use a mix of hard and soft skills. Show your technical expertise while also demonstrating an appreciation for effective professional attributes such as good communication and a commitment to customer service.
  5. Pay attention to exactly what you are writing: Application tracking systems will search for industry-specific keywords during the screening process. Therefore, the language in your resume should mirror what you see in the job listings advertising the positions you are applying for.
  6. Be detailed when describing your achievements: Your resume readers want to understand the context of your accomplishments. Use specific metrics detailing the money earned or retained or the time saved thanks to your efforts.
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