10 Recruiter-Approved Simple Resume Templates for 2024

Resume templates are preformatted designs you can use to plug in your personal information. Here, we provide simple resume templates which are clean, easy to read and appropriate for a variety of industries!

Simple Resume Templates

Is a Simple resume template right for you?

Using a Simple resume design helps recruiters zero in on the most relevant information on your resume. To determine whether a Simple resume template is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want my resume to convey to potential employers?

    If you would rather stand on your credentials than on a flashy resume design, a simple resume template is the perfect choice. A Simple resume template is easy to scan and puts your skills and achievements front and center with a clean professional look. Remember, a great resume highlights what an employer wants and will be better than any gimmick.

  • Does this resume type align with your industry?

    Your resume template should be a loose reflection of the culture of your industry or future employer. That said, a resume template with a subtle pop of color can be applied across multiple industries to great success. Too many visual elements can distract recruiters, so going with a sleek, easy-to-scan document improves your odds of getting an interview.

  • Will this resume template pass an ATS?

    Most employers utilize an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen out unqualified candidates. Every LiveCareer resume template is designed to be easily scanned by an ATS. Our Simple resume templates omit photos and other visuals that might confuse an ATS and disrupt the screening process. This means that your resume is more likely to wind up in front of a human recruiter if you choose a LiveCareer resume template.

If a Simple resume template isn’t right for you, our Resume Builder provides a variety of template styles for you to choose from. All of our templates are easy to customize and ATS-friendly. Choose from traditional, creative, and modern resume templates to find the design that is right for your job search.

How to use our resume templates

  • 1

    Select your desired resume template, and click it, so it opens in the Resume Builder.

  • 2

    Fill in your sections with the help of personalized, expertly-written content suggestions and writing tips. You'll find dozens of content options to write your resume summary, skills, work history and more.

  • 3

    Finish by adjusting visual details such as font type and size, margins and color. Once satisfied with the finished product, download your resume in your desired file format (PDF, DOCX or TXT). Now you're ready to apply — it's that simple!

Users find our resume templates helpful

Can a Simple resume be effective?

Our Simple resume templates are easy to read thanks to their clean designs. This makes it easy for a recruiter to quickly scan your document to see that you have what it takes to do the job. Simple resume templates are also versatile and work across industries, which makes it a strong choice for job seekers who are applying for roles across fields.

What file formats work best with a Simple resume?

Our Simple resume templates can be downloaded directly from our Resume Builder in PDF or Word. Both of these file types are widely used by employers and can be sent directly on job boards or via email and still be easy to read.

What’s the best way to structure my resume?

Most resumes are composed of these five sections: Contact Information, Summary, Work History, Skills, and Education. The order and features showcased in these sections vary by what the job posting wants to be highlighted and by your level of experience. Remember, finding the right format can help you highlight the traits employers want to see.

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