Creative Resume Templates for Job Seekers

The best way to make a great first impression on a recruiter is with an attention-grabbing resume. However, since resume expectations vary between industries, it can be tough to be sure you’ve picked a template that will impress the hiring manager. That’s why LiveCareer offers over 30 customizable resume templates across three main categories — Modern, Traditional and Creative — to give every job seeker plenty of style choices.

Here, you’ll learn about our Creative resume templates, which are primarily designed for applicants to more artistic industries. Whether you’re an illustrator, writer, graphic designer or any other role that calls for a flair for creativity, we’ve got you covered.

Creative Resume Templates

Is a Creative Resume Template Right for You?

Designing a resume should always be approached with several factors in mind. Here are some questions to consider before choosing your resume template:

  • What impression do I hope to make on potential employers?

    Your resume is your calling card and the design you choose will leave an impression on a potential employer. If you want to convey that you have a discerning design sense or distinct aesthetic, selecting a Creative template can help you paint that picture. Alternatively, if you’re applying in a more conservative environment and want to present a buttoned-up image, consider a Modern or Traditional template instead.

  • Do I have a good sense of this employer’s company culture?

    It’s also essential to demonstrate to hiring managers that you’ve done your research and have a grasp of their company’s culture. In other words, choosing a straight-laced black and white resume template when applying to a design firm known for its use of color might be a big mistake. It would be wiser to pick a template that echoes their look. However, a very colorful template might not be the best choice for a law firm. Do your research on the company before choosing your resume template.

  • Will my resume pass ATS screenings?

    Since most modern employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen out unqualified candidates, every LiveCareer resume template is designed to be easily scanned by an ATS. All of our templates leave out photos and other visuals that might confuse an ATS and disrupt the screening process. This means that your resume is more likely to wind up in front of a human recruiter if you choose a LiveCareer resume template.
    If a Creative template isn’t right for the position you’re eyeing, our Resume Builder makes it easy to swap for any other style. Our Modern templates help your resume retain a dash of creativity without compromising professionalism and our Traditional templates suit anyone seeking work in a more conventional office environment, like a law firm or old-school financial institution.

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Creative Resume Templates FAQ
What does a creative resume look like?

A creative resume often has a colorful or out-of-the-box design, which is perfect for applying to creative roles. Just be sure your choices mesh well with your industry, the company’s culture and the tone of the job description.

How can I make my resume stand out?

Choosing a template with an eye-catching design is a good way to immediately stand out from the crowd. Be careful not to create a document that’s unreadable, but still aim for something industry-appropriate and memorable. Our Original, Impactful and Charismatic templates do a fantastic job of meeting these criteria.

Are creative resumes a good idea?

So long as you don’t go overboard, yes, creativity almost always improves a resume. Recruiters spend much time reading resume after resume, so finding ways to inventively yet intuitively present your qualifications can be a welcome and memorable breath of fresh air for them. Those in more conservative industries should limit creative choices like bold colors and other design touches.

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