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college graduates cap gown
Best Resume Format for Recent College Grads

Here is a breakdown of the different types of resume formats and which one you should use as a recent college grad with little to no experience.

business analyst best resume format
Best Resume Format For A Business Analyst

The right resume format can depend on a job seeker's field and experience level. If you're a business analyst, find out which is right if you.

facts written on card
Five Resume Format Myths

Resume standards are always changing. What you've used 10 years ago may not be the best option today. Here are 5 resume format myths you should know.

man reviewing resume
Elevate Your Resume Format

When an employer receives a resume, the first thing they notice is the resume format. Keep in mind these important factors when formatting your resume.

fitness instructor reviewing document
Best Resume Format For A Fitness And Personal Trainer

The way you format your resume will depend on your skills and abilities. Decide which resume format is best for a fitness and personal trainer.

working on resume
Best Resume Format For A Fresher

If you're a fresher, a chronological resume might not be the best option. Learn what's the best resume format for a fresher.

young lady with laptop
Best Resume Format For A New Grad

Chronological, Functional, or Combination? Which resume format should you use as a recent college grad? Read on to find out.

female student worried on laptop
Best Resume Format For A No Experience Job Seeker

Resumes are necessary, even if you don't have any experience. If you're a job seeker with no formal work experience, choose this resume format.

old person on computer
Best Resume Format For A Retired Person

Retired and reentering the workforce? Depending on your situation, a chronological resume might not be the best option.

american best resume format
Best Resume Format For An American

You might not find it surprising that resume norms vary from country to country. If you're looking for work in the US, let us help find your right format.

woman fills out resume
Five Resume Formatting Must-Dos

There are several general rules you should know when formatting your resume. Here's a list of 5 resume formatting must-dos you should follow.

man editing his resume
Format Tips: How Make A Combination Resume

A combination resume is a mix of two format standards, chronological and functional. Find out when you should use this format and what to include in it.